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[Park in car]Joint name with Hiroshima Electric Railway?! The interior of the car is like a replica of a tram! RECVEE launched a camping modified car Plus MR5100

RECVEE is an old brand of camping modified vehicles known to camping fans. It is famous for its rich product lineup that can meet various needs.

So everyone knows, has the brand launched a joint model full of characteristics in cooperation with the department store Matsuzakaya, which has been established for many years in Aichi Prefecture, and the professional baseball team Hiroshima Toyo Carp?

The above-mentioned co-branded models are all sold in limited quantities, they are extremely popular and sold out as soon as they are released.

And this distinctive RECVEE launched a joint model, this time the joint target is Hiroshima Electric Railway.

More MR5100
Car dealer brand: RECVEE (sold by Hiroshima TOYOPET)
Type: camping modified car
Base vehicle: Toyota Hiace long wagon GL wide body
Fuel Type: Gasoline
Number of crew: 5
Number of people sleeping: 2
Overall length: 4,840mm
Overall width: 1,880mm
Height: 2,100mm
Price: 6,380,000 yen~

The joint model Plus MR5100 is based on the Toyota Hiace wagon GL.

The body size is 4,840mm in overall length × 1,880mm in overall width × 2,100mm in overall height, which is similar in size to Toyota Alphard, and it can be easily driven on the street.

In terms of interior layout, the rear of the car is the classic design of the kitchen and the two-shaped dining chair area. After the bed is unfolded, the interior style of the car can be changed, and this is one of the charms of this model.

Generally speaking, two people can sleep side by side when the bed is unfolded. But the car deliberately adopts an inverted design in this part.

The simple explanation is that the pillow on the side of the driver's seat is set in the front, and the pillow on the side of the passenger's seat is set in the rear.

In addition, the beds are two single beds with a walkway in between, so that you can sleep peacefully without disturbing each other (assuming that the other person does not want to sleep, etc.), this design is very popular.

table of contents
The seat of the co-branded model is made of a very distinctive maple leaf pattern material
●Precautions for purchase

Seats of joint models are made of distinctive maple leaf pattern material

What's the change in the joint name of Plus MR and Hiroshima Electric Railway?

Let me introduce the characteristics of this car!

Let’s start with the car name of “Plus MR5100”.

I believe railway fans already know the origin of the name of the train.

It is the Hiroshima Electric Railway 5100 streetcar taken from the means of transportation for Hiroshima citizens.

After entering the cabin, everyone will understand why.

The seat is made of the red leaf pattern material actually used in the 5100 streetcar.

Because the seat is used on trams, it is made of durable, non-flammable top-quality material. For the interior of a camper, its specifications are quite perfect.

The disadvantage is that the cost is extremely high. Although it is made of cloth, its price is comparable to that of high-grade leather.

The 5100 streetcar was nicknamed the Green Mover Max.

Plus MR5100 also matches its name, and the color scheme is based on green.

Green-based color matching is not only good for the eyes, but also has the advantage of brightening the interior.

Not only does it hit the heart of railway fans, but it is also popular with the public in terms of interior color.

The Hiroshima Electric Railway map is hung inside the car, and there are also lifting rings for the tram.

Even the details are full of elements that railway fans love.

It is a pity that the appearance design of the 5100 streetcar in the picture is only a display car.

Its eye-catching design won the Japan Good Design Award, but it is not planned to be used in commercial vehicles (there is no such design option in the optional equipment).

Purchase Notes

The good news is that the Plus MR5100 is different from the "Hobbycle Carp" which is too popular and has to be sold by lottery. There is no limit on the number of units.

However, RECVEE directly-operated stores and agency stores are not responsible for sales. If you want to buy it, you must buy it through Hiroshima TOYOPET.

Therefore, it can almost be said that it is a limited model in Hiroshima Prefecture. Although it is possible to register outside Hiroshima Prefecture, a handling fee must be added, so please be careful.

In addition to railway fans, it is a great collaboration for those who like its unique interior and those who have a connection with Hiroshima Prefecture.

As far as the model is concerned, it is convenient and unique in style. Isn't it worth buying?

Original source:Collaboration with Hiroshima Electric Railway? ! It's like train inside! Bancon type plus MR5100 is now available from Levy!
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