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[Parking in the car]A must-see for beginners! Introduction to the necessities that you will inadvertently ignore and the handy little things you must bring (Part 1)

When it comes to the necessities of parking in the car, the first thing to mention is the high-quality sleeping bags and sleeping pads. Ensuring a comfortable bed is the top priority for parking in the car. In addition, can not forget the curtains and shades that can cover the window.

If you have a dedicated car parked in the car, you can always keep disaster prevention necessities in the car, such as: water, ready-to-eat food, frozen dried fruit, soft canned food and other emergency food and first aid kits. But there are already many articles about these handy camping items.

This time, I will mainly introduce the things that are rarely mentioned in the article and will be ignored when you start camping in the car. These items occupy a pivotal position and are very convenient to keep in the car.

table of contents
●Aluminum foil paper, disposable chopsticks, cloth glue, aluminum foil tape, insulating tape, iron wire
●Sawtooth utility knife
●Various types of rope
●Cloth bucket
●Telescopes, monoculars
●Wet wipes
●Fleece blanket throw pillow
● sandals or slippers


When camping in a car, you need to live in the car, and everyone will stay until the night. In addition to curtains that cover the windows, lighting at night is equally important.

When it comes to lighting, people think of camping lights or flashlights. Camping lights have combustion lighting that uses gas, kerosene, white gasoline, etc. After the popularization of LEDs, LED camping lights with high brightness and long-lasting power will become mainstream.

In addition, the rechargeable lighting with small solar panels does not need to change the battery, which is very convenient. The author will use this type of lighting when camping in the car, playing SUP, or sliding a rubber boat for a trip to Sichuan.

And the overwhelming convenience is the headlights.

The headlight can illuminate the place you want to see according to the head movement, and it is also a big advantage to have both hands free.

In addition to being used at night, headlights can also be useful when viewing the engine and the bottom of the car. They are excellent car maintenance supplies.

If everyone wears their own headlights, it doesn't matter if there is no lighting that illuminates the whole, or even more extreme, it doesn't matter if you don't use camping lights. But because everyone is not going on an expedition, and the headlights are more scenic, it is recommended to use camping lights that can create an atmosphere.

The author also has a lot of lights that do not advocate practicality in the car. After all, the practicality of headlights is still the highest.

It is recommended that you prepare headlights for the number of occupants in the car to ensure safety.

Aluminum foil paper, disposable chopsticks, cloth glue, aluminum foil tape, insulating tape, iron wire

In addition to being used for smoldering and pot lids, aluminum foil can also be used as a container. It is very active in camping cooking, but this article will introduce it to you as a material for emergency car repairs. It is also very convenient.

Although this has rarely happened recently, holes in the exhaust pipe used to be very common.

At that time, the aluminum foil will be wrapped with aluminum foil tape and inserted into the hole for emergency treatment to reduce the popping sound.

In addition, aluminum foil tape can also be used to repair water pipes. It is also known as kitchen tape. It is highly waterproof and can be used to repair cracked surfboards.

If the canopy bracket is broken, you can use disposable chopsticks as a support frame, or use several layers of aluminum foil paper and iron wire to reinforce it, and then wrap it with cloth glue or aluminum foil tape, which will be stronger than just wrapping it with tape. .

In addition to the canopy bracket, disposable chopsticks can also be used as support and fixation when the finger is broken, and the emergency treatment can be completed by wrapping it with cloth glue or insulating tape. Of course, it is best to have medical breathable tape or bandages or scratches, you must pay attention to hygiene and seek medical attention as soon as possible).

The separation method of aluminum foil tape and cloth tape is that aluminum foil tape has high water resistance and heat resistance, while cloth tape has high viscosity and is more elastic than aluminum foil tape, so it is easier to use in places with curves.

Insulation tape, also known as electric fire cloth, has a high degree of insulation and elasticity. It is a necessity for repairing circuit wiring, repairing small places is better than cloth glue. Some people will use scissors or a utility knife to cut the tape, but others will just tear it by hand. This just-right sturdiness is also a plus.

The use of iron wire is quite extensive. It can be used for reinforcement, bundling, and can also be used for joints or pins, which is quite convenient. Iron wire can also come in handy when rope or insulating tape cannot be used in high temperatures. In addition to repairs, it can also be used as a hook when camping. It is convenient to have 2~3 kinds of wire with different thicknesses.

The items listed above can be used whenever necessary. It would be very convenient to keep a toolbox in the car.

Serrated utility knife

As we all know, utility knives do not need to be sharpened and have a sharp edge ready to use. A serrated utility knife is quite handy.

Although it is a serrated knife, the blade length is only about 10cm. But there are a lot of things that utility knives and knives can't cut, and it's still a lot worse to have serrations.

Swiss knives and multi-purpose screwdrivers also have serrated blades. But the blade is very short, and grinding the serrated edge is not easy. The utility knife with serration can replace the blade like a general utility knife, which is very convenient.

In the past, when the author and a friend drove to SUP Chuanlu, when we arrived at the destination, I found that I forgot to bring the SUP's tail rudder, and unfortunately, there is no surfing store nearby. But the Japanese countryside also has the hardware store as a powerful partner.

So the author purchased a plywood, a utility knife with serrations and cloth glue there, and used this knife to make a quick tail rudder, which successfully completed the purpose (SUP Sichuan Travel of more than 30km in two days and one night). The cloth glue mentioned in the previous article also has a great effect.

After posting the photo of this time on SNS, the big man in the surfing world also said that it was okay and affirmed it. Since then it has become a regular item in the author's car.

Although Swiss knives and multi-tools with screwdrivers and scissors are also my regular items, there are also many functions that I will not use. Although there are only two blades, the serrated utility knife is a very practical tool.


The general size clothespins are also a regular item for the author, and the clothespins for fixing the clothespin are also quite convenient.

Can be hung where the hanger cannot.

Items can also be hung anywhere.

Can be fixed where things are easily blown away by the wind.

It is also very convenient to use together with the small buckle and S-hook.

You can also fix tablecloths or garbage bags, and have various uses according to your creativity.

Various ropes

The rope can be used everywhere, and it is more convenient than a special item in terms of the point of sharing. It is recommended that you can spare ropes of different thicknesses in the car.

In addition to rope, it is helpful to learn a few basic knots.

cloth bucket

A tarp bucket with a diameter of about 40cm, which can come in handy when replacing wetsuits. As long as the wetsuit is replaced in this, the sand will not get on the clothes and feet. You can also directly put wet suits or other wet objects in the car, and you can use it for laundry by filling water in a bucket, which is very convenient. It can also be used to carry props and wood.

You can also put used utensils in the campsite, and then mention the sink to wash. It's also handy to keep muddy shoes, clothes, or a soaked raincoat inside. It can also be folded for storage when not in use.

Original source:A must-see for beginners!Introducing essentials for sleeping in the car that you might not have thought of and useful items to bring
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