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New index of high-tech hatchback SUV Mercedes-Benz GLC Coupe

●Introduction of zero-level MBUX car multimedia system

●0.27Cd ultra-low drag coefficient

●The appearance is more dynamic and streamlined, with both elegance and sporty atmosphere

●It was officially launched in Europe in July this year, and it is expected to appear in China at the end of the year at the earliest

Since the German luxury car manufacturer Mercedes-Benz officially launched the second-generation brand new GLC in June last year, China has also introduced this Mercedes-Benz’s world’s best-selling SUV to Taiwan in half a year. The quota has already been sold out, but consumers who have not bought it should not be too discouraged. The original factory launched a brand new GLC Coupe in March this year. The front of the car is as dynamic and stylish as the orthodox SUV version, and the sloping rear of the car is more in line with the mainstream. Let's take a look at what has been changed in the second-generation GLC Coupe first!

The epitome of elegance and luxury

The all-new GLC Coupe has a more attractive rear line and less bulky streamlines.

Due to their status as twins, the fronts of the GLC Coupe and GLC are basically the same, such as the brand new LED headlights, as well as the water tank shield, front bumper, air intake dam shape, hood folding line, etc. are all made in the same way, of course I believe everyone will not be too surprised. As for the substantive difference of this car, it lies in the roof line. After passing the B-pillar of the vehicle, it begins to drop sharply, creating a coupe-like sports car body shape, with thick front and rear waistlines, and strong-touch doors. The sheet metal folding lines give the GLC Coupe a lower and flatter visual impression.

As for the focus of this major facelift, which is also the best-looking part, it is the rear of the car. First of all, the rear of the GLC Coupe still maintains the rather fat design of the previous generation, but the overall body lines have become more sleek. At the same time, with the most eye-catching Nike Gogou LED taillights, the whole car has indeed been upgraded to a higher level. In addition, the rear bumper and the decorative panel below of the new car model are designed in a shape similar to cotton swabs, which looks more neat and more youthful and dynamic than the old model.

The slender LED taillights make the rear of the car look more elegant, giving GLC Coupe a different visual experience than before.

At present, Mercedes-Benz has planned Avantgarde and AMG Line two appearance kits for GLC Coupe. The former is of course a relatively simple and restrained setting. The standard configuration of the bead set is 18 inches. As the name suggests, AMG Line is more sporty. There are two options of 19 and 20 inches. In terms of body size, the second-generation model is 31mm longer than the previous generation, reaching the level of 4763mm, and the wheelbase is 2888mm. Therefore, the luggage compartment volume can provide 545 liters, which is 45 liters more than the previous generation. After the seats are fully tilted, it has a loading capacity of 1490 liters.

The rear seat knees should have performed well due to the increase in the wheelbase and length of the car, but the height of the car has never been a strong point of this type of car.

The latest generation technology blessing

Like the new GLC, the interior of the GLC Coupe cabin naturally adopts the same structure, including a 12.3-inch digital instrument and an 11.9-inch MUBX car screen standing upright on the center console, which is different from the C-Class and other earlier launches. Models, the MBUX of the GLC car series is the latest version of Mercedes-Benz. In addition to the original operation method, there is a "zero-level" mode that can be selected. In this state, the problem of too complicated MBUX operation can be solved. , the use experience is more intuitive and simple, but the functionality is more powerful.

The interior is replaced with the latest generation of MBUX in-vehicle system, and the software and functionality are more powerful.

Of course, it’s not just the interior, the GLC Coupe’s power system also has the brand’s latest technology blessing, that is, the ISG version of the 48V light oil-electric system, which can provide an additional 23 horsepower assistance, and both gasoline and diesel engines will be equipped. As for the 200 4Matic and 300 4Matic gasoline models that will be imported into the country, the engine displacement is 2.0 liters, and the maximum power is 204 hp/32.6 kgm and 258 hp/40.8 kgm respectively. Kilometer acceleration is 8.1 and 6.4 seconds. In addition, the GLC Coupe also offers three PEHV models this time, including two gasoline and one diesel engine, all of which are equipped with an additional 31.2kWh lithium battery, and an electric motor with an output of 134 horsepower, supporting up to 140km /h pure electric driving.

The 48V light oil-electric system fully equipped with ISG is the highlight of the power system, and the engine output is also very good.


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