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[Parking in the car]Painted & modified roof luggage rack! Greatly upgraded appearance & convenience! (Down)

"Load board" painted

Coat the carrier board with an exterior wood protector, a water-based paint that won't be too messy, twice on each side.

It rained in the evening on the day of painting, and the paint was almost dry when it started to rain. If the oil-based paint touches water before it is completely dry, the whole will become messy. Water-based paint is better in this part. Oil-based paints are nothing to worry about yet. This is also one of the advantages of water-based paint.

set up

After the loading board is completely dry, it can be placed on the luggage rack. The problem at this time is that the thickness of the crossbar between the tripod and the tripod is different, and the middle crossbar is thinner. If you directly put the loading board on it to fix it , There will still be a gap between the thinner crossbar and the loading plate, so there may still be a sound.

The author later wrapped rubber tape on the thinner crossbar so that there would be no gap between it and the wooden board, and then put the loading board on the luggage rack.

The wood fixing part of the loading board is reinforced with iron sheets and slightly fixed with ropes, so that even if the luggage rack is completely turned over, the wooden board and the shelf will not be separated.

The back of the loading plate is fixed with an iron sheet. The picture shows the shelf turned to the back state.

The crossbar connected to the tripod is fixed with two iron sheets, and a total of six iron sheets are used to fix the loading plate on the luggage rack.

The weight of the load rack plus the weight of the plank becomes even heavier. It is not easy to install this on the roof of the car by myself, but the author felt that it would be troublesome to ask a friend for help, so I tried to move and assemble it by myself, and finally moved it smoothly.

In the end, the car was not damaged, and it was successfully installed on the car.

The finished appearance will not look "super troubled", and the feeling of engineering cars will disappear.

Loading a SUP paddle board in the parking lot on the coast will present this feeling.

It didn't make a sound when it was driven above 70km/h without loading, which was quite successful!

I will make this carrier board for other purposes.

Loading the cargo basket on the roof makes it impossible to carry SUP paddle boards and removing the cargo basket is also a big project. In addition, I don't like the appearance of the loading basket.

Therefore, the author did not choose the combination of luggage rack bar + load basket, but chose a luggage rack that can be widely used. I think the luggage load bag is a product that is not afraid of getting wet and can be easily loaded and unloaded, which is quite attractive. .

The carrying bag that can be easily disassembled when necessary will not affect the versatility of the luggage rack, but also has the same function as the carrying basket. The loading bag is another purpose for the author to make the loading board. The price is also very cheap, only about 5,000 yen.


This carrying bag has a maximum length of about 110cm and a height of 43cm. The maximum width is 85cm, which is the same width as the luggage rack.

The capacity is 425L. This size can hold three folded inflatable SUP paddles, or two inflatable SUP paddles and wetsuits and other equipment.

When there is a lot of camping luggage in the car, you can also use this to make the space in the car more spacious, and use the cargo bag to store wet paddle boards, and you can sleep more comfortably.


Inexpensive and highly practical steel roof luggage racks for business use can greatly change the overall atmosphere with only a few works, and can also improve the convenience of use.

The author thinks this modification is a very good idea and is quite satisfied with the finished product after construction.

Whether you are a person who has a useful luggage rack or someone who has never had this modification idea, you may wish to include this as a reference.

Original source:Painting & custom on the roof carrier! Appearance and usability have improved dramatically!

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