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[Parking in the car]"Portable Power Supply" Warring States Period! How to choose a portable power supply that is very important for camping in the car? (Part 2)

rated power

When using home appliances and electric appliances that require high power, such as cooking appliances, the most important thing is the maximum power W that the portable power supply can output.

This value is basically determined according to the efficacy of the built-in inverter, and the difference in value will greatly affect what can actually be done.

This is very similar to the battery capacity that we will talk about later, but the meaning is completely different, so be careful not to confuse it.

The numerical values ​​in the above graph represent the output power (in 597W output).

Usually portable power supplies and inverters are marked with "rated power (sometimes written as AC output) 600W, surge 1200W". This means that electrical appliances with a maximum power consumption of 600W can be used. There is also a machine equipped with a motor that requires high power at the moment of startup, and the surge refers to this instantaneous overvoltage, so the meaning of the mark is "the machine with instantaneous overvoltage up to 1200W can be used".

Therefore, even if the power consumption of the appliance is 400W, if the surge requires 1500W, it cannot be used on a portable power supply with "rated power of 600W and surge of 1200W".

In addition, sometimes the machine will consume more power than the value stated in the specification, and it may not be able to operate or stop, so it is necessary to reserve a little space.

Usable power

The indications of how much power a battery can use are Ah, mAh (these two 1A=1000mA, the same meaning), and the two signs of Wh, A in Ah means ampere (current), h means time, and W in Wh is Watts (electricity) and h represent time the same. What is the difference between the two is that Ah (or mAh) is a unit that represents battery capacity (discharge capacity). There will be no power.

Conversely, Wh is power consumption. It can be interpreted as how much electricity (W) will be consumed in one hour when fully charged.

It is difficult to compare the two marks. If you know the voltage, you can use Wh=Ah (discharge amount) × V (voltage) to convert. For example: if you want to convert a 105Ah, 12V battery into Wh, it will be 1,260Wh.

If you are an expert, you should think that this explanation is not rigorous enough, but if you are an ordinary person, you should probably understand it this way.

Most of the power banks used for charging mobile phones are marked with mAh. For example, the black power bank in the picture above is marked 26800mAh/99.16Wh, and the white power bank is 12200mAh/45.14Wh. Can you deduce that the voltages of these two are both 3.7V?

Although it is a bit complicated, home appliances are usually marked with "power consumption: 00W". If the portable power supply has the mark Wh, it is easier to understand when using home appliances.

Of course, there will also be a problem of loss, so it is impossible to calculate 100% according to this method. In short, if the capacity of the portable power supply is 600Wh, and you use a home appliance that consumes 600W of power, it will be out of power after one hour. If you use an appliance that consumes 30W of power, It can be used for about 20 hours.

For appliances that use AC power such as home appliances, it will be easier to grasp the range if they are marked with Wh.

In the battery performance part, there are more complicated indicators such as time rate, but it is too complicated to go on. Generally, you only need to understand this level.

Recommended portable power supply for car travel

If you want to buy a portable power supply for car travel, it is recommended to have at least 600W or more.

The main reason is that it only makes sense to use a portable power source if the conditioning appliance is used in the car.

Finally, although it is quite brief and does not represent all products, it still introduces the relationship between the price and capacity of portable power supplies.
The price of a product with a capacity of 400Wh will probably fall around 40,000 yen, and a product with a 1,000Wh specification will be about 100,000 yen, which means that there is a relationship between them roughly 100Wh: 10,000 yen.

Original source:"Portable power supply" Warring States period! How to choose a portable power supply that is useful for staying in the car?
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