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Pedigree genuine Toyota Crown Sedan

●The Crown model with the purest pedigree

●The configuration of dual president seats in the back seat highlights a sense of dignity

●Power specifications include oil-electricity and hydrogen fuel

●Japan imposes purchase restrictions to maintain the height of the Crown brand

Toyota officially unveiled its 16th Crown car series last year. What is most refreshing, or shocking, is that Crown is no longer just a model name, but a luxury sub-brand under Toyota, with There are a large number of extended models, including the Crown Crossover, which has been launched in China, and the Crown SUV, which has just been launched overseas, as well as the Crown Sedan, which best represents the spirit of Crown, and the final appearance of the Crown Estate.

As the name suggests, the Crown Sedan's car frame is the most standard sedan and four-door sedan. At the same time, the car frame is enlarged. The car length directly breaks through the 5-meter mark to 5030mm. The car width and length are 1890mm and 1470mm respectively, and the wheelbase is longer. It has a 3000mm level. According to the original manufacturer, the touring car version of the Crown has the largest compartment size of all Crown models, and it uses a longitudinal rear-drive chassis. It perfectly inherits the settings of its predecessors, and its pedigree is certainly pure.

Crown Sedan is the largest model in the new Crown family, with a wheelbase of 3000mm.

Luxurious coronation

This time, the new Crown can be said to be full of sincerity. The four different models all have different styling designs. The Crown Sedan focuses on honor and grandeur. The front of the car uses thin and narrow through-type headlights, which highlight the Crown logo on the front of the hood as the visual focus. The water tank guard uses a straight waterfall-style titanium-like metal trim, supplemented by black diamonds on the inside. The embellishment of the checkered grille really makes the entire front of the car look more heroic. The shape of the front bumper is not too arrogant, and the appearance is indeed quite outstanding. On the side of the car, the Crown Sedan's waistline is very straight and tall, and two more sheet metal fold lines are added at the door handles and rear fenders, giving the car enough weight and a somewhat neat feel. In addition, the original designer only installed chrome trim strips on the lower edges of the windows and the front fenders this time, while the rest of the window frames were painted black to create a structure similar to a suspended roof, giving this new generation car The crown has a different visual experience than before.

The rear end of the car is quite short and the shape is quite elegant and noble.

At the rear of the car, the Crown Sedan's C-pillar adopts a relatively sloping trend, and the rear bumper also starts to fold from the upper edge of the tire, creating a visual experience of a short rear. Therefore, the tailgate opening of this car is also smaller than Ordinary RVs (such as Camry, ES) are much shorter and faster. In addition, the factory emblem on the tailgate has also been replaced with the company's "Niutou" logo, and the almost straight through-type LED taillights make the rear of the car look quite elegant, which is very consistent with Crown's always low-key and unassuming, but dignified and luxurious restraint. image.

The through-type LED is quite straight, and the rear factory emblem also uses the Niutou brand version.

A practical cockpit that blends old and new

Different from the differences in appearance, the cockpit layout of the 16th-generation Crown can be said to be similar. They all adopt the latest generation design style of the Toyota family. The virtual cockpit shape formed by dual 12.3-inch screens shapes the technology orientation. , the physical air-conditioning interface while retaining a large number of shortcut keys is the only way to ensure intuitive operation. You can indeed see the sparks of collision under the fusion of old and new. In order to add to the luxurious texture of the car, the Crown Sedan's interior is equipped with wood grain veneer, and the leather is available in black and brown. For the younger generation of consumers, it may feel a little old-fashioned, but it can indeed remind people of the 1990s. , a good time when a large number of black-headed cars were popular, I believe it was also the main age group of Crown Sedan consumers.

The cabin adopts a new-generation family design, and the two 12.3-inch screens are the highlights.

One of the main selling points of the previous Crown Sedan was the extremely comfortable rear seat space, which of course will be inherited after the major facelift. Thanks to the car length of more than 5 meters and the wheelbase of 3 meters, it is not difficult to imagine how big the back seat of this car is just by looking at the pictures. The original factory even used a configuration that is close to an independent two-seater, which is close to a sofa. The seat backs and seat cushions are matched with oversized headrests like those of an LM, as well as footrests on the passenger seat to ensure ultimate comfort in the back seat. In addition, the Crown Sedan is also not lacking in luxury features such as three-zone climate control, exclusive air conditioning interfaces for the rear seats, electric sunshades, and 64-color mood lights.

The rear seat space in the two-seat configuration brings an unparalleled riding experience, which is also in line with Crown's historical positioning.
In addition to the seat close to the sofa, this car also has independent footrests to ensure comfort.

First hydrogen fuel power system

The evolution of the Crown Sedan's interior and exterior is obvious to all, but what's really surprising is its power system. Toyota currently offers two power options, namely 2.5-liter Hybrid and FCEV hydrogen fuel power. I believe domestic readers are already quite familiar with the former. It is equipped with a 2.5-liter NA engine with 185 hp/22.9 kg-m, and an electric motor that can output 180 hp/30.6 kg-m. The combined maximum horsepower is as high as 245 hp. More importantly, due to The assistance of the electric motor allows the car to maintain a low speed even when cruising at high speeds, ensuring the quietness inside the car.

FCEV is the highlight this time. The Crown Sedan is the second car equipped with this hydrogen fuel cell power model after the Mirai. The structure is basically used directly, equipped with three sets of high-pressure hydrogen storage tanks, a fuel cell, and a 1.24 The kWh lithium battery and the electric motor installed on the rear axle can output up to 182 hp/30.6 kgm. More importantly, due to the characteristics of hydrogen, no carbon dioxide is produced after operation. It can be said to be the cleanest energy source on the market. In addition, both types of power can support external power output, greatly increasing practicality.

Crown Sedan is the second commercially available car to use hydrogen fuel cells after Mirai, and clean sewage emissions are a major highlight.

The local price of the Crown Sedan in Japan is 8.3 million yen for the hydrogen fuel model and 7.3 million yen for the 2.5 Hybrid, which is equivalent to approximately NT$1.776 and 1.526 million respectively. However, since the monthly output of Crown Sedan is only 600 units, the original manufacturer has also imposed conditions for purchasing the car. It needs to be a previous Crown car owner and it must be held for more than one year after purchase. I believe it will also satisfy many people. Consumers who want to change their cars feel frustrated, and this approach can also be regarded as a way to maintain the height of the Crown brand. Whether there is an opportunity to introduce it in China is still in the evaluation stage.

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