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Not just car detailing! Chemical Guys Grand Opening of the first brand flagship store in Taiwan!

Chemical guys is the most representative car beauty leading brand in the world.

Founded in 2002 and continuing to develop the car beauty industry, Chemical Guys started from Los Angeles, USA, and is now the most representative leading brand not only in California, but also in the world. Yueqi Industrial has become the general agent of Chemical Guys in Taiwan since 2023. The first brand flagship store officially started trial operation in Xindian District, New Taipei City today, transplanting the life style of the West Coast of the United States to Taiwan, a multi-functional place The domain not only sells products, but also includes actual experience, teaching and leisure space. During the trial operation period, you can enjoy a number of preferential plans. All car lovers are welcome to join in the grand event!

Chemical Guys American Chemical Boy is not just a car detailing brand,

It is a life attitude that shows enthusiasm and courage to try

Driven by enthusiasm, Chemical Guys turned the car beauty industry over, committed to developing the latest car beauty technology, and while constantly introducing new products for its products, it also stimulated the high interest of car lovers in car beauty through a large number of resources, in addition to In addition to the regular online car care teaching videos on the official YouTube channel, which have reached more than 850,000 subscriptions and 150 million hits, there are also irregular on-site teaching courses offline that are led by professional technicians. In addition to product information, It will also share the latest and most professional beauty knowledge with the majority of car fans, greatly improving the positive car washing and maintenance experience.

Continuously deepening and improving the car beauty industry, Chemical Guys has the most complete product line, hundreds of items ranging from cleaning and maintenance inside and outside the car body, maintenance of rims and tires, fresh air in the car, deodorization and professional Beauty tools are all available, and a variety of suit combinations are available for car lovers with different needs to choose from. All products meet the stringent compound standards certified by California, USA, and do not contain VOC volatile organic compounds, which are harmful to the human body and the environment. Friendly and naturally decomposable.

In order to allow more consumers to have an in-depth understanding of the life attitude of Chemical Guys, Yueqi Industrial has been actively preparing for the physical store since it obtained the general agent qualification in 2023. The brand new flagship store is located at the new store interchange on National Highway No. 3 Next to it, it serves many car lovers in northern Taiwan nearby. In the multi-functional space covering an area of ​​about 30 pings, in addition to being designed in compliance with the official US standards, there are product display areas, product experience teaching areas, and rider exchange areas planned. In addition to displaying and selling the complete Chemical Guys latest products , Consumers can directly experience the product effect on the spot. In the future, the official will also hold teaching activities from time to time, whether it is the appearance, interior cleaning or even maintenance, etc., as well as a leisure place for mutual communication among car friends, enjoying a comfortable ride. Party environment.

The Chemical Guys flagship store is adjacent to the new store in the Yulong City business district. It has completely transplanted the American West Coast style to Taiwan, and shared the ultimate car washing and maintenance experience with the majority of car fans.
Chemical Guys American Chemical Guys products are specially developed for advanced car beauty, and there is a product experience teaching area in the store.

The limited-time offer for the grand opening of the flagship store is being implemented, and the maximum8,000 Yuan Top Auto Detailing Combo Package

Celebrate the trial operation of Chemical Guys' first brand flagship store in Taiwan. From September 1st to September 30th, 2023, all consumers who come to the site will enjoy a cash discount of 200 yuan regardless of the item's consumption amount of 2,000 yuan or more. In addition, as long as you spend more than 500 yuan, you will be eligible for a lucky draw, and a lottery will be held after the event. The biggest prize will be a top car beauty package worth about 8,000 yuan (including car wash essence/coating wax/foam spray gun...etc.) , for more detailed information and latest offers, please stay tuned to Chemical Guys official website and Facebook fan page.

The store provides a full range of Chemboy products, including the Hydro Series, a car coating series that is selling well all over the world.

Chemical Guys American Chemical Kid Brand Flagship Store

Address: No. 244, Section 2, Zhongxing Road, Xindian District, New Taipei City (under Zhongxing Land Bridge)

Business hours: Monday to Friday 11:00 – 20:00, Saturday 13:00 – 20:00, closed on Sunday and national holidays

Store line: 0907003227

Chemical Guys Official Website of Chemical Guys:

Chemical Guys Facebook:

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