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"Music Night Okinawa・Eye-Yeah-Sasa!" Izakaya Tour Music FestivalOrion Draft Beer X Okinawa Music Hi sings to make you full of drunk weekend night

"Music Night Okinawa・Eye-Yeah-Sasha!" Orion Izakaya Tour Music Festival _ The audience sang.

Did you hear that? Vibrant and joyful Eyeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee from Okinawa!OkinawaOrionOrion draft beerThe first to bring the original Okinawa experience to Taiwan, from now until September 17th"Love Night Okinawa・EyeahSalsa! "OrionIzakaya Tour Music Festival, specially invited famous Okinawan music performers and groups from Japan and Taiwan to perform 10 music tours every Friday and Saturday in 7 selected stores in Taipei, Hsinchu, Taichung and Tainan from 19:30-21:30 , to create Taiwan's exclusive Okinawa music season.Late summer and early fall weekend nights while drinkingOkinawaOrionOrion draft beerwhile enjoying the original Okinawan music performance, the rich feast attracted many friends who love Okinawan culture and beer lovers to participate. Clink glasses and drink, immerse yourself in the relaxing and pleasant atmosphere, the slightly drunk island style, and quickly invite friends to share!

"Rakuten Okinawa・Ea-Ya-Sasa!" Orion Izakaya Tour Music FestivalOrion draft beer paired with authentic Japanese izakaya cuisine. (Photo courtesy: Tang Zhijun)

The Okinawan dialect "Ya-Ya-Sasha" is derived from the traditional EISA drum. It uses the slogan to show the spiritual vitality of Okinawa.Okinawa Orion draft beerWe hope to create such a happy atmosphere, so that Taiwanese consumers can also appreciate it."Rakuten Okinawa・Ea-Ya-Sasa!" Orion Izakaya Tour Music FestivalChoose izakaya in all of Taiwan, calling on you who love beer and music to drink the most refreshing and smoothOkinawa Orion draft beer, As soon as you enter your throat, you will feel the clean and sweet flavor brought by the special use of local spring water in Okinawa, as well as the cool and smooth taste. With local music performances in Okinawa, at the moment when the country is about to open, it will lead you to be the first to immerse yourself in the complete experience of Okinawa.

"Rakuten Okinawa・Ea-Ya-Sasa!" Orion Izakaya Tour Music FestivalDirected by Singer Jeong Yu . (Photo courtesy: Tang Zhijun)
"Rakuten Okinawa・Eye-Yeah-Sasa!" Orion Izakaya Tour Music Festival _ Performance singer Takashi Hatsushiba.

"Rakuten Okinawa・Ea-Ya-Sasa!" Orion Izakaya Tour Music FestivalThe performance singers and groups are also unique and attractive, and they have a large number of fans in Japan and Taiwan.The first performance was performed by the Okinawan shawzin musician who was used by the Japanese soul singer Satomi Natsukawa in Taiwan.Tseng TakehiroHe is also the first Taiwanese to win multiple Shawzin awards in Japan. He is good at interpreting Taiwanese folk songs with Shawzin.Immediately after taking turns, there are: Japanese music poets who came to Taiwan speciallyTakashi Hatsushibawho traveled the world with affection and enthusiasmTakashi Hatsushiba, the elegant warmth conveyed by the singing, heal the hearts of the listeners.creative talentKatsuki Baba, is a former Japanese diplomat who immigrated to Taiwan. He has multiple identities such as singer and songwriter. The group includes the Taiwan-Japan creative band Battery, who sings sincere and emotional songs, slowly brewing intoxicating throbbing.The performers with rich performance experience have drawn the deepest emotion in their souls, and at the same time, they have stimulated the atmosphere."Love Night Okinawa・Eye- yah - salsa! "Orion Izakaya Tour Music FestivalBring out the climax! For more details, please refer to the Orion Beer-Taiwan fan page:

Continuing the full Okinawan music style,Okinawa Orion draft beerIt will also be available exclusively at FamilyMart in late September "Southern Star - Autumn Festival Taigu Limited Edition"Taiko Festival is one of the largest traditional music festivals in Okinawa, let the energetic Taiko people drive everyone, and y-yah-salsa together anytime, anywhere!

【Okinawa Orion Southern Star Draft Beer – Autumn Festival Taigu Limited Edition】

Alcohol concentration : 5% ABV
Suggested selling price : 500 ml aluminum can / $79
Sales channel : 500 ml aluminum can / for the whole family


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