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[Parking in the car]A must-see for beginners! Introduction to the necessities that you will inadvertently ignore and the small things you must bring (Part 2)


Earplugs are a must for taking breaks at highway rest stops or parking lots.

Occasionally there are trucks that violate the parking zone rules and keep turning off. Even if I complained or got angry, I couldn't sleep well that night. It is recommended that you wear earplugs at the beginning, not because it is too noisy.

Telescopes, Monoculars

To confirm what's on the ocean in the distance, you can use a small monocular.

It can also be used to observe birds, animals or flowers blooming on distant cliffs. A rangefinder telescope for golfing is also a handy item.


Someone would strap a shovel to the spare tire behind an off-road 4WD car, and the shovel would come in handy when the car got stuck in the mud and couldn't move. It can also be used to organize tent camps. Some are also used as substitutes for machetes or axes.

There are also small folding shovels for sale, some with the function of a machete or an axe.

Wet wipes

Not just camping in the car, there are many times when there is no way to clean dishes or wash up. It is also forbidden to cook or wash things in the toilets of public places such as rest stops. There are a lot of people who are just starting out with car camping who make these mistakes without knowing the rule.

The use of public facilities for other purposes would have been a problem, and people would have been uncomfortable even if it wasn't dirty.

Then you can use a damp paper towel to clean. There are wet wipes for dinner plates on the market, and fragrance-free wipes can also be used to wipe a baby's bottom.

Although it is also a skill to choose tableware and conditioning utensils that are not easily stained and greasy, or to do a good job of cleaning up. But if you really need to clean it, use wet paper towels or dried wet paper towels and kitchen towels together, and it can be cleaned to a certain extent without water.

Can also be wiped clean of the body. It is recommended that you keep some wet wipes for spare.

Fleece Blanket Throw Pillow

The picture above looks like a normal throw pillow at first glance, but there is actually a blanket inside the pillow.

The blanket can be used when it is covered with a cover to keep out the cold. Because it is made of polyester fiber, it is not easy to absorb water and quick-drying. After being wet by rain and snow, it can be wrapped around the body to keep warm.

It can also be used as a buffer to protect fragile items, because the blanket is cheap, and can also be placed under the wheel to help the car out when it gets stuck.

Throw pillows can also be used at rest and are used more often than blankets.

In a small car, something that can be used with multiple functions is more suitable. You can buy pillow cases at 100 yen stores and put the blanket in as a pillow.

It should be noted that it is made of chemical fiber, so it is not fire-resistant.

sandals or slippers

Anyone who is engaged in water sports knows that it is very convenient to have a pair of sandals in the car.


In addition, there are many tools, conditioning utensils, insecticides, electric fans and other necessities.

In terms of large items, there are also necessities such as portable power supplies and solar panels. This article mainly picks up the things that are overlooked when camping in the car at the beginning, and the things that are less mentioned in other articles to introduce.

However, it is also a great pleasure to camp in the car after discovering and improving it after accumulating experience. The author believes that there will be many discoveries in the future.

Hope this article will be helpful to you all.

Original source:A must-see for beginners!Introducing essentials for sleeping in the car that you might not have thought of and useful items to bring

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