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[Parking in a car]People who park their car in the shade of a tree when camping look over! In addition to the salt damage on the beach, the "tree sap" on the mountain is also the natural enemy of cars

Recently, the SUV trend has hit, and the popularity of camping has increased. The number of people who drive to the mountains and the sea is also gradually increasing.

Many people should know that the car has many iron and aluminum parts, which are less resistant to the erosion of sea water and wind. In addition to some cleaning after returning from the beach, there are also some things to pay attention to when returning from the mountain.

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●That dirt might be tree sap? If you leave it alone, things will get messy...
●Can the sap adhering to the car be removed with hot water?

Could that dirt be tree sap? Things can get pretty messy if you leave it alone...


For leisure activities such as camping and barbecue, park the car in the shade of a dense tree. It is clear that there is no rain or bird droppings, but there are white spots and yellow sticky substances on the body and glass.

The white spots and yellow sticky substance are the sap. Tree sap is the liquid that seeps out after the skin covering the branches and trunks is peeled off. It helps the circulation of nutrients in the tree and has the function of repairing the peeling bark.

The sap contains "rubber substance", "natural resin" and "latex", which is the raw material of various items such as rubber products, glue, lacquer and chewing gum.

That is to say, it is sticky, and it will be troublesome to stick to the body. Because the ingredients are more irritating, once it is attached and left for a long time, it will become stubborn dirt.

In addition to being difficult to remove, stubborn dirt may also become the cause of paint peeling and scars, which will have a bad impact on the car.

Can hot water remove tree sap from cars?

The tree sap attached to the car can be removed by the following two methods.

.Splash hot water to remove sap

.Use a commercially available cleaner or solvent to soften the dried sap before removing

First try removing it with hot water.


The sap is not heat-resistant, so it is easier to remove it by softening it with hot water. And the hot water will not cause any damage to the paint, nor will it cause scars, and it can be easily removed.

The suitable water temperature is about 80 degrees. If the temperature is too high, it may cause damage to the paint, so avoid using freshly boiled water.

In addition, the sap can also be removed by detergents, solvents sold at auto supply stores, or household dish soap, alcohol, etc.

An employee at an auto supply store said: "Cleaners such as iron powder remover or limescale remover can also be used to remove tree sap. Although their original function is to remove insect carcasses, bird droppings, brake dust, etc., they can also remove tough Dirt, it’s very convenient to keep a can in the car.”

When driving to the mountains for camping in hot summer, remember to take "tree sap prevention measures" for the car.

Original source:People who park in the shade at camp should be careful!Not only the salt damage of the sea, but also the "sap" of the mountains is the natural enemy of the car.
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