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Penfolds releases limited-edition luxury wine Superblends two-bottle set at two-Michelin-star restaurant logic

Penfolds Superblends 2-bottle set.

Australia's most representative winery "Penfolds Wines" launched the world-limited 2018 Superblends 802.A and 802.B two-bottle set in Taiwan immediately after the grand 2022 New Year Launch Conference. And chose two Michelin-starred and Asia's top 50 restaurant logy to hold two drinking parties only for VIPs to create a luxurious drinking experience. Logy's chief sommelier Kevin Lu, with his profound wine knowledge, from the sommelier's professional perspective and precise taste buds, led the guests to fully experience the kingly momentum of the Penfolds Superblends series.

Penfolds released the latest Superblend802A _ 802B in Logy.
Penfolds will use different wines to pair with top-level meals at the presentation.

The limited-edition Superblends 802.A and 802.B launched by Penfolds are selected from the 2018 vintage grapes that have been harvested in South Australia in recent years. Most of the grapes come from the Barossa Valley, McLaren Vale and Coonawarra. Well-known production areas, and the highest "A1" grade Cabernet and Syrah grape varieties in the Penfolds internal grading system are presented in the most classic Australian blending method. Penfolds chief winemaker Peter Gago said the two wines, while using the same elements, had "very different" expressions.

The original Cabernet and Syrah wines in 802.A are pre-aged in new American oak barrels for up to 22 months, and then blended and bottled. 68% of Cabernet perfectly reflects the structure, while 32% of Syrah perfectly interprets the round taste. Unabashedly bold style, people immediately feel the classic taste of Penfolds.

On the other hand, the combination of 802.B is roughly evenly distributed, including 55% Cabernet and 45% Sihar. Chief winemaker Peter Gargo used Penfolds' proud "hands-off performance, bold presentation" method. After the grapes were harvested, they were blended and matured in small French oak barrels for up to 19 months. A top-quality wine that can withstand decades of aging, and echoes with its twin brother, 802.A using American oak barrels.

Penfolds Chief Winemaker Peter Gago.

"It's a bit arrogant to call these two wines Superblends, but it's also a bit of fun." Penfolds chief winemaker Peter Gago said. "People may compare these two wines with Penfolds' flagship wine, Grange, but Superblends is a classic Australian Cabernet-Shirah blend, using Penfolds' proud The classic style is perfectly presented, not just a gimmick. The 1962 Penfolds Bin 60A is the most famous wine in Australia's history, and it uses the exact Cabernet-Shihar blending method. So, who can be better than Penfolds Are you qualified to reinterpret such an Australian classic blend to the world in the highest standard?"

Penfolds Superblends 802.A and 802.B double-bottle set is priced at NT$34,000, and it is only sold at France's directly-operated stores and iCheers. Penfolds Superblends is launched globally in a limited quantity with the promotional slogan of "One Blend, Two Interpretations". Taiwan Penfolds also won the quota this year, so that Taiwan's peak consumers have the opportunity to collect this Penfolds flagship. set.


As a world-renowned luxury wine brand, Penfolds has a history of nearly 200 years. This legendary winery was jointly created by the founder Dr. Christopher Penfolds and his wife Mary Penfolds. In 1844, they traveled across the ocean, across the northern and southern hemispheres, settled in Magill Manor on the outskirts of Adelaide, and planted grape branches. Since then, the pioneers of Penfolds have always inherited the experimental spirit of bold innovation, curiosity and exploration of their predecessors, laying the foundation for the winery culture that continues to this day. Today, Penfolds has excellent grape planters and growers, superior winemaking resources and an outstanding team of winemakers all over the world. Over the past 178 years, Penfolds has been adhering to the consistent "château style", adhering to the classic expression of the philosophy of blending across production areas, selecting high-quality grapes from various high-quality production areas around the world, and creating excellent wines with both excellent quality and cellar value, including production The flagships from the world’s iconic South Australia, California, Bordeaux and other production areas – the Penfolds Collection series, as well as the Penfolds bottle series of champagne, etc., have attracted the attention and love of wine lovers and collectors around the world.


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