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[Modification]New combat power in domestic competitions (Part 2)Alfa Romeo Giulietta Veloce TCR domestic debut

Vehicle/BC Taiwan Bai Chuan

1.75L turbocharged engine

Shorter wheelbase makes cornering easier

Since it is to reduce the competition fee threshold, TCR racing cars are all modified based on mass-produced cars. For a mass-produced engine with a displacement of 1.75-2.0 liters, the maximum power output is within 350hp/45.9kgm. If the original gearbox is used, the minimum weight of the vehicle is 1230kg. If the six-speed sequential gearbox specified by TCR has to be increased by 35kg (both include Drivers), all electronic assistance systems are prohibited, except for endurance races where ABS is allowed to be turned on. At present, more than 19 car brands in the world have launched TCR racing cars, including Alfa Romeo, Audi, Ford, Honda, Hyundai, KIA, LADA, Opel, Peugeot, Renault, SEAT, Subaru and Volkswagen. VW Golf GTI TCR, Honda Civic Type-R TCR, Audi RS3 TCR and Seat Cupra Leon TCR are the majority of vehicles in the market. The Alfa Romeo Giulietta Veloce TCR purchased by BC Racing is the first time it has appeared in China. Next, let’s take a look See what makes the Alfa Romeo Giulietta Veloce TCR special.

Let’s look at the power composition first. Although the engine on this car is a turbocharged engine like other rivals, the displacement is 1.75L instead of 2.0L, which is very common. This is because since this car It is based on a commercially available car, modified and strengthened, so the engine it carries is the same as the commercially available car, and the commercially available Alfa Romeo Giulietta is equipped with a 1750 TBi engine with a maximum horsepower of 235hp from the original factory, but after passing the racing department After the transformation, it has been upgraded to 340hp/6800rpm and 44.9kgm/3500rpm. Compared with the domestic common Civic Type-R FK7 TCR or VAG Group’s TCR racing car, the power output is not inferior at all.

Not only that, the 2625mm wheelbase of Alfa Romeo Giulietta Veloce TCR is also shorter than the 2665-2700mm wheelbase length of the other brands mentioned above; the minimum vehicle weight can be set at 1255kg, which also has an advantage over the opponent's 1265-1285kg , it is quite advantageous for the Lihpao Circuit, which has many curves and is dominated by medium and low speeds.

The turbo of this engine is placed in the front, so it is good for heat dissipation, and the intercooler is fixed at an angle above the water tank frame. There is a hole in the engine cover to avoid blocking the front of the water tank and affecting it. The heat dissipation of the engine can also be used for heat dissipation of the intake air.

As for the interior part, since the TCR is a racing car, safety modifications are absolutely indispensable. Among them, the modification of the car body structure and the modification of the fire extinguishing/power-off system are the most important. The former needs to be installed by adding an anti-roll cage. , to strengthen the rigidity of the car body and the integrity of the car body during impact, and the installation of the anti-roll cage must also comply with the relevant FIA regulations to ensure that the anti-roll cage can perform normal functions, so we can see that the entire car is densely packed with anti-roll The cage, compared to the modified street car, has specially strengthened the structure of the side of the door, the roof, the rear of the driver's seat and the ABC pillar. Among them, the X-shaped structural rod design can be seen on the side of the door, and the center point is also welded with a triangular plate , the purpose is to ensure that the anti-roll cage will not be concave in case of a side collision, which can protect the driver. The position of the cabin directly behind the driver, about between the two B-pillars, is also designed with X-shaped structural rods, which are welded together with the roof ㄇ-shaped rods and the bottom of the B-pillar straight rods. In addition to becoming the largest support structure in the center of the cabin cavity, It can also protect the source of the rear support when the driver faces a rear car collision, and prevent the racing chair from breaking due to excessive acceleration impact.

The racing chair configured by Alfa Romeo Giulietta Veloce TCR is an FIA-certified OMP bucket-shaped racing chair with big ears. It is equipped with a six-point safety belt, which can provide covering, non-slip and safe riding functions.
The original rear seat is replaced with a 100-liter explosion-proof fuel tank, which can avoid the problem of fuel tank rupture and oil leakage when the vehicle collides. It is also a necessary part when participating in endurance events.

In addition, the arrangement of fire extinguisher nozzles can be seen in many places on the car, including above the engine, near the gasoline pipe, on the accelerator and brake pedal, above the driver's seat and near the fuel tank. The fire extinguisher cylinder is fixed on the rear luggage compartment. The trigger mode is activated by buttons. The buttons are respectively located on the lower right side of the front windshield and on the gear seat inside the car. It allows emergency personnel outside the car or drivers inside the car to release the fire extinguishing agent by pressing one of the buttons when the car is on fire. It can be sprayed immediately on the above-mentioned places to achieve the function of quickly extinguishing the fire, and at the same time ensure that the driver can escape completely. This is also a configuration that can only be seen in regular racing cars.

The X-shaped structural rod design can be seen on the side of the door, and a triangular plate is welded at the center point to ensure that the anti-roll cage will not be concave in the event of a side collision, which can protect the driver.


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