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Nespresso has been selected as the official designated coffee partner of the "Michelin Guide"Working with Michelin-starred restaurants to create a top-notch coffee feast

Nespresso has been awarded the Michelin Official Coffee Partner for the fifth consecutive year, adhering to the consistently excellent coffee quality, bringing extraordinary creative sparks and artistic feasts to Michelin-starred cuisine.

The long-awaited "Taipei, Taichung, Tainan" & The Kaohsiung Michelin Guide 2022 was officially announced on August 30. Nespresso has been the official designated coffee partner for the fifth consecutive time. Upholding the consistently excellent coffee quality, it brings extraordinary creative sparks and artistic feasts to Michelin-starred cuisine. At the Michelin dinner on the night of the award ceremony, six chefs were invited to interpret the diverse styles of the most representative street food in Taiwanese cuisine with six dishes. Nespresso cooperated with MO Bar of Mandarin Oriental Hotel Taipei for the first time, with rare secret coffee and newly launched selected breakfast. Tea creates a special welcome coffee; it also joins hands with Taichung two-star Michelin and Asia's 50 best restaurant JL Studio chef Lin Tianyao to create the second appetizer of the dinner, using the Singaporean cuisine spirit to reinterpret the traditional Indian cuisine Rasam Vada, presenting Taiwan's multi-integrated dining trend , and add coffee into the dishes as the finishing touch to the star cuisine, injecting rich vitality into the dishes. As more and more consumers pay attention to the trend of sustainable dining, the Michelin Guide has issued a Green Star in Taiwan for the second time. Nespresso also cooperates with chefs to select fresh local ingredients, integrating sustainable attitudes into exquisite feasts and continuing to share good value.

Nespresso teamed up with MO Bar at Mandarin Oriental, Taipei to create two Michelin dinner welcome specials, using Nespresso's "rare and secret series" - Kenya Milima and the first tea bag series - selected breakfast tea (Breakfast Black Tea), Congratulations to the restaurants on this year's list and the outstanding chefs who have made it to the stars!

NespressoAdhere to the highest quality to create an extraordinary feast The special welcome special tune for the dinner party pays tribute to the star-like delicacy

Nespresso, the top Swiss coffee brand that creates every cup of high-quality coffee with the spirit of top craftsmanship, has been selected as the official Michelin coffee partner for the first time since 2018. This year, it has won the title for the fifth consecutive time. In the top dining hall of the year, it continues to be meticulous and charming The excellent coffee quality and star-rated delicacies create a unique feast for the senses.At this year's 2022 Michelin Guide Dinner

In 2018, Nespresso teamed up with MO Bar at Mandarin Oriental Hotel, Taipei to transform Nespresso's "Rare and Mysterious Realm Series" - Kenya Milima and Nespresso's first tea bag series - Selected Breakfast Black Tea into two special notes: Milima Treasure, an alcohol-infused, slightly drunk version, and Tropical Iced Tea, a non-alcoholic version of "Tropical Iced Tea," kicked off the star-studded dinner with two unique welcome coffee specials, making the list this year. congratulations to the restaurant and the outstanding chef who has achieved star success!

The coffee cocktail "Collections Milima Treasure" uses Nespresso's "Rare and Uncharted Series" - Kenyan coffee and gin as the base, paired with citrus liqueur and sweet vermouth. The coffee perfectly balances the strong wine, and the throat feels rich and fresh. Fruity. Arabica beans from Kenya's single-producing region have distinct fruity aroma and acidity. Because of the excellent terroir, they are known as the "King of Coffee". In addition to retaining the bright citrus lemon aroma, they also have nutty grain aroma and green plants. Fragrance, adding a layered flavor to special drinks.

Another special coffee blend, "Tropical Iced Tea", uses Nespresso's newly-launched breakfast tea for commercial customers this year as the base, adding roselle tea, pineapple pulp and lemon juice to blend sweet and sour fruits in a precise and perfect ratio Fragrant, more tea fragrance with a long aftertaste, creating an amazing and unforgettable taste. Nespresso's selected breakfast tea comes from "Assam Tea Garden", the world's largest well-known tea production area. It has a rich flavor, a round taste, and a wafting malt aroma. The unique aroma and different fruit flavors are cleverly matched to create an elegant and romantic flavor for this special note. Fabulous flavor.

Nespresso has teamed up with Chef Lin Tianyao of JL Studio, a two-Michelin star in Taichung and Asia's 50 best restaurants, to create a unique sensory feast with meticulous and charming coffee quality and star-rated delicacies.

Cooperate with Taichung Two Star RestaurantJL Studiochef JimmyLin Tianyao

The spark collision of top coffee and exotic cuisine Reinterpreting Taiwanese cuisine with full color and flavor

The two cities of Kaohsiung and Tainan will be included in the 2022 Michelin Official Guide for the first time. The highly anticipated "2022 Michelin Guide" dinner will focus on Taiwanese local delicacies, presenting Taiwan's strong locality through the six-course cuisine of six chefs. Local customs. The second appetizer of the dinner was served by Chef Lin Tianyao of JL Studio, a two-Michelin-starred restaurant in Taichung, who was born in Singapore. He used Nespresso's "Rare and Secret Realm Series"-Nepal Blue Rong City Coffee as the dish, combined with Singapore's innovative cooking thinking, and reinterpreted the classic Indian snack Rasam Vada presents the charm of diverse and compatible food culture.

Chef Lin Tianyao of JL Studio, a two-Michelin-starred restaurant in Taichung, used Nespresso's "Rare and Uncharted Series" - Nepal's Lanrong City Coffee, combined with Singapore's innovative culinary thinking, to reinterpret the classic Indian snack Rasam Vada, presenting Taiwan's diverse and compatible food culture charm.

Chef Jimmy Lim also happily shared: "Vada is a classic snack from India, and every household has its own way of making it. The most common one is to enjoy it with Rasam, a well-known local spice tomato vegetable soup in India. Nespresso Nepal Lanrongcheng coffee presents a rich taste and toasted bread aroma when drinking. After the carefully made unique coffee sauce, topped with a doughnut-shaped fried bean cake, the aroma of the fried lentils can be enhanced. Elevated to a new flavor, and sprinkled with colorful petals as embellishments, the visual innovation adds color to the food, making people move. Taiwan's rich street food style deeply attracted me. When thinking about this dish, Inspired by the night market snacks in the streets of Taiwan, I combined local ingredients to recreate the traditional Indian food Rasam Vada with the flavor of Singapore's hometown, hoping to arouse people's tribute to Taiwan's multi-cuisine fusion culture."

Nespresso is popularized by chefs from Michelin-starred restaurants around the world. The fusion of Michelin dinners focuses on Taiwanese local flavors, selects local fresh ingredients, and integrates sustainable attitudes into exquisite feasts, continuing the common value.

Sustainable Catering Becomes Mainstream Trend The Michelin Guide awarded a Green Star for the second time in Taiwan

In addition to strengthening local characteristics, this year, the Michelin Guide issued a Green Star in Taiwan for the second time, continuing to affirm the actual performance of chefs and restaurants in demonstrating environmental responsibility. The trend of green eating has become an important trend in the long-term development of restaurants. JL Studio restaurant continues to pay attention to sustainable dining practices, whether it is conveying the concept of environmental friendliness through delicious food, using local ingredients or using Nespresso's commitment to sustainable and fair procurement The supplier of the company has proved with practical actions that sustainability and gourmet food can be taken into account and move forward hand in hand. Chef Lin Tianyao shared that he usually chooses the crops of local farmers or the small balcony of the restaurant to grow herbs, which can be used at any time and used in cooking seasoning to add richness to dishes. For Lin Tianyao, the "sustainable spirit" should not only be limited to fine dining, but should also be integrated into the attitude of daily life. Only by implementing sustainable actions in daily life can the root cause truly be cured. How to start from the overall industry, reduce food waste, optimize packaging materials, Choosing a sustainable supplier partner is the mission that he believes a true high-end restaurant (Fine Dining) should shoulder. Nespresso adheres to the original intention of adhering to the perfect coffee experience, and is designated by chefs of Michelin-star restaurants and five-star restaurants around the world, allowing coffee lovers to enjoy a rich and fragrant coffee experience anytime, anywhere. In the future, Nespresso will continue to provide high-quality coffee. With the belief of sharing a good environment, we will continue to make unremitting efforts and breakthroughs for the catering industry and a friendly earth.


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