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Panasonic air conditioner shuts down and prevents mildew and then evolvesNow buy 1 of 6 free gifts from well-known brands in Europe, America and JapanGovernment subsidies can save up to 5000

As the seasons change, the climate is unstable and prone to allergies, so you need to pay more attention to the air quality in your home! Panasonic air conditioners adopt the latest 100 times nanoe™ technology from Japan, which can release 48 trillion hydroxide ions per second, which can suppress indoor air more quickly Harmful substances in the air are like antibodies in the air. After starting up, the whole room is actively purified. According to the verification of the French Texcell Institute, it can effectively inhibit the new coronavirus (SARS-CoV-2) up to 99.99%*and tested by SGS, it can also remove PM2.5 up to 99.9%*1, provide the most comfortable and healthy home space, and protect the health of the whole family. After the machine is turned off, the whole machine can also prevent mildew. The fan continues to run and releases nanoe™ to dry the moisture inside the machine and achieve the anti-mold effect inside the machine through the return air flow.

In addition, for Taiwan's high-humidity climate, Panasonic's air conditioners have evolved from anti-mildew and launched the industry's first*1 24-hour anti-mildew monitoring! The humidity is automatically detected during standby. When the humidity exceeds 60% and the room temperature reaches above 10 degrees for 12 consecutive hours, the machine will automatically release nanoeX and blow air to dry for 20 minutes to inhibit the growth of mold in the machine; If it is not used, it will cause mildew inside the machine, and you can enjoy healthy and good air anytime you turn it on.The most important thing is that the power saving of Panasonic's full range of inverter air conditioners exceeds the national first-class standard in 2025 ahead of schedule*1using 6 major energy-saving designs, so that the power-saving efficiency exceeds the 2025 first-level energy efficiency up to 65%*1! Use the most automatic and cost-effective way to easily maintain the cleanliness of the inside and outside of the machine, so that you can enjoy pure, healthy and good air every time you turn it on!

As the weather gets hotter, choosing the right brand to save electricity costs and be healthy, buying a Panasonic air conditioner now is the best choice! From now until 4/30, you can choose 1 of 6 gifts from well-known European, American and Japanese brands when you buy them, including Panasonic DC electric fans, vacuum cleaners, LED desk lamps, Japanese-made sonic toothbrushes, German double brand deep soup pots, American Corning enamel cast iron pots, etc. courtesy.You can also enjoy the government's replacement of old and new energy-saving subsidies + household appliances goods tax reduction of up to 5,000 yuan*2. Buy early and enjoy early!

Customer consultation center special line: 0800-098-800

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28 directly-operated service centers in Taiwan, providing professional, fast and high-quality services

*[Test Unit]French Texcell Institute/Certificate No.: 1140-01 A1[Test Conditions]After installing the nanoe™ X generator in a 45L confined space 15 cm above the ground, after 2 hours, using the nanoe™ X generator can inhibit the new Coronavirus SARS-CoV-2 (attachment type) reached 99.99%.For details, please refer to the official website

*1 Please refer to the catalog or official website for detailed product content. *2 The energy-saving subsidy activity will start on January 1, 2012. For detailed measures, please refer to the announcement of the Ministry of Economic Affairs; the goods tax reduction and exemption activity will end on June 14, 2012. For detailed measures, please refer to the announcement of the Ministry of Finance.


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