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P. LEAGUE+ Season 2 season ended successfully. Popular teams and players watch it once!

P.LEAGUE+ focuses on territorialism, and each team has a deep connection with the city to which they belong. During the fierce playoffs, the die-hard fans who have accumulated on weekdays have expressed their support by purchasing tickets and watching online. What's the point of the playoffs?

"Social Lab Community Lab" uses "OpView Community Word-of-Mouth Database" to track the online voice performance of the topic "P.LEAGUE+" in the past three months. Eight most talked about players.

The great progress of "Siege Lion" is obvious to allWarriors' winning two consecutive championships has become the focus of the topic

Although the "Hsinchu Jiekou Siege Lion" ranked first in the regular season was defeated in the championship, the progress since the last season was obvious to all, and fans also shouted "(Siege Lion) last year, last year, Rush to No. 1 this year, this season is already worthy of recognition." I hope to make a comeback next season, and also push the volume discussion to No. 1. And "Taipei Fubon Warriors" won four to one in the championship game and achieved two consecutive hegemony, so it has become the focus of the topic, such as "(Warriors) three points are really stable", "The team is strong enough, It really deserves its name” and so on. In addition, some people praised the greatness of the "Fu Lu Shou" trio, the main force of Fubon Warriors. Although the average age is close to 40 years old, they have not seen any decline in their skills. They dominated the arena with experience and led the team to win the championship.

This year's newly formed "King of New North" has performed well in the first season. In the first round of the playoffs, it fought against the siege lion until the fifth battle of life and death. Unexpectedly, several important players in the formation entered the health and safety protocol and were short of troops. The lack of promotion under the major general also made netizens feel sorry for the king. As for "Formosa Dreamers", the hot topic of discussion is the venue "Taichung Intercontinental Mini Egg", which is known as "Devil's Home". "," In addition to the ball game, there are also vigorous operations in the surrounding area, give push" and so on.

In addition, although "Taoyuan Pilot Ape" and "Kaohsiung Iron Man" did not qualify for this year's playoffs, there are actually many good players such as Lu Junxiang, the sixth man of the year, and newcomer Wang Chen Youwei, so supporters also left messages, such as "The pilot ape is the only one in the league. For those with subordinate teams (Taoyuan Puyuan), they will practice together in the off-season, and I hope that Chen Youwei will continue to improve next year and lead the team to bottom out.

"Simba" is known as the lion king under the basket "Lin Zhijie" is still young in his forties

Watching netizens discussing players, you can find that they are mostly focused on the two teams with the highest volume, such as the two players "Simba" and "Gao Guohao" of "Hsinchu Street Siege Lion", netizens mentioned "(Simba) Whoever dominates at the basket is a fan, "It's really fun to watch Gao Guohao's final three-point championship game at the scene", etc., they all praised the former's contribution to the team's penalty area protection and the latter's fearless qualities, which are a perfect fit The team's slogan "Nothing to be afraid of"!

And "Taipei Fubon Warriors" players such as "Lin Zhijie", "Xin Te Li", "Zhang Zongxian", "Zeng Wending" also received a lot of discussion, such as "Xin Te Li's offense is too much, he deserves the FMVP", "Jie Brother (Lin Zhijie) is still crushing young people at the age of 40, I really admire it” and so on. In addition, the Ami warrior "Yang Jingmin" and the smiling giant "Thomas" of "The King of New North" have also been discussed, such as "Brother Min (Yang Jingmin) is really stable in the middle distance, but he is getting old, I hope to be able to distribute more next season. "Physical strength", "Thomas's style is not selfish, super push", "(Thomas's) personality is also very close to the people and elegant", etc. The players' every move on and off the field has been hotly debated by fans.

With the perfect ending of the second year of P.LEAGUE+, compared to last year's disruption caused by the epidemic, the popularity of this year's playoffs has continued to hit new highs in both the number of players and the number of online viewers, which also moved the league executive Chen Jianzhou to express "Do it right", we will continue to work hard to bring better game content to the audience and fans, let's wait and see!


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