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[Parking in the car]Survive the scorching hell-like midsummer parking in the car!

cooling pad

The rollaway beds described earlier, while comfortable, are too long to fit in a Vamos camper.

You can feel a clear cold feeling when you touch the cooling pad with your hand. The author also tried it at home first. Since the temperature has not reached that hot, it is not clear how the actual effect will be. You can also try it out.

lower head temperature

It is said that as long as the temperature of the armpit is lowered, the temperature of the blood vessels will also be lowered, and the temperature of the head and neck is also quite effective. If you only need to stay in the car for one night, put the gel ice pillow that has been placed in the freezer for one night in the cooler box. It is quite effective when the sun is strong and when you play all day at the beach. But there is no way to do this for a trip of more than two days.

At this time, the choice is the cooling pillow cover. Although the effect is not as good as the ice pillow, it is still better than nothing.

There are also rubber ice pillows. It is very convenient to use this ice cube to buy ice cubes at the destination convenience store, or to get ingredients for ice preservation at the supermarket.

By the way, many people throw away ice cubes bought at convenience stores after they melt. Since they are originally made from drinking water, it is very wasteful to throw them away.

Ice cubes that are not placed in the pillow can be moved to an ice bucket as drinking water. Ice cubes placed in rubber pillows are not recommended for drinking.

Seat blower

When riding a Volkswagen Type II and a Nissan Vanette (Bongo's OEM), both are not equipped with air-conditioning, so electric fans are used during driving.

Volkswagen Type II is a rear-mounted engine, and the heat from the engine is not easily conducted into the room. As long as the windows are opened for ventilation, it will be cool. Moreover, the triangular windows that modern cars do not have can achieve good ventilation, but if there is a traffic jam, an electric fan is required. .

Traffic jams in summer are more worrying than people about air-cooled engines.

The Volkswagen Type II is a rear-engined vehicle. Except for traffic jams, under normal circumstances, there is no special problem even if there is no air conditioner. Heat from the Nissan Vanette's engine rises from under the seats, making the interior of the car feel like a scorching hell.

For Vanette without air conditioning, the windows must be fully opened + electric fans, and the seats must be covered with products that can transmit the wind to the back and buttocks.

I haven't used this item since I didn't continue riding the Vanette, and while writing this article, it occurred to me that it should be very comfortable to put under a rollaway bed.

In addition, it can also be hung next to the bed, and the large-scale air supply should also be comfortable. The power supply of this product is 12V, and it can only be used by campers with auxiliary power supply.

The future subject is the ventilation fan

I have bought a small ventilator with a small solar panel in the past. The ventilating fan can be used on the window, and it is almost impossible to pick the car, but the disadvantage is that the power is not strong, and it is not clear how its actual effect is.

In the future, I want to make ventilators for camper vans and Honda Vamos, and I'm still groping. The ventilation fan is still the subject of the author in the future.

Original source:Let's survive the midsummer car night in the scorching hell!Special feature on how to cool off without relying on an air conditioner

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