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Mixed blood is a virtueVolkswagen Amarok

●Common platform with Ford Ranger twin

●2.3 gasoline turbo, 2.0 diesel turbo, 3.0 V6 diesel turbo three power

●Single-cab and double-cab models are available

●In September this year, the Ford plant in South Africa officially started production

Two years will not wait in vain. Since the previous generation model was discontinued and faded out of the car scene, many pickup enthusiasts have paid close attention to what the new generation Volkswagen Amarok will look like, which is combined with the Ford Ranger. Look at that majestic appearance, is it still scratching your heart?

Sophisticated yet rugged style

Yes, the Volkswagen Amarok, which was once popular in Taiwan, has finally ushered in a major facelift, and it still retains the brand's unique and handsome look. The silhouette inevitably has a lingering impression, but starting from the IQ.Light matrix LED headlights, the more Fox-like neat shape is accompanied by the bulging lines of the texture, and the front face brings a thick "X" design. Vocabulary, coupled with the huge two-cabin four-door body, and finally decorated with LED taillights with a slightly ㄈ-shaped vision, the current Amarok seems to be preparing to release higher concentrations of testosterone. The Ranger has an even more powerful image, and its overall sophistication is indeed above most of its peers.

The front face brings the design vocabulary of the word "X", together with the brilliant IQ.Light matrix LED headlights, making the visual perception more energetic.

In addition, the huge stature through the 5,350mm x 1,910mm x 1,888mm body and 3,270mm wheelbase is also the reason why the new Amarok is more domineering. If it is too long, there are also single-car models to meet different needs. However, if we look at the double-sided Amarok, which is likely to be introduced in the Taiwan market in the future, the entry angle of 29 degrees, the departure angle of 21 degrees, and the overturn angle of the same 21 degrees, plus the large increase from 500mm to 800mm. The maximum wading depth, 1,200kg cargo load and 3,500kg towing capacity, and stronger ability to cross bad roads are definitely enough to make off-road fans hooked.

With a 5,350mm x 1,910mm x 1,888mm body and a 3,270mm wheelbase, the new Amarok looks more handsome and sturdier.
The cargo bed has a load capacity of 1,200 kg, and an optional electric opening and closing curtain cover is also available.

Both technical and practical

The cockpit is partly based on twins, and the center console layout of the new Amarok cannot be too significantly different from that of the Ranger. The good news is that the German craftsmanship that Volkswagen has always given people seems to be carried over from the photos, plus 10 or 12 inches. The upright central touch display and all-digital instrumentation give old-school pickup fans a brand-new sense of technology. Fortunately, functions such as hill descent and driving mode still have physical buttons, and the driving mode is still controlled by a knob, so that the owner can It can quickly find the corresponding settings during intense off-roading, while maintaining the straightforward style that a rough and tough guy should have.

The interior design of the cockpit is highly technological, especially the upright central touch display and digital instruments steal the limelight.
No matter the driving information or the current drive type or even the differential lock function, it can be displayed on the digital instrument.
At the same time, the functions of steep hill descent and differential still have physical buttons, and the drive mode also has a large knob interface to ensure simple and convenient practicability.

Diversified power structure to meet the needs of various markets

In terms of power, it is also in the same vein as the Ford Ranger, so it has a 2.3-liter inline four-cylinder turbocharged gasoline (which can output 298 maximum horsepower) and a 2.0-liter inline four-cylinder turbocharged diesel (and single-turbo and twin-turbo versions, the largest Volkswagen’s own 3.0-liter V-six-cylinder turbo diesel is also on the list, with 237 or 247 hp depending on market emissions The peak output is usually matched with a ten-speed automatic transmission system. Only the most entry-level models can choose a manual transmission, and five different equipment levels are planned for prospective car owners to choose.

The Volkswagen Amarok, which has also been popular in the pickup truck industry in Taiwan, will be put into production at Ford's South African plant in September this year and will return to the market again. For the current relatively simple product line, Volkswagen Amarok, it is believed that it will also become its target. It's just that if you return to the country at that time, you will inevitably have to match the Ford Ranger with the same origin. Who is more attractive, maybe there will be a clear answer soon.

In the past, Amarok has also occupied a place in the Taiwan market. If it can return to China in the future, I believe there will still be a chance to be a three-point pickup in the world.


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