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New Ford Tourneo Connect 24-year-old safety evolution, upgraded to Level 2 driving safety assistance technology, simultaneously launched for the benefit of Ford Tourneo players

The New Ford Tourneo Connect, which is deeply rooted in the hearts of travelers with the image of "the ever-changing little cool bus", will be launched in a new generation in 2022. It is equipped with European 1 to 7 seats and double sliding doors, giving it the most abundant space application functions in its class. Equipped with brand-new intelligent safety technology equipment, it has successfully entered the million-van MPV segment in Taiwan. Today (11/15) Ford Liuhe announced the introduction of the new 24-year-old model for travel players, with a recommended price starting from 1.168 million yuan, and the travel model has been upgraded to Ford Co-Pilot360 TMThe all-round intelligent driving assistance system is equipped with LCA lane guidance assist system, which is in line with Level 2 advanced driving assistance level. It also has a new BLIS blind spot detection system and Keyless door opening and closing system, creating a safe and convenient driving atmosphere.

Ford’s brand new 24-year-old model is expected to be available at showrooms and begin delivering ordered vehicles in December. In addition, in response to the needs of Qingyin co-living and long-term care, Ford Liuhe will launch a Ford travel passenger welfare vehicle to meet the car needs of the aging public.

upgradeLevel 2Driving safety assistance technology,New Ford Tourneo ConnectTravel players create the most complete level of protection

New Ford Tourneo Connect continues to use complete active and passive safety technologies to provide consumers with a safe and secure driving journey. This 24-year-old Wanca version has been upgraded with driving safety assistance technology that complies with Level 2 standards, adding LCA lane guidance assist system and BLIS blind spot detection system. It is equipped with 7 safety auxiliary airbags (including front seat central safety auxiliary airbag) as standard for all models, as well as ACC Stop & Go full-speed cruise control system, PCA forward collision warning system (including AEB auxiliary braking system), and LKA lane Advanced technologies such as Departure Assist System, LDW Lane Departure Warning System, Reversing Assist System, AHB Automatic High Beam System, Fatigue Driving Warning System, APA Active Roadside Parking Assist System, etc., make every journey for Ford travel enthusiasts strong backing.

Committed to creating a barrier-free mobile environment,New Ford Tourneo ConnectTravel players provide welfare vehicle options

As Taiwan enters an aging society, the demand for long-term care and barrier-free mobility is growing day by day. As a provider of mobility services, Ford, in order to fulfill its social responsibilities, Ford Liuhe simultaneously announced the introduction of the global Ford Pro original factory authorization certification system. Local modification suppliers have obtained original factory certification and developed welfare vehicle-related equipment for New Ford Tourneo Connect travelers. Through the exclusive ramp design, passengers in wheelchairs can easily enter and exit the vehicle, expanding the vehicle application level, and practicing " With the corporate philosophy of "Mobility Serves Society", Ford is a welfare vehicle model and is expected to be delivered in the first quarter of 2024.

Personalized appearance and simple technological interior,New Ford Tourneo ConnectTravel players show a new look

New Ford Tourneo Connect adopts Box's personalized appearance design and integrates Ford DNA family design vocabulary, showing a youthful and functional van MPV style. In this design axis, the Traveler Wanka Edition model features a new shield-shaped chrome-plated frame water tank guard, LED headlights and LED C-shaped daytime running lights integrated with the AHB automatic high-beam system, and bright black rearview mirrors , silver roof racks, straight LED taillights and 17-inch aluminum alloy wheels and other exterior parts create a stylish visual experience; the new 24-year-old model has upgraded Keyless door opening and closing system, making play life more convenient.

In the interior layout, New Ford Tourneo Connect adopts a 10.25-inch digital instrument panel that supports Apple CarPlay.®and Android Auto’s 8.25-inch entertainment and communication integration system and push-button headlight switch design, bringing a simple and functional cabin feel. At the same time, Ford travelers benefit from the excellent space performance brought by the seven-seater configuration, allowing all passengers to have optimal head/knee extension space; corresponding to AGR certified ergonomic dual front seats (support 8-way manual/4-way electric lumbar adjustment, leg extension support and heating function), independent air outlets for the second/third row rear seats, Easy Open 2.0 lightweight double-sided sliding doors (including door closing assist system) and maximum The flat rear luggage compartment loading space of up to 3,105 liters allows every consumer to practice the lifestyle attitude of the Life Box through the Ford Traveler, whether it is for general travel, business travel, or carrying items.

Diesel energy-saving power technology,New Ford Tourneo ConnectTravelers provide European-style comfortable driving experience

The New Ford Tourneo Connect is equipped with a 2.0L EcoBlue turbocharged diesel engine with a maximum horsepower of 122ps/2,750 to 4,250rpm, and a peak torque output of 32.6kg-m/1,600 to 2,500rpm. At the same time, it is equipped with a 7-speed dual-clutch manual transmission and electronic transmission-by-wire transmission. The dense and delicate shifting logic and lower friction loss bring a first-class energy efficiency performance of 20.9km/L; in addition, Ford Travel Players adopt a front MacPherson, rear fixed axle and coil spring combination suspension setting, corresponding to the electronic power-assisted steering system, through a lighter and more precise steering process, allowing the vehicle to respond to different road conditions with optimized steering. Controllability and stability.

The new 24-year-old New Ford Tourneo Connect model maintains the dual model configuration of the Play version and the Play version. The new Car version is expected to enter the showroom and begin delivery of ordered vehicles in December this year; the entry model Play version maintains the original composition equipped. In response to global environmental turmoil and changes in raw material costs, the new 24-year-old New Ford Tourneo Connect is priced from NT$1.168 million.

New Ford Tourneo Connecttraveling player 24Compilation and suggested selling price of the official model car series of the year

car model Official selling price (10,000 yuan)
Play version 116.8
Wanka version 126.8

For more product details, please refer to Ford’s official

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