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[Modification]New combat power in domestic competitions (Part 1)Alfa Romeo Giulietta Veloce TCR domestic debut

Vehicle/BC Taiwan Bai Chuan

With the continuation of the TCR group in the domestic race in the past two years, more and more domestic regular racing teams have continued to participate in the TCR race, including the BC Racing team that had a one-year truce last year, and in 2023 With the arrival of 2020, the team officially returned to domestic competitions and purchased the latest Alfa Romeo Giulietta Veloce TCR racing car to compete with other domestic racing players. What is so special about this car? We have a sneak peek.

What is a TCR race

FIA entry-level touring car racing

For people who don't know cars, aren't racing cars all the same? And grades? Of course there are. In order to distinguish the amount of investment and the scale of the event, the FIA ​​International Automobile Federation, which is in charge of the development of major motor sports in the world, has formulated many different levels of touring car events, including GT3, GT4, etc., including WTCR. Group, that is, the competition that the Alfa Romeo Giulietta Veloce TCR to be introduced this time is involved in. So what is a WTCR event? How is it different from other groups?

The WTCR event is a continuation of the earlier WTCC World Touring Car Championship. At that time, the WTCC participating vehicles were based on commercially available touring cars. The four-door commercially available car with NA engine is the main touring car race, and the participating racing teams are also composed of car manufacturers, including Ford, BMW, Honda, Volvo, Seat and Chevrolet. However, with the development of science and technology, more and more advanced technology applications continue to upgrade the performance of racing cars. Rich factory teams are equipped with more competitive racing technology, and their specifications are gradually aligned with GT or formula levels. Due to financial difficulties in development, the race was withdrawn, and some sub-stations were even closed due to fewer than 16 cars.

Although it is a TCR factory car modified based on a commercially available car, in order to strengthen the downforce of the airflow on the track, the FIA ​​still allows the TCR racing car to carry out a limited aerodynamic package enhancement, which also includes the front spoiler part.

When the WTCC world touring car race was developing towards the high level of Super 2000 TC1, the high development expenditure made it impossible for many private teams to continue to play. Therefore, for the race organization that is dissatisfied with the status quo, it is convenient to start a new one in 2014 and create a TCR (Touring Car Race) race, with economical In consideration of not relying on the factory team and allowing more private teams to participate, but taking into account the professionalism of the participating cars, the car factory retired from the front stage to the backstage, and was taken over by a major tuning factory. Compared with the low-level modification of the WTCC racing car, the competition The cost has been greatly reduced, and even young teams can accumulate valuable experience by participating in international touring car races, as a way to get closer to the high-level touring car series in the future. This new concept has also won the support of F1 bosses, allowing the TCR series to begin It became part of the support event of the F1 championship.

Therefore, sub-stations were soon established around the world as international and regional championships. In order to avoid touring car races like WTCC or DTM that burn money, the organizers of WTCR even used the second-hand car market to retire the team's participating cars (5 ~7 years old car models), imported to some countries that cannot afford motorsports, and then purchased new equipment, so that professional touring car races can be held in these developing countries, and potential talents can be cultivated from them Young drivers, through such a commercial approach, the TCR series can gain a lasting foothold.

This car is also equipped with a GT rear wing with a large wing surface, and it is fixed by suspension. The angle of the wing surface can be adjusted to help the downforce of the rear when cornering at high speed. Reinforced structural treatment to ensure the firmness of the tail.
The structure of the front and rear suspension is not much different from that of commercially available cars, but many connecting rods have been replaced with an aluminum alloy tube frame structure, and the fisheye bearing design is adopted, which can provide more flexible steering response and a wider range of positioning angles.
The exhaust pipe adopts a double-outlet design in the middle, and since it is set at the entry-level touring car level, an air diffuser cannot be installed at the bottom of the rear luggage compartment, so there is no flattening modification, which can only be equipped on GT3-level supercars.

The ultimate goal of the TCR series is to improve the performance specifications of mid-level touring cars, reshape the position of the mid-level touring car market through international events, and provide a closer and more competitive range from the rules. It also adopts the FIA ​​points competition system and The 2-day qualifying and final, with the low threshold and behind-the-scenes support of many car factories, can be called one of the most popular touring car races.

And the godfather of Taiwan’s racing car, Chen Junshan, who has hosted the domestic STS Super Touring Car National Series for many years, also because the TCR race can have both professionalism and low threshold value, so he specially introduced this group into the race, and also hopes to be able to compete with In line with international competitions.

The engine room tie rod is fixed to the top of the shock absorber tower and the fire wall by multi-point welding, which can effectively strengthen the rigidity of the car body compared to screw fixing to cope with the intense cornering speed.
Compared with the common domestic Civic Type-R FK7 TCR or VAG Group’s TCR racing cars, Alfa Romeo Giulietta Veloce TCR’s combat power is not inferior at all.


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