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NISSAN ARIYA's new-generation electric SUV will debut at the 2024 Taipei Motor Show. All new energy models with the theme of NIM's "Intelligent Drive to See the Future with Mobility" are in place.

At the 2024 Taipei New Car and New Energy Vehicle Special Exhibition, Nissan, with the theme of "Intelligent Mobility Sees the Future", uses the core technology of NIM (NISSAN INTELLIGENT MOBILITY) smart mobility technology to super-deploy multiple power sources, exhibiting pure electric energy, e-POWER, A full range of light petrol-electric and fuel-powered vehicles, Nissan ARIYA's new generation electric SUV debuts for the first time, demonstrating Nissan's 90th anniversary DNA of fearless challenges and the spirit of never-ending pursuit of the ultimate in automotive craftsmanship.

All NISSAN new energy models are in place. The models on display for sale include: X-TRAIL e-POWER, an electric vehicle that does not require charging (Note 1), KICKS e-POWER, a cross-border new energy travel vehicle, and X-TRAIL light gasoline-electric vehicle. , the style of king ALL NEW SENTRA, the cross-border travel sales champion KICKS (note 2), the strong-minded ALTIMA, the native unrestricted JUKE and the world's first mass-produced electric vehicle LEAF (note 3). Provide multiple power options to meet consumers' driving needs and drive unlimited possibilities.

NISSAN ARIYAThe new generation of electric travel makes its debut Pure electric energy pioneer

At the 2024 Taipei Motor Show, NISSAN ARIYA's new generation electric SUV debuted for the first time. ARIYA represents NISSAN's pure electric energy pioneer. It inherits the design vocabulary of concept cars, integrates sports with Japanese craftsmanship aesthetics, and exerts ultimate aerodynamic performance. It has won the German " Two world-class design awards (Red Dot Design Award) and iF Design Award (Note 4). The interior cockpit furnishings also reflect the ultimate Japanese craftsmanship, using Japanese artistic atmosphere lighting and next-generation interior technology, including dual 12.3-inch digital instrument panels, a wood-grain light hidden icon touch panel, an electronically controlled sliding center armrest and zero Gravity relief seats, etc., thus creating a thick and profound high-tech Japanese flavor. In terms of space utilization, thanks to the new CMF-EV chassis, the ARIYA cabin can adopt an efficient and most comfortable design, with a through-type space arrangement and a fully flat floor plan, giving the interior the space performance of a medium to large SUV. In terms of batteries, ARIYA has inherited the first-generation LEAF which has accumulated 21 billion kilometers since its launch in 2010 and has no major battery safety accidents (Note 5). ARIYA has learned from LEAF’s experience in battery safety to achieve the highest level of protection.

ARIYA is equipped with the latest NIM smart mobility technology and is equipped with the ProPILOT smart mobility safety system, which provides more user-friendly smart driving auxiliary equipment, detects environmental dynamics at all times, and transmits safety intelligence in real time, including ICC smart full-speed range cruise control system and TJP traffic jam assist. System and LKA lane maintenance system and other technologies, and equipped with NISSAN's exclusive AI intelligent driving assistance system (Note 6), experiencing a value-for-money Level 2 safety level, giving car owners a safe and comfortable driving experience.

NISSAN 90anniversary Demonstrate "fearless challenge"DNA

Since NISSAN was founded in 1933, this year marks its 90th anniversary. "Fearless challenge" is NISSAN's DNA. It continues to pursue the ultimate in automotive craftsmanship through innovative technology and creates passionate driving that is closer to the life experience.

To celebrate Nissan's 90th anniversary, Nissan 90 will be launched during the 2024 Taipei Motor Showth ANNIVERSARY BE@RBRICKS (Kubrick Bears) co-branded dolls, each set includes one in 100% scale and one in 400% scale, NISSAN 90th ANNIVERSARY BE@RBRICK uses the ARIYA electric car's gold and copper paint color design that symbolizes the sunrise. The body is based on the Japanese "group" geometric pattern, with the NISSAN brand LOGO and the 90th anniversary commemorative LOGO. The other left hand is decorated with cherry blossoms. Delivering modern and simple Japanese art aesthetics. During the auto show, a limited number of 5 sets (Note 7) will be sold on-site every day, with each set priced at NT$4,999. Number plates for same-day purchase will be distributed at the NISSAN exhibition area from 10:00-13:00 every day, and will be publicly drawn for subscription at 13:23 There are 5 names in the list. Fans and friends are welcome to collect and own them.

"Wide travel with wisdom See the future in action" NIM x AIPlan the future

This year's auto show NISSAN takes "Intelligent mobility to see the future" as the theme, using the core technologies of intelligent mobility technology of the entire series of vehicles to open up a new imagination of mobility in the future world. The design of the booth echoes this concept and will follow the spirit of "Sincerity piercing the sky" that the brand founder upheld when he founded Nissan. The booth will take the sun's "circle" as the scene, and will be placed on the skyline in the center of the exhibition hall. A giant sun ring surrounded by LED color-changing light strips symbolizes NISSAN NIM's intelligence and technological development. NIM Intelligent Travel Technology creates a smart mobile world, constantly innovating and hoping to give car owners a feeling of oneness with the car. At this auto show, ChatGPT new technology was used, combined with NIM and AI artificial intelligence, to write programs on site to combine car model characteristics and AI. The drawing function link invites visitors to use their imagination to create future dream cars.

The planning of the event specially arranged for members of the professional team’s cheerleading team to convey Nissan’s spirit of innovation and new energy to visitors with vigor. There were also activities such as car appreciation and gift giving (Note 8). The content is rich and exciting. All guests are welcome to join us. Witness the new world of NISSAN smart mobility.

All new energy models are in place Drive endless possibilities

All NISSAN new energy models are in place, and the models on display for sale include: X-TRAIL e-POWER, an electric vehicle that does not require charging, KICKS e-POWER, a crossover new energy travel vehicle, X-TRAIL light petrol and electric vehicle, and Zhizhi Xing ALL NEW SENTRA, cross-border travel sales champion KICKS, strong-minded ALTIMA, native unrestricted JUKE and the world's first mass-produced electric vehicle LEAF. Providing multiple power options to meet consumers' driving needs and driving unlimited possibilities, car owners and consumers are invited to attend the 2024 Taipei Auto Show. For details, please refer to NISSAN's official website: (Note 9)

Note 1: For information related to the "X-TRAIL e-POWER, an electric vehicle that does not require charging" shown in this press release, please visit the NISSAN official website: website-banner.

Note 2: "Crossover SUV Sales Champion KICKS" refers to crossover SUV models with a body length of less than 4400mm, limited to the following models: HR-V, VENUE, C-HR, CX-3, CX-30 , T-CROSS, the sales figures are based on the cumulative number of licenses issued by the supervision office from October to the end of December 2022.

Note 3: For Nissan LEAF global sales data, please see Nissan GLOBAL press release:

Note 4: Red Dot Design Award link:;iF Design Award (iF Design Award) link:

Note 5: For information on the cumulative mileage reaching 21 billion kilometers and no major safety accidents on the battery, please see Dongfeng Nissan’s official website:

Note 6: The functions of the smart travel safety system and other safety systems shown in this press release may be subject to conditions, and these are test results provided by the original manufacturer. During actual road driving, they may be affected by road conditions, load, wind resistance, tire conditions, and personal driving. Actual results may vary due to factors such as habits and vehicle maintenance. The Zhixing Technology safety system is only used to assist the driver and cannot replace safe driving operations. Please strictly abide by the laws and regulations, stay alert when driving, and pay close attention to the surrounding environment.

Note 7: NISSAN 90th anniversary BE@RBRICK will be sold in limited quantities at the 2024 Taipei Motor Show. Sales process:

  • Receive number plates: During the 2024 Taipei Auto Show, Nissan 90 will be distributed at the Nissan exhibition area from 10:00-13:00 every dayth anniversary BE@RBRICK Purchase the desired number plate on the day. (Each person is limited to one number plate. The name, last four digits of the ID card and mobile phone number of the person who receives the number plate will be registered on site. The information collected will only be used for the purchase of NISSAN 90 on that Anniversary BE@RBRICK qualification recognition, not for other purposes)
  • Draw the subscription qualifications: A total of 5 people will be drawn from the subscription list at the NISSAN exhibition area at 13:23 every day.
  • Qualification verification: You must be present when the subscription quota is drawn. After identity verification, you can purchase Nissan 90 for $4,999 in anniversary BE@RBRICK 1 group. (The roll call will be held 3 times on site. If the person is not present, a replacement list will be drawn again; only cash payment will be provided on site, and other payment methods will not be provided)
  • Pickup method: NISSAN 90th anniversary BE@RBRICK only provides on-site pickup, and NISSAN does not provide on-site storage or home delivery services.
  • Return and exchange instructions: Please confirm the condition of the product on site. Once the product is sold, no return or exchange service is provided. Yulon Nissan Motor is not responsible for the defect guarantee, repair and warranty responsibility of the product.

Note 8: For details of activities such as car appreciation and gifts, please inquire at the NISSAN booth at the Taipei Auto Show.

Note 9: The amounts shown in this press release are all in New Taiwan dollars. The actual specifications, equipment and color of each vehicle are subject to the actual vehicle. Yulon Nissan Motor reserves the right to cancel, terminate, suspend or change the methods and content of each activity, and announces it on the NISSAN official website Yulon Nissan Motor reserves the right to final interpretation and decision.

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