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Only Mazda can do it! Mazda's famous sedan

table of contents
●Original Carol (1962)
●Savanna (RX-3) Sport Sedan (1971)
●5th generation Luce turbocharged rotary engine (1986)

The original Carol (1962)

The original Carol four-door

The R360 Coupe, Mazda's first vehicle to enter the light four-wheel market, uses a V-type two-cylinder engine, while the first-generation Carol launched in 1962 was equipped with a water-cooled straight-four aluminum alloy cylinder engine, known as "white engine" , is the first and only 360cc light-duty passenger vehicle to be adopted by light-duty vehicles. The sophisticated engine and the overly sturdy monobloc body lead to overweight and lack of momentum. However, the roof extending to the rear seat and the rear window sloping inward form an innovative "Cliff Cut" design, which provides a comfortable ride in the rear seat. At the same time, it also takes into account the characteristics of the rear engine. Carol 600 launched a four-door model from the beginning, and Carol 360 also launched a four-door model in 1963. Under the condition of strict size regulations at that time, it was an exception with extremely high practicality for a light car of the size of a car.

Savanna (RX-3) Sport Sedan (1971year)

Savanna Sport Sedan (Pre-Type) Flickr Author: Sicnag CC BY 2.0

Flickr Author:Sicnag CC BY 2.0

The unusual presence in Mazda, except for the RX-8, is the only four-door sedan in Mazda that does not have a reciprocating piston engine and exclusively uses a rotary engine. (The sister car, the Grand Familia, however, had a reciprocating piston engine.) Familia (Mazda 323) and Capella (Mazda 626) chased their longtime rival Nissan Skyline GT-R at the Japanese Grand Prix, and it was the rotary-engined corps who took the win. The two-door high-performance coupe, the RX-3, known in Japan as the Savanna GT, is best known as the two-door model, but there are also four-door and five-door sports wagon versions. Now in the eyes of the public, the rotary engine with a strong impression of running style was actually used in ordinary national cars.

Fifth generation Luce turbocharged rotary engine (1986)

Fifth-generation Luce turbocharged rotary engine

The oil crisis in the 1970s caused sales of rotary engine models to be frustrated, and they were turned to performance coupes to survive, but there were exceptions, and this exception was used as a performance engine for high-end sedans/hardtops. It refers to the fifth-generation Luce. Although the power system was mainly based on 2L and 3L V6 engines, the 13B rotary turbo engine retained in the four-door hardtop model was called "the engine of the future" and gained support , it is rare for Mazda to use a rotary engine model in the past. Even if it is to be used in the FR luxury car that is rumored to be under development recently, it is difficult for the rotary engine to have a chance to revive other than power generation. This alone proves that the fifth What a rarity the turbocharged rotary engine of the generation Luce is.

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