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Open a new future of pure electricity, SUBARU SOLTERRA preview will start in full swing, SUBARU all Taiwan exhibition center will be the first to discharge, please visit the car in person

SUBARU will hold a grand SOLTERRA preview event from June 2nd, which will be held simultaneously at the SUBARU exhibition centers in Taiwan. Each exhibition center will also plan exclusive car appreciation activities from June 3rd to June 5th. All Taiwan is invited The majority of electric car fans come to the scene for a sneak peek!

Since mid-May, SUBARU officially announced that the SOLTERRA pure electric SUV will be open for pre-sale starting from 1.798 million yuan, quickly creating a high level of discussion and voice in the domestic electric vehicle market. In order to meet the ardent expectations of consumers and electric vehicle fans for this SUBARU's first pure electric SUV, SUBARU will hold a grand SOLTERRA preview event from June 2nd, and will run simultaneously at the SUBARU exhibition center in Taiwan. The exhibition center will also plan an exclusive car appreciation event from June 3 to June 5, and all electric car fans in Taiwan are invited to come to the scene to have a sneak peek!

haveOutstanding off-road pedigree and new generation pure electric technology in one Create unprecedented pure electricitySUVNew Experience

SOLTERRA is a key masterpiece for SUBARU to move towards a new generation of pure electric vehicles. In addition to adhering to the pleasant experience of “confident driving” that has always been brought to car owners, it is also an important solution proposed by SUBARU in response to severe challenges such as global climate change, environmental protection and energy saving. As the brand's first electric SUV, even though it adopts advanced pure electric power technology, SOLTERRA still integrates the original genes that SUBARU is proud of: SAWD symmetrical full-time four-wheel drive, X-MODE escape technology (with HDC steep slope and gentle descent) system), and the height of 21 cm from the ground, it has become the only pure electric recreational vehicle with off-road capability in the electric vehicle market. Through SUBARU's meticulously developed e-SUBARU Global Platform pure electric vehicle-specific modular chassis technology, at the same time, the use of flat battery and front and rear independent electric dual-motor design not only gives the vehicle the advantage of a low center of gravity, but also has a long wheelbase and short The design of the front/rear suspension greatly improves the overall handling performance and brings more unique driving pleasure.

New generation "Bolder” Design vocabulary depicts dynamic curves Exclusive car color painting to create a personalized ride

The appearance of the SUBARU SOLTERRA adopts the new-generation "BOLDER" design vocabulary. The front of the car is dominated by a flat hexagonal water tank guard that symbolizes the SUBARU family. The aluminum alloy wheel rim and the dynamic duck-tail rear spoiler on the upper edge of the rear of the car show a strong appeal for outdoor sports and leisure travel. In addition, the original SUBARU factory specially provides a variety of car color coatings for consumers to choose, including six monochrome body coatings, including cloud blue, glacier white, precious gold gray, galaxy blue, agate red and basalt black, as well as the most eye-catching glacier. The body-in-white is matched with the black roof two-color painting, so that car owners can easily choose their favorite personalized pure electric car.

Immediate experienceSUBARUNew Generation Pure Electric Technology Embrace a new pure electric life with zero carbon emissions

Continuing the high safety and ubiquitous off-road performance advertised by the SUBARU SUV, SOLTERRA is about to lead consumers to explore the secrets and beautiful scenery of the mountains and forests in Taiwan with a clean and zero-carbon attitude. You bring a new life of pure electric outdoor vehicles and open a completely different adventure journey and vision.

The SOLTERRA All-Taiwan Preview Event will be fully open for car-appreciation appointments from now on. Taiwan Yimei Automobile invites all Taiwanese consumers and fans who yearn for pure electric vehicle life to visit the SUBARU Taiwan-wide exhibition center to experience the unparalleled pure electric technology charm first! For the details of the preview event, please contact the authorized SUBARU exhibition center in Taiwan or click on the website for reservation of car reward:

Pre-order price
1.798 million yuan (monochrome model)
1.818 million yuan (two-color model: glacier white/black roof)

*The pre-order price will be open for booking since the announcement. The official price is subject to the listing.

*The specifications and equipment are subject to the actual models sold in Taiwan. Taiwan Subaru reserves the right to make final changes.


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