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People like to go deep into debt for these 10 cars

In the Netherlands, the Porsche dealers are working overtime. About a thousand have already been sold in the first six months of 2021. Especially the Cayenne, the 911 and the Taycan are doing well. But the new Aston Martin DBX, the Bentley Continental GT, BMW Z4 and Ferrari Roma are also going like a spear.

Record amount for the purchase of expensive cars

The British have traditionally been bigger car enthusiasts than the Dutch and Belgians. Corona and Brexit can also affect the British car freaks don't stop you from buying a fun motorized toy. Not even if they have to go deeply into debt to do so. In fact, according to the financing company JBR, the British borrowed a record amount for exclusive cars in May 2021.

Borrow from 29,000 euros

Of the more expensive brands, Porsche was the most popular among the British big spenders. Because we are not talking about small amounts. You can't go to JBR for a meager 5000 euros. You are only welcome at JBR if you want and can borrow at least 25,000 pounds (29,000 euros) for the purchase of your dream car. The top 10 models for which the British have the most borrowed money are as follows:

1. Aston Martin V8 Vantage

Previously, the Aston Martin Vanquish was the most popular Aston among JBR's clientele, but currently the V8 Vantage is the leader. Nevertheless, the entry-level Aston Martin still costs the British at least 120,900 pounds (140,244 euros). In the Netherlands, the starting price is approximately 228,000 euros…

2. Bentley Continental

We said it above: the Bentley Continental is a popular prestige model in our country. The British are also fond of it, although the characteristic Bentley lines hide German technology. Until recently, the V8 was still the most popular Continental, but in May about the same number of people opted for the W12. It has a British price tag of about 200,000 pounds (232,000 euros). In the Netherlands that is half a ton more.

3. Ferrari 458 Italia

British Ferrari enthusiasts prefer a second-hand car. In April 2021, the Ferrari 488 GTB was still a favorite, but now it is its predecessor, the 458 Italia. In addition, JBR has provided loans for Testarossas and a number of 250 GTBs.

4. Lamborghini Huracán

The Urus SUV is the most popular Lamborghini in the Netherlands. Rich Brits, on the other hand, prefer the traditional sports models. More than half of the Lambos for which the British applied for a loan in May were Huracáns (from £170,780). The Aventador comes in second. Only then does the Urus follow. In the Netherlands you have to pay at least 275,727 euros for a Huracán ...

5. Land Rover Defender

That an icon like the Land Rover Defender is in the top 10 of British pot eaters is no surprise to us. We, too, love this ultra-modern retro all-terrain executioner. The majority of the British opt for the Defender P300, equipped with the 300 hp petrol engine. For this you have to save or borrow at least 109,295 euros in the Netherlands. The British are satisfied with more than 40,000 pounds (approx. 46,400 euros).

6. McLaren 570S

More than 80 percent of all McLarens financed by JBR in May 2021 were a 570S. In the Netherlands that is a car of almost 2.5 tons. The British get away with a friend price of 145,000 pounds (approx. 168,000 euros) for this entry-level model from Woking.

7. Mercedes-AMG GT

The British are said to be a civilized people, but apparently there are also plenty of people who like to go into debt for a crude brute like the Mercedes-AMG GT. Anyway, the Premier League knows a lot of well-paid football players. Through our own experience with the unabashedly hammering, double-blown V8, we can best understand this very expensive piece. guilty pleasure. Incidentally, the AMG versions of the Mercedes C- and G-class are also high on the list of British debtors.

8. Porsche 911 (991)

Just like us Dutch, the British love the Porsche 911. Among the people who want to take out a hefty loan for this, the previous model (991) is favorite. It didn't matter whether it was a regular Carrera, a Turbo or a GT3, the (borrowed) wallet is eagerly drawn for all versions of the 991.

9. Range Rover Sport

Until recently we thought that the large SUV in the Netherlands was dead and buried. But to our surprise, cars like the Range Rover Sport are not doing well here, if at all, than they were 15 years ago. Mind you, those were the heyday of the 'PC Hoofttractor'.

It is no different in Great Britain. They would also like to have such an 'asobak' there too. London hockey mothers can bring their uniformed children to school in a new RaRo Sport from £65,000 (approximately EUR 75,000). Their Gooise counterparts have to break at least a euroton.

10. Rolls-Royce Cullinan

Given the starting price of over 432,000 euros, we think it's great that the Dutch Rolls-Royce dealer has already managed to sell a handful of Cullinans this year. We do not know exactly how many there are in Great Britain. A lot more, if we are to believe JBR. Because the lender is currently calling the Cullinan ‘extremely hot property’. Anyway, in his home country the SUV from Rolls-Royce only costs 265,000 pounds (307,000 euros) ...

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