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Mitsubishi Colt (2023) review: Clio clone wraps Dutch people around their fingers with one detail -

Yes, yes, it is obvious to write that we are testing the Mitsubishi Clio. Or the Renault Colt. And there are few differences. Yet the Colt has a very strong trump card.

What is striking about the Mitsubishi Colt?

Of course, we cannot avoid a comparison with the recently facelifted Renault Clio. You have to search a bit, but there are certainly differences. The entry-level model of the new Mitsubishi Colt is the three-cylinder 1.0L MPI with 67 hp. You will not find that naturally aspirated drivetrain in the Renault Clio.

But Mitsubishi is also friendly to those seeking certainty: it gives an eight-year warranty on the Colt in the Netherlands. Renault apparently trusts its own product less, because the French do not go further than an economical two years. That guarantee could well become a strong asset in the battle for the buyer's favor.


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The fact that the new Mitsubishi Colt is based on the Clio has everything to do with the alliance of which both brands are part. Mitsubishi had plans to leave Europe, but is now staying because it can use Renault technology. Developing a B-segment car yourself would be far too expensive. Mitsubishi has already used this trick with the most recent one Mitsubishi ASXwhich is actually a Renault Captur.

Mitsubishi is not alone in its comeback Renaultclones, but also presents his own work. For example, next year a new Outlander PHEV will come onto the market that has not been copied 1-on-1 from the French. A year later it is time for the first compact electric Mitsubishi, which was only reported to be developed 'in collaboration with the alliance'. There is a good chance that this will again be a Renault with different logos...

What's good about the Mitsubishi Colt?

Of course, the Colt breathes Renault Clio in everything, in the interior only the logo reminds you that you are not in a Renault. On the outside you can see the differences best at the front. Renault's grille makes way for the Dynamic Shield, as Mitsubishi calls its grille. At the rear, the word Mitsubishi is written in full across the width of the car. In our opinion, such a mess of letters on the back of such a small car is not such a good idea.

But we remain largely positive. The Renault Clio is a great driving car, and so is the Colt. We see the same beautiful dashboard with a large multimedia screen and an old-fashioned lever for the transmission (with recuperation position). All telephone conveniences are available: Apple CarPlay, Android Auto, two USB connections and a wireless charger. The chassis in particular surprises positively. We drive around Berlin on roads that appear not to have been maintained for thirty years, but the bad asphalt and cobblestones do not unbalance the suspension and damping. The sound comfort is also excellent. Even if you're going about 100 mph on the autobahn, you don't have to raise your voice.

What could be improved about the Mitsubishi Colt?

With the exception of the basic engine with 67 hp, the range of engines is exactly the same as that of the Clio. That means you can also buy the complex hybrid powertrain, which consists of a 1.6-liter four-cylinder gasoline engine, an electric motor, a starter generator, a 1.2 kWh battery and a clutchless automatic transmission. That transmission has two electric gears and three 'normal' gears. It makes you dizzy just writing it down, let alone while driving. Especially at low speeds, for example in busy city traffic, the various components seem to be busy discussing who does what.

At other times, exactly the engine that you don't expect comes into play. During our test, starting is done 'normally' with the petrol engine, while climbing the hill of a parking garage is done electrically. Sometimes the petrol engine starts abruptly when you are constantly driving at 50 km/h and there seems to be no reason for it. You get used to it, but it's not all that refined. The theoretical consumption of this knitting pattern with a few extra stitches is 4.5 l/100 km (1 in 22.2).

When will the Mitsubishi Colt come to the Netherlands and what is the price?

The base price of the Mitsubishi Colt is 21,990 euros, while for a Renault Clio pays at least 22,950 euros. Saves you almost 1000 euros, but also a lot of capital. The Colt's 1.0-liter three-cylinder petrol engine produces 65 hp, compared to 90 hp for the Clio TCe 90.

It is not the case that Mitsubishi is fobbed off with just the slow three-cylinder engine. You can also opt for a three-cylinder turbo engine with 91 hp and a sixth gear. The price of the Colt will then skyrocket. You pay 24,990, although the standard equipment is more extensive, including keyless entry and the option to charge your phone wirelessly.

And then there is that complex hybrid engine from Renault. This Colt 1.6 Hybrid costs 27,990 euros.

All prices Mitsubishi Colt (2023)

  • 1.0 (65 pk) Pure € 21.990
  • 1.0 (91 pk) Intense € 24.990
  • 1.0 (91 pk) First Edition € 26.990
  • 1.0 (91 pk) Instyle € 28.490
  • 1..6 Hybrid Intense € 27.990
  • 1..6 Hybrid First Edition € 29.990
  • 1..6 Hybrid Instyle € 31.490

What do I think of the Mitsubishi Colt (2023)?

As a modest brand in Europe, Mitsubishi would be crazy to create a B-segment car itself. The Renault Clio is a reliable, good-driving car and therefore an excellent basis for Japanese variations on a French theme.

The Colt has an entry-level 1.0 that Renault does not supply, partly to make the transition easier for people with a small Space Star. If you equip the Colt and the Clio with the same options, the price differences will not be large. The fact that Mitsubishi gives an eight-year warranty in the Netherlands could well tip the balance towards the Colt for certainty seekers.

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