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[Parking in the car]Camping in the car with your dog! Ask the veterinarian how to "prevent heat stroke"! (Part 1)

When camping in a car with your dog in the hot summer, you can sometimes hear the dog panting "Hahaha". This action is called "panting", which concentrates the warm blood on the tongue for the dog, and regulates the body temperature with the help of external air.

If the body temperature is not properly regulated, it will accumulate heat and cause dysfunction in the body, which is called "heat stroke".
This time, based on the advice given by the veterinarians that my Shiba Inu often sees, I will introduce to you how to prevent heat stroke and easy-to-ignore points when camping in a car with your dog, or how to deal with emergencies.

table of contents
●Physical mechanism to prevent heat stroke
●Things to pay attention to to prevent heat stroke when camping in a car
●My family's car camping measures to escape the heat
●Don't forget to take measures to escape the heat when you take a walk
●Easy mistakes to make
●Emergency treatment in the event of an accident

Body Mechanisms to Prevent Heat Stroke

In order to dissipate excess heat to the outside of the body, the dog's body uses the "blood" circulating in the body as a medium to dissipate heat.

In order to survive the hot climate, the Shiba Inu of the author will make a posture or action similar to the following picture to dissipate heat.

.lie down

Lower your body temperature by exposing your body to something cold, such as cement or tiles, that is below body temperature.

.Poses that radiate heat energy from the surface of the body

Lying on your back exposes the blood vessels in your stomach to the air. (In the photo, it's playing, but it's probably the same pose as the one above.)

.Evaporation and heat dissipation

Open your mouth and stick out your tongue to exhale to dissipate heat. When the dog is cooling, the tongue will stick out more than the picture above and the color will turn red.

Things to pay attention to to prevent heat stroke when camping in a car

Veterinary doctors said that to prevent heat stroke when camping in a car in summer, "air conditioning", "hydration" and "rest" are the most important.

Use the air conditioner to maintain a certain temperature inside the car

To maintain the dog's body in a normal state in the summer car, the air conditioner to maintain the temperature in the car is indispensable.

As long as the temperature is set to a temperature that humans will feel comfortable with, it is a suitable temperature for dogs, but be careful not to open it too cold.

frequent hydration

Heatstroke can lead to dehydration. To prevent heat stroke, it is necessary to replenish water frequently.

It is also important to know the amount of water you usually give your dog. Because it is difficult to give the dog water in the car, if the amount of water in the car is less than usual, you should actively let the dog drink water.

Moderate "rest" during travel

Moving the car over long distances can cause considerable fatigue and stress to dogs.

Properly resting between driving, on the one hand, you can feed your dog water, let them defecate and urinate, etc., on the other hand, you can confirm their physical condition.

If a dog who is usually very energetic suddenly shows abnormal behavior such as not eating his favorite snacks, unwilling to get out of the car, etc., it is recommended that everyone take a longer rest time, and if necessary, take measures to feed water or lower body temperature.

Countermeasures for summer camping in my car

Originally, it is easy to accumulate heat in the car, and the temperature is easy to rise rapidly. Everyone knows that it is a place that is easy to cause heat stroke.

In this environment, what the owner can do is to turn the inside of the car into an environment that allows the dog to adjust its body temperature on its own.

The author's approach is to pay attention to the placement of the cage and the water feeding method, so that the dog can adjust and manage independently.

Make it easy for dogs to "cool off"

When dogs begin to "open their mouths and pant to cool off," they are often seen touching their stomachs to concrete or tile floors.

Dogs usually put their stomachs in a place lower than their body temperature to dissipate heat, but the car floor will generate a certain temperature due to the heat from the engine and exhaust, which is higher than expected.

Of course, in order to prevent hot air from entering the car, there are thermal insulation boards on the floor, but the outside temperature is high in summer, and the thermal insulation effect is also limited. Therefore, in order to prevent the heat from the engine and the exhaust pipe from being transmitted to the floor of the car, the author will first lay a layer of wood on the ground, and then put the cage.

After that, place the aluminum foil plate with cooling effect in the cage to create an environment where the dog is easy to dissipate heat.

Easy hydration for dogs

Water is usually given to a dog using a "roll-on waterer" or a "basin."

ball drinker: This type of drinking fountain does not need to worry that the water will be knocked over when the vehicle is traveling, but it will also make the dog unable to drink water to the fullest. Once you find that the dog is difficult to drink water, you should stop and change the dog The dog drinks from the basin.

basin: Dogs can use their tongue to roll up the water to rehydrate. This method not only makes it easy for the dog to drink water, but the dog can also freely adjust the angle of the entrance, which can maintain the dog's original drinking state.

Original source:Staying in the car with your dog! I asked a veterinarian about "heat stroke prevention"!
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