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Porsche Centre Hsinchu opens Taiwan's first "Destination Porsche" design concept creates a new brand experience

On March 23, 2022, Porsche Taiwan officially welcomed the first Porsche Centre in Taiwan fully integrated with the design of "Destination Porsche" in Hsinchu

The Porsche Centre Hsinchu officially opened. It is located in the scientific town known as Taiwan's Silicon Valley. It is operated by Zhihua Automobile, a new important distribution partner of Porsche Taiwan and an international luxury car dealership, Lei Shing Hong Group. Optimistic about the potential of the luxury car market in Taiwan, Lei Shing Hong took the lead in opening the Porsche Studio Porsche Metropolis Concept Store in Hsinchu in 2020, and continued to expand and spend 570 million to build the first in Taiwan and the third in Asia to fully present the latest CI standard design "Destination Porsche" 』Concept of the exhibition center. A very distinctive streamlined appearance, four themed exhibition areas, a see-through observation deck for the exclusive parking lot and VIP lounge on the basement level, a Porsche Turbo Charging high-speed charging pile, plus the Porsche super sports car on display for a limited time – the new Cayenne Turbo GT, plus The last two highly personalised classic Porsches have been carefully selected in colour, as well as a one-of-a-kind LEGO wall art. "Deeply feel the brand heartbeat of Porsche, starting from the Porsche Centre in Hsinchu", not only inheriting the classics, but also bringing a new experience with the combination of technology and temperature.

The opening ceremony of the new Porsche Centre Hsinchu. From left to right: George Lau, Executive Director of CMI Group, SJ Yong, Managing Director of CMI Group, Graeme Hunter, Managing Director of Zhihua Automobile, Ralph Uhlmann, Acting President of Porsche Taiwan, Grace Chung, Director of Porsche Sales Taiwan, and Daniel Feucht, Director of Porsche Taiwan Sales

The Porsche Centre Hsinchu has a total area of ​​3,400 square meters. The building fully embodies the neo-modernism "simplicity, streamline, technology and speed". The exterior design incorporates streamlined aluminum panels, LOW-E glass curtains and solar energy, and the interior planning is based on the ultimate intimate feeling. Currently, the only exhibition center in Taiwan with a basement parking area for guests is built. Direct access to the exhibition space; the VIP lounge on the 2nd floor is equipped with a perspective observation deck, where the owner can watch the maintenance factory from a high position, and the real-time status of the car can be seen at a glance. The factory uses top-notch machines and tools imported from Europe that have passed the original VAS certification, and also has top-level sheet metal repair equipment – ​​Spanesi beam calibrator from Italy, which is highly accurate in the overhaul and measurement of vehicle chassis and body parts, ensuring after-sales service. High quality and high efficiency. In addition, there is a brand-new extreme sports Cayenne Turbo GT in the exhibition area, and two models with eye-catching paint perfectly present Porsche's carefully selected colors, namely the prestigious classic Rubystar and Stone Grey. Grey), which expresses the unique personality of the owner with the power of color. Kid Corner is exhibiting a Lego wall that condenses Porsche imagery, art and childlike fun for a limited time. It is 4 meters wide and made up of about 87,000 Lego bricks. Porsche Center Hsinchu is the first in Taiwan and the only Lego certified master in Taiwan, Mr. In the auto showroom of large-scale cooperation works, car owners and fans are invited to visit.

The booth also focuses on digital touch interface applications to enhance the interaction between guests and products and services. According to the different car models, there are four themed exhibition areas: "Highlight Module" to display the latest Porsche models; "E-Performance Module" It combines digital technology with the new generation of pure electric or hybrid vehicles, such as Taycan, charging service, Porsche Connect and interactive touch screen, etc.; "Tequipment" displays original Porsche technical equipment accessories; Approved Module provides Porsche Approved Warranty Porsche Certified Warranty Service, detailed display of Porsche certified used cars, peace of mind and guaranteed.

In addition, "Porsche Driver Selection" displays and sells a variety of high-quality products; "Kid Corner" allows children of family guests to play, color, and read Porsche children's books to fully immerse themselves in a comfortable atmosphere; " Owner's Collection has 2 different styles of delivery spaces, 'The Salon' and 'Tech', where an honorable and unforgettable delivery experience will take place; the after-sales service factory has set up 2 "Dialogue Bays" for delivery inspections With sheet spray service.

After completion, the Porsche Exhibition Center in Hsinchu will have 14 new car exhibition areas, a total of 24 independent work spaces for after-sales warranty and 109 parking spaces in the whole building, and two 320Kw high-speed charging stations, which can reach 100 kilometers of battery life after 5 minutes of charging. , Porsche electric car owners will be able to enjoy a smooth and worry-free journey. Through the special planning of the booth and the highest-standard hardware and software equipment, Porsche Taiwan will join hands with Zhihua Automobile to create a seamless one-stop top-notch service at the Porsche Exhibition Center in Bamboo.

Ralph Uhlmann (right), acting president of Porsche Taiwan, presented the trophy from the original German factory to Mr. Graeme Hunter, managing director of Zhihua Automobile (left)

【Porsche Centre Hsinchu Porsche Centre Hsinchu】

Address: No. 718, Zhonghua Road, Zhubei City, Hsinchu County

Opening hours: Monday to Sunday 09:00 – 20:00

Tel: 03-5528888

【Porsche Studio Hsinchu Hsinchu Porsche Metropolis Concept Store】

Address: No. 148, Section 1, Jiafeng South Road, Zhubei City, Hsinchu County

Business hours:Monday to Sunday 09:00 – 19:00

Tel: 03-6565656

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