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Pre-order price starts at 999,000 LUXGEN n⁷ pure electric SUV officially open for orders. The first domestic electric vehicle officially claims a range of 505 kilometers and accelerates to 100-mph in 7 seconds.

"LUXGEN is not just about giving car owners an electric car, but an entire smart mobility service ecosystem!" With the mission of "making pure electric mobility truly popular", LUXGEN officially released "PURE for all" today (10/12) "Electric Future Blueprint" reveals n⁷ specifications and member pre-order prices, implements exclusive benefits for n⁷ owners within one million, and officially opens the project membership (1) 10,000 yuan pre-order plan: pure electric spokesperson (2) from today to 10/23 (1), pure electric partners (3) will be from 10/15 (Sunday) to 10/23 (Monday). If you complete the pre-order payment of 10,000 yuan, you can purchase n⁷ with a minimum of 1 million yuan as promised in the project. Preferential prices and get priority delivery! n⁷After continuous adjustments and improvements, the cruising range officially sent for testing has been upgraded to 505 kilometers! Zuo Zisheng, Chairman of LUXGEN, specially thanked n⁷ project members and all partners for their support, announcing that as the entire product line enters the era of "pure highlights", services will also take on a new look, starting from the new brand connotation of "infinite possibilities", launching "Dian Da Jia" professional home charging service and "LUXLIFE" multiple warranty services integrate Yulon Group's most complete global mobile service resources to accompany you in your wonderful life!

The launch of LUXGEN n⁷’s new generation of pure electric travel is the first step in the “PURE for all pure electric future blueprint”

"Pioneer" has gone through various environments and rigorous testing and verification at home and abroad to provide consumers with the most suitable and high-quality new energy products. In order to make your first pure electric travel fully equipped, n⁷ has 7 major products Highlights:

  1. [LuxTech]Pure electric power technology: a cruising range of 505 kilometers and excellent performance of accelerating from 0 to 100 mph in 7 seconds.
  2. [LuxCare]Variable and comfortable space: The 2,920mm long wheelbase advantage creates a more spacious cabin space, and a multi-functional large space that can be freely switched between 5-seater/5+2-seater unique to domestic electric vehicles.
  3. [LuxConnect]Digital technology cockpit: Equipped with a 12.3-inch digital instrument panel + a 15.6-inch central control large screen.
  4. 【LuxAero】Aerodynamic styling: The styling continues LUXGEN’s aerodynamic design concept of “shaping with wind”, combining performance, energy saving and appearance.
  5. [LuxGenius]Intelligent driving assistance: equipped with ADAS Lv.2+ intelligent automatic driving assistance function as standard, and also equipped with AR View360-degree panoramic view/AR chassis perspective and many other safety technologies.
  6. [LuxCharge]Complete charging solution: With the support of high-power DC charging, the power can be charged from 10% to 80% in 30 minutes, and public charging services account for more than 80% coverage in Taiwan, which will significantly reduce consumption It also supports V2L external power supply, providing smarter, safer, more diverse and practical usage scenarios for driving in daily life.
  7. [LuxClub]Internet of Vehicles application ecosystem: LuxClub runs through the digital member application ecosystem of all LUXGEN services, enjoys multiple exclusive discounts, and has a dedicated APP to allow you to use your car easily and move smartly.

LUXGEN will officially open pre-orders for pure electric spokespersons and pure electric partners starting from 15:00 on 10/12 (Thursday). n⁷ has officially launched the "n⁷5-person highlight version" (pure electric member pre-order price is 1.299 million) and "n⁷7-person highlight version" (The pre-purchase price for pure electric members is 1.349 million). The setting of this price is equivalent to the beginning of Taiwan’s electric vehicle prices becoming more affordable. It is almost the same price as the domestic fuel version of medium-sized SUVs. It will be a painless transition from fuel vehicles to electric vehicles in Taiwan. A key step in the popularization of electric vehicles! In order to fulfill the one-million-dollar commitment to project members, and under the principle of no discount on customer experience, we have launched the "n⁷5-person pure version" (pre-order price for pure electric members is 999,000) without any cost, and comes standard with a 12.3-inch digital instrument panel. With a 15.6-inch central control screen, a cruising range of 505 kilometers, acceleration from zero to zero in 7 seconds, and ADAS Lv.2+ intelligent autonomous driving assistance functions, n⁷ will accelerate with you into the pure electric future! Due to the stable supply of key components of electric vehicles and the risk of price changes, product pricing may change. Only pure electric members will still enjoy the above-mentioned exclusive discounts! Participating in pre-orders will allow LUXGEN to accelerate production more accurately and efficiently, and allow you to deliver your car earlier than ordinary consumers at the best price. Purchase the "n⁷5 person/7 person highlight version" now to enjoy up to 40% rebate for four years of charging, or choose the LUXGEN wall-mounted charging pile (worth NT39,900), and enjoy the "n⁷5 person pure version" for four years of charging up to 20% % feedback, please take advantage of it!

LUXGEN's vision is "Everyone can easily enter the pure electric future"

In response to the government's "2050 Net Zero Emissions" strategy, the brand operation model has been launched. Through the four highlights of the "Pure for all Pure Electric Future Blueprint", it will bring Taiwanese consumers not just a car, but a complete smart mobility solution. , and also hopes to truly popularize electric vehicles in Taiwan and do its part as an independent brand. The second step, "Universal", provides more comprehensive and complete services to the 130,000 LUXGEN car owners, creating a new sales and service brand LUXLIFE, a new type of mobile life Service For All service center, with openness and diversification as the core, establishing The first and only original factory-level multi-brand service in Taiwan, from health inspection and maintenance to vehicle inspection and certification of used cars, it brings a new service experience to mobile life, so that all cars in the family, regardless of car brand, can get all original factory services in Taiwan. With the most professional and reliable technical services, you can easily control the status of multiple cars; you can also enjoy the most fair and credible appraisal services when you want to resell a vehicle. In the future, we will continue to provide customized mobile life and online warranty services, such as cloud consultation, online pick-up and delivery of cars by drivers, pick-up and return of cars in one place and return in another place, and online multiple payment services. This year It will be officially launched in December. Regardless of the size of the vehicle, you can rest assured to leave it to LUXLIFE!

As for the third step of "Recharge" charging service, LUXGEN and YES! Seven charging operators, including Laidian, TAIL, EVOASIS, U-POWER, iCHARGING, EVALUE and NOODOE, have cooperated to build a new energy vehicle charging ecosystem through the integration of LuxClub APP and member points feedback mechanism, covering most mainstream charging operators. , covering more than 80% of the market area (4), the total number of charging guns will exceed 2,000 by the end of 2023, and it is expected to exceed 4,000 by the end of 2024 (the number of fast charging guns accounts for more than 1/3 of the total). Such a complete charging supporting solution allows You don’t have to worry about charging issues. You can master Taiwan’s charging map anytime, anywhere, find the charging base nearest you, and get membership points to enjoy rebates on charging! LUXGEN plans to officially launch the home charging "Electronic Home" membership service in November this year, providing a comprehensive home charging plan, allowing consumers to obtain more affordable energy expenditures through home charging than fuel vehicles, making LUXGEN a part of your journey The safe charging assistant eliminates mileage anxiety and protects pure electric life!

In addition, are you tired of the traditional model of comparing prices and asking and negotiating prices when buying a car in Taiwan?Step Four in the Blueprint
"Easy" makes buying a car super simple. Through the LuxClub digital membership ecosystem, it redefines the service model with a new e-commerce service platform, providing consumers with real-time cloud services that transcend geographical restrictions, and integrating LUXGEN's solid services that continue to innovate in the industry. Experience, coupled with Yulon Group's abundant horizontal resources, combined with the super member points feedback mechanism, provide consumers with one-stop all-round online services, including online car purchase, insurance, car loans, leasing, used cars, charging services and car Internet and other diversified services. Offline experience will also be launched simultaneously in new stores and pure electric experience centers in Taichung and Tainan districts from January next year. From now on, we will fully recruit interested partners to work together to promote the true popularization of pure electric mobility in Taiwan!

The birth of "PURE for all Pure Electric Future Blueprint"

It is hoped that while car owners can easily own the first new-generation pure electric SUV n⁷, they will also enjoy a set of more complete and purer smart mobility services. What LUXGEN gives Taiwan is not just a car, but a pure electric mobile phone. Service ecosystem! The 10,000 yuan pre-order event will be held for 12 days from 10/12 (Thursday) to 10/23 (Monday). The first three days from 10/12 (Thursday) to 10/14 (Saturday) will have exclusive pure electric spokespersons, and 10/15 (Monday) - During the period of 10/23 (Monday), you can participate with pure electric partners. After completing the online pre-order, you can purchase the car at a preferential price of n⁷ with a minimum entry of one million according to the project commitment and get priority for delivery! The RMB 10,000 pre-order deposit you paid will be automatically converted into a deposit if no refund is carried out before December 1. At that time, a dedicated person will contact the project members in batches according to the pre-order serial number for product experience and subsequent car purchase procedures. Participating in the pre-order payment of RMB 10,000 will help us accelerate production more accurately and efficiently, allowing you to deliver your car earlier than ordinary consumers at the best price.

LUXGEN continues to optimize, insists on delivering the best products to consumers, redefines the value of electric vehicle products in the new era with renewed services, lowers the threshold for consumers to switch between oil and electricity, and makes it easier to enter the pure electric future! We sincerely invite you to seize the opportunity of this special offer. Welcome to pre-order on LUXGEN’s official website, and be the first to join LUXGEN in the pure electric future!

Note 1. n⁷ pure electric members refer to those who have the valid status of n⁷ pure electric spokesperson or n⁷ pure electric partner when participating in the "n⁷ pure electric member limited-time 10,000 yuan pre-purchase event", which shall be determined by the Lazijie Automobile system.

Note 2. n⁷Pure Electric Spokesperson refers to members who completed online payment to purchase the "n⁷Pure Electric Spokesperson" project on this website during 2022/9/1-2. The project has ended on 2022/9/2.

Note 3. n⁷Pure Electric Partner refers to members who completed online payment to purchase the "n⁷Pure Electric Partner" project on this website between 2022/10/18-10/23. The project has ended on 2022/10/23.

Note 4. Does not include the number of charging guns installed or commissioned by the brand.

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