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No more rebellion BMW X2

  • ●Gasline/diesel and pure electric versions will be released simultaneously, and the performance flagship M35i will not be absent either.
  • ●Original factory code U10, using UKL2 front-wheel drive chassis, greatly enlarged size
  • ●OS 9 in-vehicle system is stationed, and it also has functions such as augmented reality and wireless mobile phone connection.
  • ●The interior space of the car has been greatly improved, and the trunk volume is 515 liters. It is expected to be introduced into the country in the first quarter of next year.

After a full six-year product cycle, BMW finally launched the second-generation X2 on October 26 this year to replace the first-generation F39. The old X2 is actually quite special. Although it has the same front-wheel drive configuration as the X1, its product positioning can be said to be quite different. Although the X2 carries the name of the X family, it starts out as a small SUV. But friends who have been with it will know that the first-generation X2 is an out-and-out hot-blooded steel cannon. Whether it is the overall dynamic response or the spatial layout of the cabin, there is no hint of leisure travel at all. Shadow, and because of this, the first-generation X2 is destined to belong to a niche group, but it has won the hearts of some people, including this author.

The heavily revised X2 has basically completely shed its previous rebellious factor. It is developed on the same chassis as the new X1. It is exactly the same as its big brothers X4 and It is more in line with the preferences and needs of most consumers, but it can't help but make people feel a little melancholy.

The front shape of the car inherits the design vocabulary of the facelifted X6, but has different decorations on the bumper and air dam.

Still stylish

In terms of appearance, the new X2 is different from the quotation mark design of the X1 in the shaping of the headlights, but follows the example of the facelifted X5 and X6. The in-line LED daytime running lights bring sharp eyes, and the water tank guard part is Stretched to both sides and with sharp corners, the overall look is more sporty and imposing. The inner grille will use a horizontal fence or a dotted star pattern depending on the power. The front bumper is also a brand-new design of the X2. BMW has introduced a separate air intake dam for the first time, which echoes the classic double kidney radiator guard. It is not only good-looking but also very innovative. It is also highly recognizable and can be distinguished at a glance. Two brothers, X1 and X2, appear.

In terms of car size, the new X2 has completely broken away from the structure of the first generation, and the enlarged size is more in line with market demand.

Just like the new look of the front of the car, the changes in the shape of the rear of the X2 are also huge. The steeply tapered roofline starting from the B-pillar, coupled with the thick waistline. Looking at the lines of the upper half of the vehicle alone, it really gives people the visual image of a four-door sports car. The straight tailgate is topped with a rigid sheet. The golden fold line brings the sports experience to a higher level. In terms of taillights, X2 can also be said to be unique. The LED light bar similar to punctuation marks adds a new twist. The left and right double-layer configuration enriches the overall level. It is also the first of its kind in the BMW brand. It can be seen that the German car manufacturer Sincerity towards this car.

X2 will provide a variety of power specifications, and domestic models are expected to introduce 20i, M35i, iX2, etc.

Physically, the X2 has also grown tremendously. The length of the X2 has increased by 194mm compared with the old model. The width and height of the car have also been enlarged by 21 and 64mm. The body size is 4554 x 1845 x x1590mm, and the wheelbase has also been stretched by 22mm to 2692mm. , basically one size larger than the F39. Although the size seems to be enlarged, the new X2 has a better drag coefficient. Depending on the model level, the drag coefficient is between 0.25~0.27Cd. It can not only improve high-speed stability, but also improve the cruising range of the pure electric version of iX2. Help to a certain extent.

Nine generations added

Just like the exterior, the interior of the facelifted X2 has also been significantly updated. It has been upgraded from the original ID 6 to the OS 9 operating system in one go. The improvement in technological quality and equipment level can be said to span two generations. If you are not familiar with BMW’s new in-vehicle system, I would like to share it with you first. OS 9 is basically a very close version to OS 8.5. OS 9 uses the Linux architecture and is specially installed on the brand's front-wheel drive cars. OS 8.5 uses Google's system internally and is used in car models of 3 series and above. car model. The presentation method and operation logic of the system are exactly the same, and the QuickSelect shortcut menu has been introduced to make OS 8, which originally had complicated operation logic, more intuitive.

The interior is equipped with the latest OS 9 operating system to ensure intuitive operation.

In terms of screen composition, since OS 9 is an exclusive car setting, the digital instrument is 10.25 inches, and the central control screen is 10.7 inches. The two screens are also suspended curved surfaces, with a HUD head-up display, and OS 8 The biggest difference is that the control knob on the central saddle is eliminated and is completely operated by touch. The new X2 also supports wireless Carplay and wireless Android auto connection functions, and the AR augmented reality navigation function is listed as an optional item.

Dual front sports car seats will be the standard equipment of this car, targeting young and passionate people.

The main purpose of enlarging the car grille is to enhance the space inside the car. Naturally, the back seat of the X2 also feels upgraded. Although we haven’t touched the actual car yet, we can see the difference between the former and the latter generation from the photos provided by the original manufacturer, and for The 4/2/4 separate dumping configuration makes the storage function even better. The luggage compartment has actual data showing the growth rate, but due to different power unit configurations, the space performance is also slightly different. The gasoline model has a capacity of 515~1400 liters, the diesel model has a capacity of 560~1470 liters, and the iX2 has a capacity of 520~1400 liters.

Multiple choices

In terms of power system, X2 continues the strategy of the previous X1, launching both traditional fuel and pure electric power for consumers to choose from, including the diesel 18d, and two gasoline 20i and M35i. The iX2 is the four-wheel drive xDrive 30 with dual front and rear motors. A single-motor eDrive 20 will also be released in the future. The 18d is equipped with a 2.0L four-cylinder diesel turbo engine with an output of 150hp/36.7kgm, which should not be tolerated in China. The 20i uses the B38's 1.5L three-cylinder turbo engine, matched with the latest ISG 48V light petrol-electric system, with a maximum power of 156hp/24.5kgm. 48V can provide an additional 19hp of horsepower supply, and the acceleration from 0 to 100km/h is 8.3 seconds. As for the most powerful M35, it is equipped with a high-output version of the B48 engine. With a performance of 300hp/40.8kgm and a four-wheel drive system, it can accelerate from a standstill to 100km/h in 5.4 seconds, with a top speed of 250km/h. The transmissions of the new X2 fuel version are equipped with a seven-speed dual-clutch system.

The increased interior space is definitely a selling point of the new X2, and the luggage compartment volume can vary from 515 to 1,400 liters.

The iX2 partially adopts the fifth-generation eDrive system. Each of the front and rear axles is equipped with an electric motor with an output of 190hp/25.2kgm. The combined maximum horsepower is 313hp and the torque is 50.4kgm. It can accelerate from 0 to 100km/h in 5.6 seconds. , the electronic speed limit is set at 180km/h to protect the vehicle battery. The lithium battery capacity of iX2 is 64.7 kWh. According to WLTP test standards, the cruising range is between 417 and 449 kilometers. The maximum charging power is 130 kW. The fastest charging from 10 to 80% only takes 29 minutes. Fast charging can increase 120 kWh in 10 minutes. kilometers of cruising range.

As for the launch issue that Chinese people are most concerned about, BMW general agent Pande has actually quietly set up an exclusive page for the X2 on the official website. There should be a chance to see the second-generation X2 in the first quarter of next year. As for the performance version M35i, it may be There will be no chance to appear until the third season.

The most powerful M35 is equipped with a high-output version of the B48 engine, with a strong power of 300hp/40.8kgm.

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