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Newly added Vignale Italian boutique model2023 Ford Kuga upgrades all models

●Newly launched the top Vignale model

●Exclusive Windsor breathable leather seats (Vignale)

All car series are upgraded as standard with 10-way electric adjustable driver's seat

All models are equipped with Ford Co-Pilot 360 safety technology as standard


Ford Liuhe officially released the 2023 New Year's Kuga model on December 1. In addition to the upgraded equipment of the entire car series, more importantly, it has newly launched the Kuga Vignale Italian-style craft boutique model with the same European regulations, with exclusive luxury appearance and High-quality interior configuration, and the current ST-Line that emphasizes sportiness form a combination of high-end four-wheel drive dual models, providing consumers with different car buying styles to choose from.

The Kuga Vignale model with the Italian craftsmanship style has a water tank shield and chrome-plated frame decoration with its own wave-pattern grille design, and L-shaped chrome-plated trim strips are inlaid on the fog lamp seats on both sides. Coupled with LED single projection headlights, LED light guide strip daytime running lights and LED front fog lights, etc., it creates a low-key and luxurious visual experience. In addition, on the side part of the car, you can see the bright silver full-ring chrome-plated side window trim and the model nameplate with aluminum forged surface. The bead is equipped with 20-inch Zhenyao extremely gray two-color cut aluminum ring and Guoma brand PremiumContact 6 sports tires. As for the rear of the car, it also has a Vignale exclusive nameplate to show its identity.

The Vignale model has an exclusive appearance. The front of the car has a water tank guard with a wave-pattern grille design and a chrome-plated frame decoration.

In the interior part, Vignale uses more luxurious and exquisite decorative materials to improve the visual and tactile texture performance, including exclusive Urban wood grain veneer, black piano paint veneer and chrome-plated trim strip of ring cabin, etc.; in addition, All car seats are covered with top-level Windsor breathable leather, with white stitching and Vignale's exclusive nameplate, creating a luxurious and high-quality cabin atmosphere.

The interior of Vignale is paved with materials such as Urban wood grain veneer, black piano paint veneer, and chrome-plated trim strips in the ring cabin, which further enhances the luxurious and textured atmosphere of the cabin.
All Vignale seats are covered with top Windsor breathable leather, and the double front seats are equipped with 10-way electric adjustment function (3 sets of memory for the driver's seat)

As for other 2023 New Year models, including ST-Line X, 3 sets of memory functions for the driver's seat (linkage between the exterior rearview mirror and HUD) will be added. EcoBoost 180 flagship and flagship X models will add 10-way electric adjustment of the driver's seat and AHB automatic adjustment. The high-beam function; the entry-level super value X model adds 10-way electric adjustment of the driver's seat, 18-inch two-color cutting aluminum ring, BLIS blind spot detection warning, CTA reverse traffic warning system and electric folding rearview mirror, etc. The price part remains unchanged.

The Vignale model is equipped with a 2.0-liter turbocharged gasoline engine and an 8-speed manual transmission with a maximum power output of 250hp and 38.7kgm.


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