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[Parking in the car]The longing for van life! ~DIY "Bongo Brawny Van" into a car travel style~(Part 1)

Transform the interior of the station wagon into a "van life" like home.
"van life" has become a trend overseas, and this trend has also come to Japan, and it has become a very high-profile lifestyle.

The owner and his wife, who have longed for the refurbishment of the interior of overseas station wagons, have always dreamed that one day they can travel in a station wagon. In order to realize their dream, they bought a station wagon and spent a year slowly DIYing to create a comfortable interior space. !
What I want to introduce to you this time is the interior of the station wagon that the owner and his wife worked together to create.

table of contents
●Select "Bongo Brawny Van" to ensure spacious space
●Large size bed is the protagonist
●Set up a bookshelf and a folding table beside the bed
●Hook & photo decoration on the other side
●A chair with storage function to enhance the comfort even more!
●There is also a storage space under the bed
●I install curtains in four places
Create a rest space where you can lay a cushion and sit directly behind the passenger seat
The inside of the tailgate is also decorated with wooden boards
●"Holiday van life" to make the holidays more fulfilling

Choose "Bongo Brawny Van" to ensure spaciousness

The first car the owner chose was the "Bongo Brawny Van".

The car is a high-end model based on the Mazda Bongo, with a long body size and a fairly spacious interior.

The owner of the car bought an older car in a middle-of-the-road fashion, so it can be bought at a low price of around 400,000 yen.

As for the reason for choosing this car, the original car owner was looking for a car model on the premise of remodeling the interior, in order to control the related costs such as materials, plus the needs of "wanting to keep the price of the car as low as possible" and "wanting a comfortable space" , and Bongo Brawny Van just satisfactorily fulfilled the above conditions.

The large size bed is the protagonist

The interior of the owner's station wagon focuses on a comfortable, large-sized bed.

The width is the size of a double bed, and the length is only 175cm because of the space. Although the car owner is over 180cm tall and his feet are beyond the range of the bed, he can still sleep comfortably.

In the overseas van life videos and photos, it can be seen that most of them rearrange the sofa cushions and brackets used during the day into a bed.

However, because the car owner was quite tired after a long drive and wanted to lie down immediately, the process of reassembling the chair into a bed was too troublesome, so the bed was decided to be a fixed design.

After the bed is designed as a fixed type, it does not need to be reassembled every time it needs to be used, and it can lie down immediately after arriving at the destination, which makes the car owner feel very relaxed and comfortable.

You can also lie on the bed and watch the scenery during the day. Both the owner and the couple like this bed-based interior.

Set up bookshelves and folding table beside the bed

When making the bed, leave a gap on the side. After ensuring the stability of the mattress, a standing bookshelf and a folding table are set up in the reserved space on the side.

There are information magazines that make travel more enjoyable, and books such as recipes that make cooking in the car more enjoyable.

Put down the table to place lights or drinks, or place the tablet to watch a movie in the car.

Enjoy a time like being in a coffee shop while reading while drinking your favorite drink.

Hook & photo decoration on the other side

Install hooks on the wall opposite the standing bookshelf. In the hanging bag, put a mask and hand cream to prevent the throat or nose from drying out while sleeping.

There is another hook and hemp rope on the left side of the hook. Can decorate some travel souvenir photos.

There is a screw hook in the center of the ceiling to hang a chandelier.

If there is a light source on the ceiling, the interior of the car will become very bright at night.

A chair with storage function to enhance the comfort!

In the living space other than the bed, a commercially available wooden storage box is slightly transformed into a chair.

A folding table and this chair will serve their purpose greatly when dining.

The best time is to read or chat with the window open, sitting in a chair and feeling the breeze.

In addition, you can use the computer in the car by combining the chair with the folding table!

Working from the comfort of your car while looking out at the view can help you be more productive.

In the future, "workcation" may gradually become popular, and camper and car travel life is the best choice.

Winter blankets and electric blankets are stored under the chair.

Since car owners do not live in station wagons, only the items that will be used during the holidays are placed on the car, and the number of items carried on the whole is relatively small.

The seat surface is slightly longer. The space below can hold a large-capacity battery.

The large-capacity battery can be used for electric fans in summer and electric blankets in winter.

Original source:Longed-for van life! ~ DIY "Bongo Brownie Van" for sleeping in the car ~
Want to see more:MOBY


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