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My Volkswagen® of Taiwan Volkswagen has become the most powerful driving support for car owners. The new "Paint Spray Valuation Service" provides car owners with the most immediate online service

Volkswagen continues to bring innovative services, not only introducing value-for-money Deyi models, but also caring about every moment of car ownership. Therefore, Volkswagen has created an exclusive platform for car owners, My Volkswagen®, to become an online car steward. In addition to mastering vehicle maintenance records, vehicle information, etc., My Volkswagen® has added an online "Painting and Painting Appraisal Service" function. Car owners can make inquiries through the APP and enjoy seamless and caring services from Volkswagen. The exclusive "Volkswagen Rewards Program" for car owners officially exceeded 77,000 members this month. Combined with My Volkswagen®, it has become an indispensable daily APP for car owners. To reward car owners for their enthusiastic support, this year, special discounts on original accessories are launched. Silver cards and Gold members can enjoy 10% off and 15% off respectively. At the same time, Taoyuan has been added to the service of pickup and delivery on behalf of drivers, giving car owners a more convenient life.

My Volkswagen® has added an online "Painting and Spraying Appraisal Service" function this time. Car owners can make inquiries through the APP and enjoy Volkswagen's seamless and considerate service.

The car is committed to bringing a vibrant and seamless Volkswagen brand experience to consumers, improving customer service in all aspects from a diverse product lineup, after-sales service to car ownership costs. The exclusive social platform My Volkswagen® for car owners has been integrated since its launch. "Fuchs People Rewards Program", quickly accumulated more than 70,000 car owners to join the membership, through the vehicle management system, car owners' daily sharing, tracking brand dynamics and "Fuchs People Rewards Program" member discounts, etc., create an exclusive community for Volkswagen car owners. Group media; Taiwan Volkswagen, in order to create a strong action backup, this time, the "Paint Spray Valuation Service" function has been added to My Volkswagen®. The online real-time service eliminates the complicated work of car owners such as inquiries and appointments, showing zero-hour difference. Discontinuous customer experience.

"Painting and Spraying Valuation Service" can be accessed on the My Volkswagen® "Car" page. After selecting the vehicle and the damaged area, follow the instructions on the page to upload the photo of the damaged area and the photo of the four-cornered car, so that the original technician can judge. If you take the initiative to present your personal information, in addition to the default APP notification, you can also choose SMS and email notifications. Next, you will be based on the Volkswagen service center suggested by the owner or the previous vehicle maintenance location, minus the time for the owner to search for the Volkswagen service center. After the car owner submits the quotation, the Volkswagen service center will accept the case and provide a quotation within 1 day. The car owner can also contact the service consultant to learn about the relevant operation time. After receiving the evaluation request, the system will issue a "Vehicle Body Roasting Valuation Notice". Inform the owner of the acceptance service center and the evaluation progress, so that the owner can keep abreast of the latest progress.

Taiwan Volkswagen My Volkswagen® has become the most powerful driving backup for car owners.

My Volkswagen® provides all the assistance that every car owner needs for driving, from real-time road conditions, nearby parking lots, gas stations to the Volkswagen service center can be quickly searched in the APP, while recording all the data related to the car, including car model, body code , the listing date, and the maintenance history, allowing car owners to easily grasp all the dynamics of the car; in addition, My Volkswagen® has created a brand-specific social platform, car owners can create a personal page, write personal stories, show and love car life diary, and share with other car owners Share your experience, exchange vehicle information, receive the latest brand news, and enjoy the membership benefits and privileges of the "Volkswagen Rewards Program" to enjoy every day of owning Volkswagen.

"Paint and Spray Valuation Service" can be accessed on the My Volkswagen® "Car" page. After selecting the vehicle and the damaged area, follow the instructions on the page to upload the photo of the damaged area and the photo of the four-cornered car, so that the original technician can judge.

Volkswagen Taiwan listens to the needs of car owners, continuously improves brand experience and after-sales service, connects car owners' car ownership experience and life sharing through My Volkswagen®, manages their cars, and masters vehicle information for car owners. "Customer Service" answers questions about product information, car purchase discounts, and after-sales service 24 hours a day, reflecting a caring customer journey at every moment. In the future, it will continue to launch exclusive activities and a number of products to demonstrate Volkswagen's endless dynamic services.

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