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Okinawa Orion draft beer is dazzling in the summer4 limited beer tables are available on the same dayYou are invited to drink Okinawa to wake up the soul of beer with coolness

The dazzling sun hangs high in the clear sky, the blue water beats the fine sandy beach, and the temperature and mood are gradually rising, announcing that summer is coming! Of course, beer is indispensable! Okinawa Orion draft beer and Japan have launched 4 limited beers at the same time, like fireworks to welcome summer!Including hot summer favoritesOkinawaOrionOrion draft beerIce brew limitedunique hop aromaOkinawaOrionOrion Southern Star Draft BeerFloral Special Brew Limited EditionConnoisseur's Favorite Craft Beer SeriesOkinawaOrionOrion 75pilsner beerOkinawaOrionOrion 75Pale AleGrab the beer season market and invite you to "drink a fresh sip of Okinawa"!

In the hot summer, I just want to have a cold drink, we will give it to youOkinawa Orion Draft Beer - Ice Brewed Only!In particular, the temperature of the brewing process is lowered, so that the beer is brewed below 0 degrees, creating a fresh flavor without impurities. The refreshing and cold taste flows smoothly through every taste bud, leaving a sweet aftertaste at the end, which is most suitable for drinking in summer.Okinawa Orion draft beer - ice brew limitedIn addition to drinking alone, it can collide with delicious barbecue dishes with strong aroma. It will be launched on all channels from June. It can be regarded as the most anticipated new beer this summer, and it is also the first choice for hot summer!

Okinawa Orion draft beer - ice brew limited _350ml, 6 into 339 full channel sales

The Orion Southern Star series, which is deeply loved by consumers, is re-launched as a masterpiece.Okinawa Orion Southern Star Draft Beer - Floral Special Brew LimitedNew on sale! Fresh barley is blended with Okinawa's local specialty rice, specially brewed with hops with floral aroma. One sip can not only experience the lightest and purest taste through the taste, but also experience the rich aroma layer through the sense of smell. Such a combination makes people cry out, "This is a beer love song full of fresh and refreshing island flavors!" The packaging of the can is decorated with hop patterns, which makes people seem to smell the charming floral fragrance before opening the can. 6 Available exclusively at FamilyMart stores starting this month.

Okinawa Orion Southern Star Draft Beer - Floral Special Brew Limited_500ml, 89 Family Exclusive Limited

Launched last year to great acclaimOkinawa Orion 75 Pilsner Beer, this summer again praised the limited listing! The Japanese pronunciation of "75" is the same as the "Nago" City of Nago, where the Orion brewery is located, symbolizing the birthplace of the 75 handcrafted series. This beer is full of strong island flavor, using the extremely rare experimental hop Enigma with citrus aroma, and increasing the amount of 3 times to enhance the flavor. Combining the elegance and slenderness of German aristocratic hops with the liveliness of American hops, it creates the best balance of aroma and bitterness. It also uses Red-X special malt to present a red wine body like a sunset. When drinking, the first smell is the classic Pearson's hoppy grass and fresh straw, followed by black tea, white flowers, and even a little pine needles. Satisfy the connoisseur looking for the pure flavor of high-quality beer. Available exclusively at 7-Eleven convenience stores starting June 11.

Okinawa Orion-75 Pilsner Beer_500ml, 997-11 Exclusively

Okinawa Orion Orion 75 craft beer series, and then launch a new force full of topic-Okinawa Orion 75 Pale Ale, through the British style to interpret the flavor of light ale, and the multi-layered fruity aroma makes the connoisseurs intoxicated! The well-proportioned wine of light amber color carries the full and mellow crystal malt, showing the looming sweet flavor of fried chestnuts with sugar, accompanied by the aroma of grass, orange, honeydew melon and cream. It is unexpectedly suitable for peanut pancakes, caramel pancakes, Milk crisps and so on. The indigo blue bottle shows the other side of Okinawa's ocean splendor and elegance. It was the first to be listed in May, and it is the exclusive wine of 7-11 convenience store.

Okinawa Orion-75 Light Ale Beer_350ml, 697-11 Exclusively

Okinawa Orion draft beer is very exciting this summer. There are 4 beers that are limited to the market at the same time in Japan and Taiwan. Wake up your beer soul, ready to drink at any time, and spend the summer with Okinawa style! Now that you can't go abroad freely, let Okinawa Orion draft beer relieve your travel addiction. 6/6-7/5 Come and take an online psychological test to see which famous Okinawa attraction is just for you? ! There is also a chance to win a whole case of beer and drink with friends!


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