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Not Wraith's successor, Rolls-Royce's all-electric SPectre completes winter testing

The Rolls-Royce pure electric vehicle-Spectre has successfully completed its winter test at 55 kilometers away from the Arctic Circle; Rolls-Royce Spectre has withstood the extreme test of minus 40 degrees in the professional test in Sweden.

  • Spectre's winter test at 55 kilometers from the Arctic Circle was successfully completed.
  • The Spectre has withstood the extremes of minus 40 degrees in professional testing in Sweden.
  • The Spectre's sensual design dimensions and split lights are a classic heritage of the Phantom coupé.
  • The Rolls-Royce 3.0 Era" spearheads a new era of digital powertrain and chassis engineering.
  • 700 kilograms of soundproofing material to achieve the ultimate quiet.

"The continuous improvement of the Spectre's pure electric drive system is an extraordinary challenge in vehicle engineering. Since the internal combustion engine is no longer used, we need to significantly improve the performance of each element and create a 'decentralized intelligent system' for it. We will enter An unprecedented era that benefits from multiple controls, highly interconnected electronic systems and pure electric drive architecture. We call it the Rolls-Royce 3.0 era.”

“Our mission is to make every element, every system behave and interact like a real Rolls-Royce car. This has also moved a lot of vehicle engineering work from a traditional workshop to a digital space. , we have laid an important foundation at the Swedish test site. This represents an important step forward for the Rolls-Royce brand, a significant step in the electrification process. Although the Spectre is still in its early stages, I am sure that it is equipped with Technology can provide a pure Rolls-Royce experience."

- Misia Ayoubi, Director of Engineering, Rolls-Royce Motor Cars

The Rolls-Royce pure electric vehicle-Spectre has successfully completed its winter test at 55 kilometers away from the Arctic Circle; Rolls-Royce Spectre has withstood the extreme test of minus 40 degrees in the professional test in Sweden.

Rolls Royce Spectre : Background information

In September 2021, Rolls-Royce Motor Cars announced that it will release its most landmark product, the Rolls-Royce Spectre. This is the most historic launch since founders Charles Rolles and Sir Henry Rice began working together on May 4, 1904 to create "the best car in the world".

In the use of internal combustion engines, Rolls-Royce has a reputation for creating "the best cars in the world". The idea of ​​electrification is no stranger to Rolls-Royce. Henry Rice started his career as an electrical engineer and spent most of his life building internal combustion engines that resemble electric car characteristics—quiet operation, instant response, and smooth shifting.

The origins of electrification and the founder of the Rolls-Royce brand go far beyond that. In 1900, Charles Rouse personally drove an early electric car called "Columbia". At that time, he predicted that electric vehicles would be silent, clean, and free from the smell and vibration of gasoline-powered vehicles. If a fixed charging station can be arranged, the practicality of electric vehicles will be very considerable. Spectre is a fulfillment of this prophecy.

The introduction of the Spectre represents the fulfillment of a century-long promise of the Rolls-Royce brand. In 2011, Rolls-Royce exhibited a pure electric Phantom test car called the 102EX. The 103EX follows, showing a striking design concept that firmly embraces Rolls-Royce's vision of an electrified future. These electric test models have generated great interest among Rolls-Royce customers.They felt that the characteristics of the electric system fit perfectly with the Rolls-Royce brand. Rolls-Royce Motor Cars CEO Torston Muller Utevers also made a clear commitment: Rolls-Royce will start this decade and move towards electrification.

The Rolls-Royce pure electric vehicle-Spectre has successfully completed its winter test at 55 kilometers away from the Arctic Circle; Rolls-Royce Spectre has withstood the extreme test of minus 40 degrees in the professional test in Sweden.

Rolls Royce Spectre: winter test

A new Rolls-Royce model always welcomes the beginning of its life cycle in winter. Rolls-Royce's exclusive test base is located in Arjeplog, Sweden, only 55 kilometers away from the Arctic Circle. The temperature is about minus 26 degrees Celsius, and the lowest temperature can be further as low as minus 40 degrees Celsius.

Rolls-Royce has multiple considerations for product testing in extreme environments. When building the first prototypes, the engineering team conducts basic tests in extreme conditions to ensure that the vehicle's various systems function properly and perform essential functions in cold weather environments. The integration of testing and improvement processes is the first hurdle of testing and the basic threshold for whether a car product is worthy of the Rolls-Royce brand.

Testing starts with processes common in the automotive industry, such as NVH testing (noise, vibration and harshness testing). The variables that affect the NVH characteristics of an automobile are many, from the materials used for major hardware components, to the density of the door rubber, bushing compounds, fastening materials, and even the behavior of adhesives. At extreme temperatures, the performance of these variables can change dramatically, as can the energy efficiency of a car's heating, ventilation, air conditioning, and cooling systems.

By driving on low-traction surfaces, such as icy roads, and deliberately destabilizing the vehicle, the engineering team was able to create dynamic environments at low speeds that would normally occur at high speeds. This allows the team to review and tune the vehicle in situ and in slower motion, allowing for the vehicle's handling, reliability, stability, predictability and Rolls-Royce exclusive " Parametric control and fine-tuning in aspects such as drifting feeling.

Also in the process, the engineering team was able to create unparalleled detail based on the vehicle's test feedback, giving the Spectre the logic, movement and interaction of a real Rolls-Royce. A quarter of the Rolls-Royce Spectre road test has now completed, with more than 500,000 kilometers.

The Rolls-Royce pure electric vehicle-Spectre has successfully completed its winter test at 55 kilometers away from the Arctic Circle; Rolls-Royce Spectre has withstood the extreme test of minus 40 degrees in the professional test in Sweden.

Rolls Royce Spectre : Rolls Royce3.0era

Rolls-Royce 3.0 is the beginning of Rolls-Royce's forge ahead and embrace the electrified future. "Rolls-Royce 3.0" refers to the continued progress of the Rolls-Royce brand renaissance era. On January 1, 2003, Rolls-Royce embarked on the road of brand revival in Goodwood, West Sussex, England. As the first Rolls-Royce to be built at Goodwood, the Phantom ushered in the Rolls-Royce 1.0 era based on its exclusive Bespoke architecture. Since then, a new, highly flexible Rolls-Royce-exclusive all-aluminium spaceframe has been introduced, which can be adapted to a variety of applications and is mounted on current Phantom, Cullinan, New Ghost and custom-built vehicles, which is the Rolls-Royce 2.0 era. With the advent of the 3.0 era, Rolls-Royce will integrate the pure electric drive system and the distributed intelligent system into the exclusive Rolls-Royce architecture.

The Spectre is the most connected Rolls-Royce ever built, and every element in it is smarter than ever. It has 141,200 transceivers, more than 1,000 functions and more than 25,000 sub-functions. In contrast, the Phantom has 51,000 transceivers, 465 functions and 647 sub-functions.

Spectre's electronic control and electric drive system architecture is significantly more intelligent, allowing detailed information to be exchanged freely and directly between these 1000+ functions without the need for centralized processing. To achieve this level of intelligence, the vehicle engineering team increased the length of the Spectre on-board wiring harness from about 2 kilometers to 7 kilometers in the current Rolls-Royce model, and wrote an algorithm 25 times that of the existing model, a move that promoted Rolls-Royce. A crucial step forward. Spectre features dedicated controls for each group of functions, allowing it to achieve unprecedented precision and refinement. Rolls-Royce vehicle chassis experts call it "a Rolls-Royce of high precision".

The Rolls-Royce Spectre's sensual dimensions and split lights are a classic heritage of the Phantom coupe. The "Rolls-Royce 3.0 Era" spearheads a new era of digital powertrain and chassis engineering.

Rolls Royce Spectre: Exclusive architecture

Rolls-Royce has created a powerful, sensual body design for the Spectre. This design can only be achieved based on the exclusive all-aluminum space architecture of Rolls-Royce. In fact, the Spectre is far larger than other contemporary coupes, and is a well-deserved electric super coupé. Rolls-Royce firmly believes that there is only one contemporary Rolls-Royce product that can hold its own in this segment, and that is the Phantom coupe. The Rolls-Royce brand's design team sees the Spectre as a continuation of the spirit of the Phantom coupe.

At the outset of the Spectre's design, the Rolls-Royce design team has taken into account the size, stance and style of the Phantom coupe and other ultra-luxury coupes from Rolls-Royce of the past. The Spectre's sloppy-back silhouette complements its body size for a sensual design, and also inherits a key design highlight of the Phantom coupe: the iconic split headlights. This is a design principle that Rolls-Royce has been adhering to in recent decades.

This design direction was determined in consultation with Rolls-Royce and the customer. Rolls-Royce customers have suggested that an electric super coupe in the Phantom class would be very tempting. The decision to pursue this aesthetic is also a strategic consideration. The executives of Rolls-Royce hope that the first pure electric Rolls-Royce car will be full of sensibility, and will be pioneering and charming on the basis of electric drive assembly technology. And convincing design. The introduction of the Spectre is a historic moment for Rolls-Royce, as well as a historic moment in electrification, bringing electric technology to the Rolls-Royce experience.

The flexibility of the Rolls-Royce-specific architecture also allowed the designers to make the coupe experience more intense. Placing the floor in the middle of the structural frame, rather than on top or below the frame, allows the battery to have an aerodynamically superior placement channel, while also allowing the sub-floor to be contoured in one go. Likewise, the lower seating position creates a very wrapped cabin experience.

By moving the bulkhead position, the design team and vehicle engineering team were able to deepen the dashboard position, further creating a sense of wrapping for the passengers. The extremely low windshield edge makes the airflow profile extremely efficient. Combined with other smart design solutions, such as an aerodynamically tuned "Celebration" statue, early prototypes can have a drag coefficient (cd) as low as 0.26.

Under the blessing of the exclusive Rolls-Royce architecture, the battery storage space is further released, achieving another function commensurate with the Rolls-Royce experience. By creating wiring and connecting channels between the vehicle floor and the top of the battery, the engineering team created a second feature for the vehicle battery area—700 kilograms of soundproofing material.

The aerodynamically redesigned "Celebration" statue has a drag coefficient (cd) as low as 0.26.

Rolls Royce Spectre : The unusual mission continues

Spectre global road testing continues as winter testing comes to a close. The all-electric super coupe still has nearly 2 million kilometers to travel, and the Rolls-Royce Vehicle Engineering team will not consider delivering the Spectre to the first customers until after global road testing is completed in the fourth quarter of 2023.

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