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One of the largest Porsche Centers in Asia is located in Taichung and is designed with the concept of "Destination Porsche"

Porsche Center Taichung emphasizes high-tech digitalization, with a 635-inch outdoor LED wall on the aluminum alloy exterior wall.

Porsche Taiwan announced today that Porsche Center Taichung, one of the largest Porsche Centers in Asia, has completed a comprehensive upgrade and is officially open for business. Porsche Center Taichung is located in the bustling urban area of ​​Taichung. It has been redesigned with Porsche's latest "Destination Porsche" concept in the world, making it unique and more modern. Taichung City is the second largest city in Taiwan and is known as the "City of Smart Manufacturing". It is a vibrant cultural and economic town with unlimited potential. It is also within a short distance of famous attractions such as Sun Moon Lake, Cingjing Farm and Hehuan Mountain. The new Taichung Porsche Center, created by Porsche Taiwan specifically for local car fans, combines luxury and innovation, and perfectly complements Taichung City, which has the advantages of economic vitality, multiculturalism, and superior geographical transportation.

The reopened Porsche Center Taichung is operated and managed by Pande Yongye Group. Construction began in early 2021. With a total usable area of ​​4,538 square meters (approximately 15,001 square meters), it has become one of the largest Porsche Centers in Asia. Porsche Center Taichung is designed with "Destination Porsche" as its concept, aiming to allow consumers in Central Taiwan to enjoy the exquisite and luxurious atmosphere of Porsche.

Representative of Porsche Taiwan President Nie Dexuan Christian-Nater presented a plaque to Tang Mulian, Chairman of Fande Yongye Automobile Co., Ltd.

A number of Porsche models are displayed in the open display space. The aluminum LED lamps used perfectly combine metal and wooden decorations, presenting an open "Racing Line" design style. In addition, the overall planning of Porsche Center Taichung emphasizes high-tech digitalization and personalized design to provide customers with an immersive brand experience to meet changing customer needs. The avant-garde aluminum alloy exterior wall is equipped with a 635-inch outdoor LED wall, which is gorgeous and eye-catching; the large glass curtain allows a spotless maintenance area to be seen at a glance, so car owners can see the maintenance process of their car at any time. Porsche Center Taichung provides car fans and car owners with a home away from home experience, and also provides a space for all visiting car fans to communicate, inspire and share their passion and dreams.

Christian Nater, President of Porsche Taiwan, said: “Since September 2020, our dealer partners have gradually introduced ‘Destination Porsche’ into Porsche Centers around the world. The latest result is a new futuristic car that has fully integrated this concept. Porsche Center Taichung. As we celebrate the 5th anniversary of Porsche Taiwan and the 75th anniversary of the brand, the completion of Porsche Center Taichung also symbolizes that Porsche’s dealer service network in Taiwan has reached a new milestone.”

Representative of Porsche Taiwan President Nie Dexuan Christian-Nater presented a plaque to Tang Mulian, Chairman of Fande Yongye Automobile Co., Ltd.

Tang Mulian, Chairman of Fande Yongye Automobile Co., Ltd., said: “I am very pleased to officially open the world-class Porsche Center specially designed for customers in the Taichung area. It also showcases the excellent craftsmanship of the contemporary and future automotive industry. We look forward to the opening of this world-class Porsche Center. Vibrant cities and car fans share our immense love for Porsche.”

Porsche Center Taichung

address:No. 545, Wenxin South Road, South District, Taichung City

Business hours:09:00 – 21:00


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