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New National Running BrigadeU6 GT AEROExtremely ExcitedLimited Time Exciting Price79.8 Million

The all-new National Running Brigade U6 GT AERO is on the stage, and the price is 798,000 for a limited time.

LUXGEN designates a 5-seater leisure travel to enjoy the ultra-stylish and enviable project

The era of "inflation" is coming. The rise in raw materials and the impact of global chip supply, etc., affect the fluctuation of car prices. The global "inflation" continues to sound, and the delivery period has to wait, wait, wait! In order to reduce the burden of Chinese car purchase and easily realize the dream of owning a car, LUXGEN launched a new value-for-money choice for domestic 700,000-class mid-to-large SUVs - "U6 GT AERO" in April. The U6 GT AERO focuses on the unique setting of the headwind and outstanding running style. Combined with the exclusive "AERO aerodynamic kit" (1), it shows the complete aerodynamic performance, and the sense of speed is more obvious!

In April, LUXGEN appointed a 5-seater safari to give you the "Super Stylish Project" (2), U6 GT AERO directly enjoys a limited-time price of 798,000 (official price is 858,000), and a limited edition DJI MINI 2 Aerial camera (3), to create a "national running brigade" that is limited to Taiwan car fans and has a high CP value! Of course, the URX 5-person ADAS extreme gentleman print with the urban fashion texture "Extreme Aerodynamic Kit" will also give you a limited-time price of 888,000 (the official price is 908,000), let LUXGEN accompany you to chase the wind and shoot your Different.

The new U6 GT AERO combines the "AERO aerodynamic kit" integrated with the color of the car, showing complete aerodynamic performance, and the sense of speed is more obvious!

The new U6 GT AERO is equipped with "AERO aerodynamic kit"More highlight personal fashion style and sports running style

The new U6 GT AERO combines the "AERO aerodynamic kit" with the car color: "AERO wind-plastic front/rear spoiler" and "AERO wind-plastic side skirts" are coherent, and the "AERO wind-plastic side skirts" echo the front and side kits. Wind-sculpted double tail", creating a design with aerodynamic texture, greatly enhancing the atmosphere of sports running style, adding a unique visual impact, and injecting a new style into personal fashion style. In addition, the cockpit of the U6 GT series surpasses its peers in space and configuration. It not only has excellent control texture, smart entertainment system, 12-inch multi-function HD touch screen, but also is equipped with a full range of comprehensive active and passive safety technology equipment, practical and practical. Convenient AR View+Driving AR imaging system, plus unique AR See-through ViewAR chassis perspective image and safe and practical APA intelligent driving assisted parking system and many other advanced equipment, so that each occupant has a more comprehensive guarantee of driving safety; also equipped with "door-opening anti-collision system": the vehicle is turned off and ready to get off, the door will automatically open When there is an approaching car from the rear, in addition to the red frame displayed on the screen image, a "warning sound reminder" is added; after confirming the safety of the rear, one-key unlocks the door, giving Chinese people a more secure driving experience. The LUXGEN U6 GT car series has a unique sports running shape, a new power structure and high-efficiency performance, and innovative new smart safety technology, allowing consumers to own a medium-sized and large-sized SUV at an entry-level small SUV price of 700,000 yuan. Enjoy the high visibility and large space that RVs do not have, as well as abundant power, giving buyers who are longing for a sports car a brand-new choice to add appearance and CP value to the table.

4month-to-monthLUXGENspecify5Seat Recreation Enjoy Super StylishXian Project Free DJI Mini 2 Folding Mini Air Camera

In order to celebrate the debut of the all-new U6 GT AERO, and to satisfy consumers' desire to upgrade to a sports travel with a budget of less than 800,000 yuan, LUXGEN specially launched a designated 5-seater travel "Super Stylish and Extremely Envy Project" (2) : From 4/1 (Fri) to 4/29 (Fri), you can enjoy a limited-time "Extreme Price" when you enter a designated 5-seater leisure tour, and you can get a limited-edition DJI MINI 2 ultra-light folding aerial camera (3 ), while the MINI 2 aerial camera has a lightweight body of less than 249 grams, and can take off without registration in some countries and regions. At the same time, it will help you upgrade the DJI CARE Safe Flight Warranty Project, without fear of water, collision and other multiple accidents (total value 15,180 yuan); as safe and reliable as LUXGEN's vehicles, it combines powerful performance, so you will fall in love with it as soon as you get started. LUXGEN will give you a free aerial camera teaching course (worth 12,000 yuan) (4)! The URX Panorama Lottery Edition can enjoy up to 600,000 60 installments with zero interest rate (5), and simultaneously enjoy free upgrade of PM2.5 health countermeasure filter (6), free lifelong return to the factory to implement ozone sterilization services and many other gifts! When you enjoy the car, you can take the aerial camera to travel with you to chase the wind, and leave beautiful memories with your family and car that are different from the past, and take pictures of your uniqueness. From 4/9 (Sat) to 4/10 (Sun), the U6 GT AERO in-store presentation will be held in the Taiwan Life Center. We sincerely invite all car fans and friends who like LUXGEN to come to the store to experience the U6 GT AERO running against the wind. charm. For more details on car model discounts, please go to LUXGEN's official website to make an appointment for in-store car appreciation, test rides at home and online car appreciation, or call the customer service hotline at 0800-588-088.

"AERO Wind Sculpted Double Tail" greatly enhances the atmosphere of sports running, adds a unique visual impact, and injects a new look into personal fashion style.

[Official price of the whole LUXGEN U6 GT series]

U6 GT Zhiyou Edition: 748,000

U6 GT AERO: 858,000 (limited time and extremely enviable price of 798,000)

  1. AERO air kits are provided jointly by national distribution companies.
  2. The actual content of this promotion plan is formulated and provided by LUXGEN distribution company and Xingkuai Technology Co., Ltd. according to each model, and LUXGEN distribution company has the right to final modification and adjustment.
  3. The limited-edition DJI MINI 2 aerial camera is available while supplies last. The detailed operating functions and DJI CARE instructions are subject to the announcement on the DJI official website.
  4. The free DJI MINI 2 aerial camera teaching course is a physical course. For detailed course time and information, please contact each LUXGEN distribution company base.
  5. Distribution companies and Yurong Enterprises reserve the right to review the installment plan, and cannot be used in conjunction with other loan preferential projects. If the customer chooses not to install instalments, the amount of convertible car purchase fee is as follows: URX Panorama Lohas Edition (including the original Lohas), 7-person flagship gentry version 50,000 yuan (600,000 60 issues 0%).
  6. 1 piece of PM2.5 health countermeasure filter is installed directly on the vehicle when it is delivered.
  7. Government agencies, project approvals, bidders, and rental cars are not eligible for this discount.

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