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Nuna launches its new car seat NEXT system™ of the year, and introduces the new generation of car seats in Europe and the United States to give the baby an honorable and comfortable ride experience

Nuna, a popular global baby boutique brand, held its annual new product launch conference, announcing the official launch of the much-anticipated[NEXT system™ series of steam seats]

The car goddess Liao Yingting and Jolin's sister Cai Minwen are the first to recommend professional parenting

The world-famous baby boutique brand Nuna held its annual new product launch today (23rd), announcing the official launch of the[NEXT system™ series of steam seats]! Based on the advanced concept of the new generation steam seats in Europe and America, the[NEXT system™ series]that can be matched with a variety of products on a single base is introduced, which can be flexibly converted according to the growth needs of babies, from sleeping boxes and baskets suitable for newborns to steam seats for 0-4 years old , After using the ISOFIX device to install the 360-degree swivel base, just one action can be used to fit the seat body, and all products are in compliance with the latest EU ECE R129/03 regulations, easy to operate, stable and safe, let the elegant Nuna accompany the baby Grow comfortably all the way!

Volvo Kai Rui car Cai Minwen
Snow Liao Yingting, the goddess of the car industry

At the press conference, Liao Yingting, the goddess of the car industry, and Cai Minwen from Volvo Carui were invited to share. As an indicator person and a competent mother in the automobile-related profession, they also have high-quality requirements for the comfort and safety of the baby in the car. People are hard-working moms who do their homework for their babies. Snow Liao Yingting, who knows a lot about good cars, is of course the most concerned about when raising children. The equipment must be the top standard of the same class car! "European cars have long started to install the simple and stable ISOFIX device as a standard in the car, but in fact, every time the base is replaced, it is a big project. Before, I was too lazy to replace the car seat and omitted the use of the newborn carrier. When the child grows up I was about to remove the steam seat, but I found that the steam seat pressed a hole in the back seat, causing damage to the car., I really regret it! The single base of the NEXT system™ solves this problem, making many parents more willing to use a car seat that provides the most complete ride safety for their newborn. The biggest surprise is that it has been upgraded to a swivel base. Now even the basket steam seat can be rotated, and the weight is only 3.5 kg. At the same time, it also meets the strictest i-Size specifications, providing excellent protection performance, light and safe, really What's more, let the baby have an honorable seat! "

At the press conference, Liao Yingting, the goddess of the car industry, and Cai Minwen of Volvo Carui were invited to show up to share their love for the Nuna brand.

Cai Minwen, who is a fashion 2 treasure mother, said: "According to our observations of car owners, many car owners buy or change their car for the first time because they have a baby, so they also consider the car to provide a comfortable riding environment for the baby. Key factor! This time, I saw the exclusive introduction of the sleeping box-type car seat CARI™ aire from the[NEXT system™ series]which allows the baby to lie down completely like a business class cabin. It will be a new choice for many baby-loving parents! "[NEXT system™ series]The exclusive introduction of sleeping box seat - CARI™ aire and full-flat car seat - ARRA™ next can easily engage with Nuna series carts, extending the diversity of Nuna's overall product use, from home to Riding in a car, even going out for a walk, the baby can sleep peacefully without being disturbed, giving parents the greatest flexibility for changes in their parenting life. With the[NEXT system™ series]whether you are traveling with your baby or accompanying your family at home, you can feel comfortable Enjoy parenting time.

Nuna brand business manager Xavier Samper also appeared at the press conference, saying: "Nuna hopes to provide parents and babies with a "Smart & Simple" choice. The same base can be used with a variety of products such as sleeping boxes, carrying baskets or steam seats, which is not only flexible Change the different needs of parents, and also give the baby the safest and most comfortable ride experience, so that happy parent-child time can be easily owned. Europe pays more attention to children's ride safety and has advanced concepts, and the basket and sleeping box can be directly connected as a car seat It is the future trend, and the rotating base of the[NEXT system™ series]makes the use of the seat more diverse, and it has achieved good sales after its launch in various European countries.

Nuna, a popular global baby boutique brand, held its annual new product launch conference, announcing the official launch of the much-anticipated[NEXT system™ series of steam seats]

brand new【NEXT system™ series】Products in total: Rotary base — BASE™ next、Exclusive introduction of sleeping box type steam seat — CARI™ aire, Full Flat Car Seat – ARRA™ next and 0-4 Years Old Car Seat – TODL™ next.[NEXT system™ series]All products comply with the latest EU ECE R129/03 regulations. After installing the 360-degree rotating base with the ISOFIX device, you can arbitrarily fit the seat body with one action. The operation is simple, stable and safe. The installation window on the base provides color markings to show whether the base and the seat body are installed correctly, whether the support feet are indeed on the ground, and whether the seat is rotated and fixed in place, so that parents do not miss any steps to protect the safety of the baby. Not only considerate and convenient for parents to use, but also give the baby the safest and most comfortable ride experience.

BASE™ next Rotary Base ─ Same base, next stage

Rotate 360 ​​degrees with one key, and complete NEXT system with one action™ steam seat mount, True lock™ technology, using ISOFIX device to install, easy to operate, stable and safe. The installation window provides color markings to confirm whether the base and seat are installed correctly, and whether the support feet, base, and seat are rotated in place, all with clear color markings, making installation easier.The suggested selling price is NT$8,000

CARI™ aire Sleeping Box Seat─ In bed, on board

Exclusive to Taiwan! It is a portable crib and a car seat, and the switching mode does not disturb the baby, so you can sleep peacefully in CARI™ aire. Lightweight and elastic anti-collision material, with EPP energy absorbing foam, can maximize the absorption of external impact force. Every part of the baby's skin contact is made of carefully selected high-quality and natural GOTS™ certified organic cotton fabrics, which are non-toxic from the process of planting, collection to production, so you can safely care for your baby's delicate and delicate skin. The suggested selling price is NT$9,900

ARRA™ nextFull Flat Basket Steam Seat─ From cozy seat, to deep sleep

Lightweight design, only 3.5 kg, 157-degree flat-bed basket seat, excellent wrapping design, meets the strictest i-Size specifications, and provides excellent protection performance. The high-strength protection is matched with the newborn seat cushion and headrest to provide a safe and comfortable riding space.The suggested price isNT$9,900

TODL™ next ─ Relaxed riding, secure fit

Made with modern sleek lines, it perfectly showcases a stylish design. The original plug-in protective shield can buffer the impact force; with super shock-absorbing foam, it can effectively absorb the external impact force and provide excellent protection performance. The shell ventilation hole design keeps the seat ventilated and not stuffy; the ultra-reclining seat angle provides an excellent riding experience, allowing children to sleep peacefully.The suggested price isNT$ 14,500

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