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More kinetic energyPeugeot 2008

●New family design with three daytime running lights

●Newly added 1.2L turbo engine with 48V light oil-electric system

The pure electric model has increased output and battery capacity, and the cruising range has exceeded 400 kilometers

●Standard 10-inch multimedia host, high-end models provide 3D display digital instruments

●Introduction time: the second quarter of 2024

In the global sales records of the original factory, the total production of the current 2008 has reached nearly 700,000 units since its launch in 2019, and it has always ranked first in the sales of SUVs of the same level in Europe.Among them, the outstanding performance of this car is mainly due to the introduction of the domestic E-2008. Since 2019, the E-2008 has become one of the pioneer models of electrification in this market, and the output so far has exceeded 75,000It will account for 17.4% of the sales volume of each version in 2022, ranking first in the European B-Segment electric SUV sales list.

mature design style

The facelift 2008 is the second model to adopt the new Peugeot light signature, which is the shape of the three LED light bars inside the new bumper. With the new three-eye headlights and the new shape of the bumper, it looks more mature than the current version. It has a sense of domineering, which can be regarded as echoing the more mature and stable style of the other two SUV models when they were changed. Moreover, the new car changed the design of this box to be standard equipment for all models, but the GT model still has its own exclusive styling configuration, so as to highlight the top status.

The new headlights and lion paw daytime running lights have a sci-fi atmosphere, and the central water tank shield version will also be distinguished according to the model.
The three levels of models are equipped with different sizes of bead, and the GT model has a new and interesting bead set.

The taillights redesign Peugeot's unique three-claw shape, which is composed of three superimposed horizontal double horizontal bars, which help to visually extend the vehicle's wide width. There are also six body colors to choose from: Selenium Grey, Artense Grey, Okenite White, Black Perla Nera, Elixir Red and Vertigo Blue. The GT version comes standard with a black two-tone roof, and regardless of the color chosen, all new 2008 cars come with black mirrors.

The taillight group is changed to a horizontal sheet shape, which is more unique in shape and can also bring horizontal visual extension and enhance the texture of the car body.

The cabin instrument group uses digital instruments on the Allure and GT versions, and also maintains the original unique design at eye level. Its 10-inch digital screen adopts a new design, and the GT version also adopts a 3D display method. The color, multi-level structure and vehicle information of the screen can be fully customized and adjusted, allowing car owners to match the most suitable interface according to their own usage habits. In addition, although the Active version is still a physical instrument, the new car will be equipped with a 10-inch touch-control host and the latest generation of Peugeot i-Connect and i-Connect Advanced infotainment systems as standard. On the two high-end versions of Allure and GT, the screen resolution also adopts a higher configuration. In addition, the 2008 GT will provide ambient lighting in the surrounding cabin, which will provide eight different colors. In addition to free choice, it can also be changed independently according to the driving mode. The piano-like key combination on the console will continue to be used to provide various shortcut functions.

There are not many changes in the cockpit, mainly in the upgrade of the central control unit, and maintain a very unique ring cabin shape. At the same time, high-end GT models will provide multi-color ambient lights.
The mainframe will be fully equipped with a 10-inch screen as standard, and related functions and services can better meet the needs of the digital age.
The shortcut control keys similar to piano keys are still a major interior feature of this car, and they are also extremely convenient to use.
The paddle shifter is replaced with a new texture treatment, bringing more refined detail texture.
The rear compartment space can provide a loading capacity of 434~1467 liters.

Fully upgraded power

E-2008 adopts the previously announced new motor system, the maximum output is increased by 15% from 136hp to 156hp, and the battery capacity is increased from 50kWh to 54kWhThe match between the overall output and vehicle weight is more efficient, so the battery capacity is only slightly increased but the mileage is significantly increased, and the cruising range has increased from 345 kilometers to 406 kilometers.

In terms of traditional fuel power, the facelift 2008 will be equipped with a new 48V light oil electric power system. The system consists of a new generation of 136hp PureTech gasoline engine and a new 6-speed dual-clutch electric transmission with a built-in electric motor. Although the original factory did not disclose the battery capacity, it also stated that thanks to the battery that can be charged while driving, this technology can enhance torque performance at low speeds and reduce fuel consumption by up to 15%. Moreover, the original factory claims that when driving in urban areas, the car can drive in a pure electric state with zero emissions for up to 50% of the entire driving process, which must be of great help to the overall efficiency and fuel consumption.

Pure electric power has evolved slightly, but the most notable thing is the newly added 48V light oil-electric system, which is more helpful to the domestic traffic environment.

Of course, this car still provides basic gasoline and diesel models. Gasoline is mainly 1.2L engine, which can provide different versions of 100hp/130hp, and 1.5L diesel engine output can reach 130hp. Corresponding to domestic usage habits, the new 48V light oil The system is expected to be the best option. As for when it can be introduced into the country, the general agent said that it is actively planning, and the new car is expected to start production in the summer, so the earliest expectation may be the first half of 2024.


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