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New Volkswagen Transporter (2025) gets a big hint of Ford -

The new Volkswagen Transporter will not come onto the market until 2025. Yet the attention machine is already running at full speed. Is this perhaps to mask the fact that the popular van borrows from the Ford Transit?

Although the Volkswagen Transporter still has psychedelic stickers on the outside in the photos, it clearly looks like a Volkswagen from the front. The interior also comes from our own design studios. In its press information, Volkswagen explicitly refers to a 'distinctive Volkswagen DNA'. But we clearly recognize some Transit genes in the rear window pillar and the rear as a whole.

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New Volkswagen Transporter is growing rapidly

We also know that the new Volkswagen Transporter in standard version is 5.05 meters long. that means he has grown almost 15 centimeters. In width, the new Transporter measures 2.03 meters, an increase of almost 13 cm. The wheelbase increased by about 10 cm and is now 3.10 meters. Those who need extra space can opt for a Transporter with an extended wheelbase and a total length of 5.45 meters. Depending on the external dimensions, Volkswagen's new pack mule can accommodate 5.8 to 9 cubic meters of tools, packages or potting soil. The extra space is partly due to the increased width between the wheel arches.

Engines Transporter 7: diesel, plug-in hybrid and electric

As far as powertrains go, the new Volkswagen Transporter has a few surprises in store. First of all, it will simply be available with diesel engines again. Although we wonder whether there is still interest in this with the introduction of the many zero-emission zones in the Netherlands. In any case, Volkswagen announces TDI engines, with 110, 150 and 170 hp. If desired, you can order the two strongest diesels with four-wheel drive.

There will also be a 233 hp plug-in hybrid Transporter, but that will also not allow you to enter the zero-emission zones in the near future. For this you have to rely on the fully electric Transporter. Because that is surprise number two: Volkswagen is going next to the electric ID. Buzz Cargo also supplies e-Transporters. You can choose from battery packs of 54 and 83 kWh. The e-Transporter with the smallest battery will have a maximum of 116 hp. In combination with the larger battery pack, the power increases to 136, 218 or even 286 hp.

How much loading capacity for e-Transporter?

For the diesels, Volkswagen mentions a maximum payload of 1300 kg, or 100 kg more than before. That is twice as much as an electric ID.Buzz Cargo can transport. After all, he is - literally - with a heavy battery pack in his stomach. We are therefore very curious about the maximum permissible weight of the e-Transporter, but Volkswagen is still keeping that under wraps. Just as the brand is not happy about the fact that the new Transporter will no longer be produced in Germany, but in Turkey... Just like the Ford Transit.

Price and equipment new Volkswagen Transporter (2025)

The new Transporter, like the new Multivan, will not be launched until 2025. But it can already be ordered in Germany. And at extra favorable introductory prices from 36,780 euros. According to the Wolfsburgers, for that money you get ample standard equipment.

This includes LED headlights, an electronic parking brake with hill hold function, a 12-inch digital instrument cluster and an infotainment system with DAB+, Apple CarPlay, Android Auto, online services and a 13-inch touchscreen. Safety systems such as active lane keeping assistance, an automatic emergency braking function and traffic sign recognition are also not lacking.

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