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New wave of energy savingSUZUKI ALL NEW S-CROSS

With the changing times, every time the vehicle is remodeled, it will be based on the feedback of the existing car owners and the observation of the market by the car manufacturer as the basis for the development of the next-generation new car. In the era of the popularity of leisure travel and SUVs, the new European original SUZUKI ALL NEW S-CROSS once again aimed at the car needs of today's consumers, making a strong debut as an orthodox SUV, supplemented by the new generation of 48V HYBRID light oil electric power technology, SUZUKI Safety Support active safety protection and the only ALLGRIP timely intelligent four-wheel drive system at the same level, showing the brand's avant-garde technology charm.

In the SUZUKI family, the SX4 series has always been regarded as the representative of crossovers. The first-generation SX4 launched in 2006 took the small hatchback Crossover route, creating a space performance that dwarfs its peers under the compact body size. The second-generation model released in 2013 has a further enlargement of the car frame. While meeting the needs of small and medium-sized families, it also quietly incorporates a little SUV off-road atmosphere. Now, ALL NEW S-CROSS is officially on the market, and as soon as it appears, it will shock all four! The original designer used a large area of ​​the piano paint water tank shield to shape the upright nose, and raised the height of the hood to fully demonstrate the powerful style of the orthodox SUV. In addition, the design of the square wheel arches and the anti-scratch guards surrounding the body further outline the rough beauty of ALL NEW S-CROSS, which is the focus of everyone's attention regardless of movement.

The whole car series comes standard with 48V light oil electric power

As the latest generation model of SUZUKI, ALL NEW S-CROSS is equipped with a 48V HYBRID light oil electric power system, taking into account both performance and fuel consumption. The all-new 1.4L BOOSTERJET direct-injection turbocharged engine has a maximum horsepower of 129.2ps / 5,500rpm and a maximum torque output of 23.9kgm / 2,000rpm, with a six-speed manual automatic transmission system, bringing ALL NEW S-CROSS Plenty of dynamic response. In addition, the ISG integrated starter motor generator can provide an additional output of up to 10kW, which can keep the engine running without consuming fuel when idling, and cooperate with the engine output during acceleration to enhance torque performance, resulting in a lighter and more fuel-efficient vehicle. Driving experience. In the fuel consumption test announced by the Energy Bureau of the Ministry of Economic Affairs, the ALL NEW S-CROSS 2WD model can travel an average of 19.4 kilometers per liter, and its energy efficiency has reached the most fuel-efficient level!

The new 48V HYBRID light oil electric power system can take into account both performance and fuel consumption.

If you are a life player who loves going to the mountains and the sea and is not comfortable in the room, you must not miss the ALLGRIP timely intelligent four-wheel drive system of the new ALL NEW S-CROSS. This system is the crystallization of the technology developed by SUZUKI over the years of off-road four-wheel drive. In addition to providing the AUTO mode option that focuses on fuel efficiency, the driver can also choose SPORT mode (using four-wheel drive performance to improve cornering and steering ability), SNOW mode according to road conditions and preferences Mode (uses the four-wheel drive feature to improve driving stability) or LOCK mode (evenly distributes the power of the four wheels and locks the idling wheels to assist in getting out of trouble), which not only brings more driving pleasure, but also ensures the driving safety of the vehicle.

The exclusive ALLGRIP timely intelligent four-wheel drive system provides four driving modes: AUTO, SPORT, SNOW and LOCK.

Active safety technology that is watertight

In order to ensure the driving safety of all occupants, the entire ALL NEW S-CROSS series comes standard with the DSBS dual sensor brake assist system, which can detect the road conditions ahead at any time through the lens and laser sensor on the front windshield. When DSBS detects that the distance to the vehicle in front is too close, the warning light on the instrument panel will light up immediately and an alarm sound will sound simultaneously to remind the driver to prepare to slow down; Avoid collisions. In addition, the ACC active distance cruise control, which is also standard, can automatically detect and adjust the vehicle speed through millimeter-wave radar according to the driver's settings to maintain an ideal distance from the vehicle in front, which can reduce the fatigue of long-distance driving. . Not only that, but for example: BSM side blind spot detection, ESS emergency braking signal warning, LDWS lane departure warning, RCTA rear side warning and Weaving alert driving fatigue warning and a series of SUZUKI Safety Support active safety technology configuration, all help to improve Car safety, effectively reduce or even avoid accidental injuries caused by human error.

ACC active distance cruise control can automatically maintain the following distance and reduce the mental burden of long-distance driving.
The DSBS dual sensor brake assist system detects the road conditions ahead at any time through the lens and laser sensor on the front gear.

Equipped with a spacious and comfortable cockpit

Even though the appearance of the new SUZUKI ALL NEW S-CROSS has moved closer to the orthodox SUV, it is still full of strong cross-border recreational style, the most obvious of which is the spacious and comfortable cockpit, which can bring all passengers a comfortable and unrestrained ride. Atmosphere; the design of the panoramic sunroof (limited to ALLGRIP models) gives the cabin a bright and open natural atmosphere. The 9-inch multi-function touch screen above the center console, in addition to connecting to Apple CarPlay wirelessly through a mobile phone, also has 360-degree surround view image assistance, SHVS fuel-electric system operation status, reversing video, fuel consumption and mileage and other driving information displays . Among them, the 360-degree surround view image assistance system provides an all-round 3D stereoscopic view and a 360-degree bird's-eye view through 4 cameras outside the car, which can assist the driver to easily view the surrounding environment of the vehicle when leaving the parking space or parking, showing the new generation An indispensable thoughtful design for SUVs!

The SX4 S-CROSS center console has a trendy and simple design. Many vehicle settings and driving information are displayed through the central 9-inch touch screen.
The integrated LCD driving information display in the center of the instrument can provide rich real-time vehicle information.
The new SX4 S-CROSS inherits the fine tradition of the car series, and its spacious cockpit brings all passengers a comfortable and unconstrained riding atmosphere.
The panoramic sunroof opening is 560mm long, giving the cabin a bright and natural atmosphere.
The luggage compartment provides storage partitions, and the rear seat backs can also be folded 6:4 apart, providing a maximum storage capacity of up to 1230L.


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