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[Parking in the car]Survive the scorching hell-like midsummer parking in the car!

table of contents
●Parking in a car in midsummer is very difficult
●Ventilation and deworming
●Electric fan
●Camping mesh folding bed
●Cool pad
●Reduce head temperature
●Seat blower
●The future subject is the ventilation fan

Parking in a car in midsummer is very difficult

Most people hold the idea that "summer is the season for camping", but everyone knows that if you don't go to a cool place, summer can also become a season of suffering for parking your car.

In cold weather, as long as you have a good sleeping bag and cushion, you can survive even if there is no power supply in the car.

In fact, the heat is more difficult to get rid of than the cold. The author likes to be too hot and too cold. Even so, there is a limit to the heat that can be tolerated by living things.

It is very bad for the environment to park at a rest station for a long time with the air-conditioning on with the engine started. Not only will it emit unnecessary exhaust gas, but sometimes because of the air-conditioning, you will hear the sound of the car's engine running. It is really disturbing to hear that sound at the rest stop in the middle of the night.

Even a camper that can still use air-conditioning equipment after the vehicle is turned off, it is difficult to use the auxiliary power supply for a long time.

So far, the author has used the following methods to spend the night in the summer when the car is parked, and will continue to research methods to spend comfortably without air-conditioning in the future.

This time, we will explain the countermeasures for hot summer nights using other than air conditioners.


Compared with cooling, the first thing we should do is "not heating", so shading when parking during the day is the basic. As the home window advertisement says, the first thing to do is "window insulation".

In addition, when opening the door to ventilate, take some small measures as shown in the above picture, and the cooling degree will be greatly different. The bamboo curtain in the picture is equipped with bar magnets above.

Ventilation and deworming

If the air conditioner is not turned on, everyone should want to ventilate. But open a window or car door, and mosquitoes can enter the room again. Although installing screens on the windows and doors has a certain effect, mosquitoes always aim to invade the car when opening and closing the door.

The sound of mosquitoes flapping their wings in a cramped car in the middle of the night is the worst thing ever. Although deworming is not a way to prevent heat, it is recommended that deworming be taken into account when ventilating.

In the past, mosquito coils (which are still used when outside the car) or electric mosquito coils were always needed, but now there are products such as "spray to repel mosquitoes", which are quite convenient.

Some people may think that the spray is not good for the body, but this spray is really very effective, and lack of sleep is the real impact on the body. Now I use this spray in combination with mosquito repellent.

electric fan

Even if the electric fan does not blow directly on the body, it will still have a great impact on the flow of air. What is indispensable here is the electric fan.

The author recently replaced it with three types of portable electric fans with USB power supply, AC 100V transformer, and dry batteries. It can be used outside the car as long as it is powered by a power bank or dry battery. The fan also has a timer function, so you are not afraid of catching a cold even in a place where it will cool down at night.

The power supply of automotive products is about 12V or 24V. If you consider parking in a car without an auxiliary power supply, it is better to choose this multi-purpose type instead of buying automotive products.

Originally, the author also thought that camper vans are equipped with solar panels, auxiliary power supply and inverter, basically any electricity can be used, but then I thought that Honda Vamos does not have these equipments, so I provide this option for your reference.

Camping Mesh Folding Bed

The most effective way to prevent "profuse sweating" when sleeping is the folding bed. I also use this rollaway bed at home. It can be placed on a station wagon without a bed, as long as a mattress is placed on top, it can also be used in colder weather, and there is room for things underneath. It can also be used as a guest bed at home.

The blue folding bed is of average size and weight, and can be put into the car when folded; the white folding bed is lighter in weight and compact when folded and folded, and can be placed in stand-up paddle boards and rubber boats.

Due to the low height of the rollaway bed, it can be placed on the sleeper as a substitute for a mattress like the picture above. And I put this in my summer station wagon.

Original source:Let's survive the midsummer car night in the scorching hell!Special feature on how to cool off without relying on an air conditioner
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