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[Parking in the car]Camping in the car with your dog! Ask the veterinarian how to "prevent heat stroke"! (Part 2)

Take a walk without forgetting to take measures to escape the heat

When a dog walks on a road where the temperature increases due to sunlight, such as an asphalt road, it will receive heat reflection from the ground.

There is also an increased risk of heat stroke in summer for dogs who walk relatively close to the ground.

In hot climates, the dog's "cool clothes" can be soaked in water and then put on the dog. It uses the principle of vaporization and heat dissipation to cool down, and it can also prevent direct heat from the sun.

easy mistakes

Like humans, dogs can also suffer from heat stroke and dehydration due to temperature and humidity.

Even if the temperature is not very high, under high humidity, it will be difficult to dissipate heat through vaporization because sweat is not easy to evaporate, which can easily lead to heat stroke and dehydration.

The aluminum foil plate with cooling effect placed in the cage will become hot because of the temperature inside the car if it has been placed in the car without starting.

When taking a break, you can put an ice pack or a towel-covered cooling agent on the aluminum foil board to prevent the heat from entering the aluminum foil board, and immediately take the dog to the next location.

Emergency handling in the event of an accident

When you find that your dog has any abnormality, you should immediately contact the "veterinarian who usually sees a doctor". If you can't get in touch, you must take emergency measures.

The following are emergency measures to ask your veterinarian.

The initial symptoms of heat stroke are

· Faster breathing

·Call response becomes sluggish

and so on the above physical state.
When the symptoms become more severe, you will become unable to stand and vomit, so emergency treatment must be taken before this.

The most important and effective part of emergency response is to keep cool.

Reduce the temperature of the air-conditioning in the car and increase the air volume

· Spray the dog with tap water, and then use the air-conditioned wind or fan to evaporate

If you have an ice pack or cooler, wrap it in a towel and place it on the dog's underarm or inner thigh, where the blood vessels are thicker

※It should be noted here that it will be too cold to directly touch the dog's body with an ice pack or a cooling agent, so be sure to wrap a towel or cloth.

Although cooling is important, it should be handled with the premise that the body temperature does not drop rapidly, and care should be taken not to put too much burden on the body.


The veterinary doctor said that basically a comfortable environment for humans is also a good car environment for dogs without heat stroke.

The countermeasures taken against heat stroke are basically not much different from those of humans.

Owners also need to think carefully about whether the environment in the car is suitable for their dogs, and whether they can manage the health of the dogs, and pay attention to whether the dogs can dissipate heat, replenish water and rest at any time.

Original source:Staying in the car with your dog! I asked a veterinarian about "heat stroke prevention"!
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