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Nissan finally released a new light EV "Sakura"! Price starts at 1.78 million yen, and it will go on sale this summer

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Nissan releases new light EV "Sakura"
●The appearance uses a lot of Japanese elements such as water
●Top high-quality interior for light vehicles
● Equipped with a large number of advanced functions
●Sakura specification list
●Vehicle prices start from 1.78 million yen

Nissan unveils new light EV "Sakura"

On May 20, 2022, Nissan announced the "Sakura", a new light-duty battery electric vehicle.

The Sakura is Nissan's desire to combine the small turning radius of a light-duty vehicle with the electric vehicle technology cultivated during the development of the Leaf.

Asako Hoshino, vice president of Nissan, commented on Sakura: "I am sure that it will become an existence that subverts the common sense of the Japanese car market and promotes the popularization of electric vehicles."

Nissan will develop the Ariya, Leaf and Sakura as the backbone of its domestic electric vehicle product lineup in the future. In addition, Sakura is positioned as Flagship in light vehicles.

The appearance uses a lot of Japanese elements such as water

The theme of Sakura's design is the unique Japanese culture "Suijin", and the elements of Japanese style can be seen everywhere. For example, the design of the water guide can be seen in the rim design, rear bumper, built-in pedals, etc.

The basic shape is similar to that of the Dayz. Sakura shows the V motion design with LED lights similar to Ariya. The rear of the car is composed of combined taillights and English brand logos, with the word "zero emission" on the lower right.

The rear-seat doors are also based on the Dayz standard and adopt a non-sliding door design. I also look forward to launching a sliding door model like the Roox in the future.

Top quality interior for light vehicles

High-quality fabrics are used extensively in the Sakura interior, and the front seats are linked. Not only does it give a spacious impression, but it is also easy to move to the passenger seat, which is quite convenient. The horizontally arranged copper-coloured interior panels create a modern ambience.

Although the sporty double-spoke steering wheel is designed in the same shape as the Ariya, the button configuration is still slightly different. The factory option "premium interior package" is a leather-covered steering wheel.

The 9-inch display screen is embedded in the center, and the instruments in the driver's seat are concentrated on the 7-inch Advanced Drive Assist Display. With the driver's sight movement, the two screens are designed to be connected horizontally.

In addition to setting the most suitable route according to the charging status of the vehicle, the Nissan Connect navigation system is also equipped with various comfort equipment such as emergency SOS and Apple Carplay Bluetooth. There are also racks and cup holders for storing small items in various places.

Four interiors

The interior color is available in three colors, classic black, beige with a sense of openness, and calm blue-gray.

Loads of advanced features

Sakura is equipped with the autonomous driving technology "ProPILOT" and the first automatic parking assistance system "ProPILOT Park" installed on a light vehicle, which can fully control the steering wheel operation, forward stop, shift, hand brake and other actions when parking.

Equipped with driving mode functions according to various scenarios, there are three modes of "Eco", "Standard" and "Sport" to choose from.

The "e-Pedal Step" can be accelerated and decelerated by the accelerator alone, which improves the comfort during frequent repeated acceleration and deceleration in the city.

Sakura Specifications List

Body size


The body size of the Sakura is almost the same as that of the Dayz, only the height of the Sakura is slightly higher by 15mm. The weight of the vehicle varies according to different grades. Except for the gasoline grade specifications of the Dayz, all are light vehicles.

The battery is arranged in the central tunnel under the vehicle, which does not affect the interior space of the vehicle. The battery on the Sakura is the most advanced product using the Nissan Leaf e+.

power system


The maximum output is 47kW (equivalent to about 64PS), the same as that of a light vehicle equipped with an internal combustion engine, and the maximum torque is 195N・m. This is about twice the acceleration force of a light-duty turbo car, and realizes a comfortable driving experience that could not be experienced in conventional light-duty cars.

The cruising distance will vary according to different environments, and the number announced by the original factory is 180km. If you drive about 30km a day, you don't need to go to the gas station to refuel as long as you charge it once every 5 days. Generally, it can be fully charged during sleep as long as it is connected to the power supply before going to bed.

Vehicle prices start from 1.78 million yen

The Japanese green energy vehicle subsidy can subsidize 550,000 yen, so the real car price starts from 1.78 million yen.

body color price


Original source:Nissan's new light EV "Sakura" is finally announced!Released this summer with a real price of 1.78 million yen
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