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Paying homage to the space boundary "Karman Line", a luxurious and exclusive customized BLACK BADGE CULLINAN BLUE SHADOW limited edition is introduced to Taiwan.

  • Following the release of Specter in November, general agent Sheng Wei once again pursued success to debut a global limited edition car.
  • Black Badge Cullinan Exclusive Customized Collection Model Blue Shadow Private Collection "Huan Lan Miying" Released
  • Inspired by the Kármán Line, a mysterious invisible boundary 62 miles away from the earth’s surface, considered the starting point of outer space
  • Limited to 62 units worldwide, there is only one in Taiwan, and it is only available through Rolls-Royce’s exclusive customization center.
  • ‘Space Frontier’ panels are like works of art, with a varnish that combines blue and clear glass.
  • The "Moon" themed starlight canopy is precision embroidered with 250,000 stitches, and 1,183 optical fiber "stars" are embedded in it.
  • The 75,000 perforated positions of the leather seats have been carefully designed to create a unique view of the Earth from space.

Following the grand launch of the Rolls-Royce Specter in Taipei at the end of last month, which attracted attention and discussion from all walks of life, the general agent - Sheng Wei is pursuing the victory and once again launched a global limited edition of 62 units before the end of the year, the only Black Badge Cullinan Blue Shadow in Taiwan. "Magic Blue Shadow" was introduced into the country. The unique exclusive car color and the goddess of joy and the unique "moon" starlight canopy of the limited edition car once again present the classic dream of Rolls-Royce telling stories with cars.

In addition to announcing the new Black Badge Cullinan Blue Shadow, Sheng Wei, the general agent of Rolls-Royce Motor Cars in Taiwan, also announced the new price plan for all 2024 Rolls-Royce models in Taiwan:

2024year style
Rolls Royce
base vehicle price Taiwan exclusive kit price Taiwan Exclusive Kit
vehicle price
GHOST NT$20,880,000 NT$1,923,000 NT$22,803,000
BLACK BADGE GHOST NT$20,880,000 NT$5,050,000 NT$25,930,000
GHOST EXTENDED NT$23,180,000 NT$2,645,000 NT$25,825,000
CULLINAN NT$22,880,000 NT$1,513,000 NT$24,393,000
BLACK BADGE CULLINAN NT$22,880,000 NT$4,210,000 NT$27,090,000
SPECTRE NT$22,680,000 NT$2,246,000 NT$24,926,000
PHANTOM US$1,258,000

Rolls-Royce launches the dazzling Black Badge Cullinan Blue Shadow limited edition model, designed to explore the beauty and mystery of space. To present this unique piece, Rolls-Royce designers drew inspiration from the Kármán Line, an invisible boundary 62 miles above the surface that is considered the end of the Earth’s atmosphere and the beginning of outer space. In this mysterious and ethereal area, the blue of the sky seen on the earth gradually merges into the ink of space, forming a vast and deep dark blue area, where the endless darkness becomes vaguely discernible. The magnificent, silent and fantastic secret realm belongs only to a few brave warriors who dare to take risks, perfectly interpreting the essence of "Blue Shadow" exclusive customization.

This exclusive customized limited edition model based on the Black Badge Cullinan is only available through Rolls-Royce's exclusive customization center. It is limited to 62 units worldwide, and the only one in Taiwan has been sold. This number also honors every mile of distance from Earth to the Kármán Line.

Exclusive appearance: the beauty of fantasy blue layers

The extraordinary and gleaming new exclusive custom-made "Stardust Blue" vehicle exterior color takes its color from the deep blue hue found in the highest layers of the Earth's atmosphere. The satin dark color treatment used on the grille frame and the front bumper aerodynamic inlay package is inspired by the surface color of the insulating tiles that provide protection when the space shuttle encounters extreme heat when re-entering the atmosphere.

The material of the Goddess of Ecstasy is also inspired by the spacecraft. It is created using titanium metal through 3D printing technology, and a thin layer of blue varnish is applied on the surface to highlight the luster of the titanium metal and add a pearlescent texture. Black Badge’s exclusive infinity symbol and Blue Shadow’s exclusive Collector’s Edition words are engraved on the base of the Goddess of Ecstasy.

Interior package: a remarkable jump in viewing angles

When the vision moves into the car, in the Kármán line area, the visible edge of the earth's atmosphere appears as an infinitely extending blue halo. This color transition from azure to jet black is displayed on the dashboard panel and door trim of the Blue Shadow Collection model through a unique spray painting technique. The components are painted in six layers, blending five different shades of blue and one deep black to create a striking three-dimensional effect. To further increase the depth of color and shine, the clear coating on the surface contains blue and transparent glass particles in a carefully considered proportion of 0.05%. The dashboard panel is inlaid with a Bespoke high-end customized clock exclusive to the Collector Edition model, with light blue anodized details and Blue Shadow engraved logo.

Starlight canopy paying homage to the frontier of space

With the Blue Shadow model, Rolls-Royce has elevated the brand's legendary starlight canopy to an even more dazzling level: surrounded by bright stars, the densely and intricately embroidered moon pattern resembles the stars clasping the moon, bringing passengers the experience of traveling to the edge of space. Perception. The lunar pattern embroidery uses five colors of embroidery thread, and each thread uses a different embroidery method to create different textures, perfectly replicating the lunar surface full of craters in a three-dimensional form. The entire embroidery work requires 250,000 stitches, a process that takes two days.

The starlight headliner creates a soft glow and a magical ambience inside the car. There are 1,183 stars distributed on it. Among them, 799 are white and 384 are blue. The leather top is like a canvas. The positioning, drilling, arrangement and installation of each star on it are all done by hand. The twinkling effect of the optical fiber stars can be described as radiant, creating a mysterious and ever-changing atmosphere of the starlight canopy.

New art canvas: leather punching process

For the first time, Rolls-Royce has used perforated leather on the front and rear seats to create a unique form of work of art, whose design is inspired by the view of the Earth from space. The pattern formed by a large number of tiny perforations on the leather surface perfectly and naturally reproduces the continuous flow and change of clouds over the land and sea. The perforation process on the seat has two different sizes. The small holes with a diameter of only 0.8 mm form the shape of the land, while the slightly larger holes with a diameter of 1.2 mm outline the ocean. The leather veneer between the perforated areas The blank parts represent clouds. Each seat is punched with more than 75,000 holes, each of which is independent of the others. The design of the pattern took two weeks and five rounds of prototypes to finally achieve the excellence pursued by Rolls-Royce's Bespoke department. The final work perfectly represents the design intent, ensuring that the four seats have a harmonious and unified appearance.

The perforated pattern of the seat extends to the table panel on the back of the chair. Finished in piano black and polished to a glass-like finish, each table comes with its own custom text: "The Blue Shadow occurs at the outer extremes of our world, affording an extraordinary perspective, and the ability to touch the stars” (Blue Shadow exists at the edge of the world, giving us an extraordinary perspective and the ability to touch the stars). The font is inlaid under the surface varnish and made of polished aluminum metal.

The exclusive Black Badge Cullinan Blue Shadow collector's edition model is only available through Rolls-Royce's Bespoke Bespoke Centre. Limited to 62 units worldwide, all are now sold out.

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