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Out of the video game worldMaLaren Solus GT

・Based on the virtual models in Gran Turismo Sport, there are only 25 cars in the world.

・It adopts a central single-seat design, the seat is tailor-made, and there is a fighter-style slider on the top of the cockpit.

・The empty car weighs less than 1000kg, but has more than 1200kg of downforce.

・Equipped with a 5.2-liter V10 naturally aspirated engine, the maximum speed can exceed 10,000 rpm.

・The delivery will start in 2023, and it will be sold out long before the announcement.

Just imagine, when one day you have too many assets in your name to count, you only need to consider whether you want to buy a car, not whether you can afford it. What kind of car do you want right now? Believe that a fantasy racing car from the virtual video game world will attract your attention!

Since McLaren launched the MSO customized service department in 2011, it can be said that they have become more and more aware of the consumption psychology of the rich - courtesy, honor, limited quantity, all are indispensable. And these elements can be applied to the Solus GT, which was just shown at the Pebble Beach Car Show in California. First of all, there are only 25 copies of this car in the world, and it was sold out long before its release; secondly, buyers can participate in the development process of the vehicle, and the driver's seat is also custom-made, and comes with a complete set of exclusive on-board tools. and racing suits. Not only that, but the car factory has also prepared a series of training courses to help owners realize the full potential of the Solus GT. Such a one-stop caring service, of course, can take care of these super rich people obediently.

The appearance of the Solus GT is indeed a bit unrealistic. It is not so much a supercar as it is a speed machine built for the track. Indeed, the car is based on the Vision Gran Turismo that McLaren published in the Gran Turismo Sport racing game in 2017, with a central single-seater setup and a fighter-like sliding roof. In order to create an excellent aerodynamic effect, sophisticated aerodynamic modeling and spoiler design can be seen everywhere in the Solus GT. Not only does the rear have a huge fixed rear wing, but the front wheels are placed on the left and right sides of the front of the car in a similar way to "external hanging". The car brings more than 1200 kg of downforce performance, with an empty weight of less than 1000 kg, you can imagine its handling and stability at high speeds!

Looking at the front wheel from this angle, it can be clearly found that its design is like a plug-in type, which can enhance the aerodynamic performance.
A large amount of carbon fiber and titanium alloy materials are used, so that the Solus GT does not weigh more than 1 ton when empty.
The large diffuser at the bottom of the rear can effectively guide the air flow, and the fixed spoiler rear wing creates an excellent aerodynamic effect.
It uses 18-inch forged central keyhole aluminum rims, and the brakes are six-piston specifications with carbon fiber discs.

Looking at the cockpit, the multi-function steering wheel integrated with the driving instrument basically integrates the operation interface of all vehicles, which can effectively reduce the driver's chance of distraction, so as to concentrate on the road conditions; the tailor-made seat, With the adjustable pedal box such as F1 racing car, the driver can find a suitable driving posture in a narrow space. As for the rear-view mirror above, it is presented in a fashionable digital way through a wide-angle lens located behind the roof.

All kinds of vehicle control settings are concentrated on the steering wheel, which is very fu for playing racing games.

Driven by a 5.2-liter V10 naturally aspirated engine, the Solus GT has an output of up to 840hp and 66.3kgm. Its internal components are all specially made in small batches. The camshaft and linkage system are also driven by gears instead of chains or belts. High speed of over 10000rpm. It is worth mentioning that the engine of the Solus GT is part of its chassis, and the rear suspension system is directly fixed to the shell of the seven-speed sequential gearbox, with the signature carbon fiber monocoque, and a large number of 3D columns. The printed titanium alloy parts are designed to effectively reduce the weight of the car and further improve the driving performance.


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