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Prestige Six Seat debutHyundai Santa Fe Royal Seat

●Introduce the second row flagship dual seats (additional heat device)

●Standard 12.3-inch digital instrument + 8-inch touch screen host

●Level 2 Smart Sense active safety technology

Domestic price: GLTH-C six-seater/1.719 million yuan, GLTH-D six-seater/1.939 million yuan

Domestic Nanyang Industry can be said to have made frequent moves recently. In addition to announcing the adjustment of the price of the 2023-style Tucson L (GLT-A increased by 10,000 to 989,000, GLT-B increased by 20,000 to 1.089 million), the sold The Ioniq 5 electric vehicle has also been introduced into the 2023 New Year model. In addition to the entry-level EV400, which remains equipped with a 58.0kWh battery and the same specifications and equipment, but the price has been increased to 1.519 million yuan, it has also launched a 77.4kWh higher battery capacity and The cruising range and the EV600 and EV600 Performance models introduced with the V2L in-car power supply system replace the original EV500 models, and the prices are 1.899 million and 2.099 million respectively.

In addition, for the seven-seat turbo gasoline-electric luxury SUV introduced and sold, two additional six-seat Royal Seat models have been added, and an exclusive "coniferous brown" color has been launched. The new cars are priced at GLTH- C six-seater / 1.719 million yuan and GLTH-D six-seater / 1.939 million yuan, both increased by 20,000 yuan compared with the original seven-seater model, but in the equipment part, the second row of seats is changed to 2 The independent flagship seat design is equipped with heating devices, multi-stage adjustable independent armrests, and second-row private window sunshades, combined with 12.3-inch digital instruments, 8-inch touch screen host, large panoramic sunroof and dual front seats. Ventilated/heated/memory seats make the Santa Fe, which is already a high-end luxury, add another level of honorable riding experience.

The Santa Fe Hybrid adds two Royal Seat six-seater models with the same black/dark brown color scheme as the seven-seater model.
The Royal Seat six-seater model changes the second row of seats to two independent flagship seats, which must be equipped with multi-section armrests, independent heating functions, and private window shades.
The top-spec seven-seater GLTH-D model and the newly added GLTH-D six-seater Royal Seat model come standard with a large panoramic power sunroof.

Not only that, the entire Santa Fe series also comes standard with a complete set of Level 2 Smart Sense active safety assistance technologies, including SCC full-speed range intelligent active distance maintenance (with Stop & Go), LFA full-speed range lane keeping assist, LKA Lane Departure Assist, FCA Front Active Brake Assist, FCW Forward Collision Warning System, BCA Blind Spot Collision Avoidance Assist System and more than 15 advanced safety technologies. In addition, the six-seater model is also equipped with a 1.6 T-GDI turbocharged gasoline direct injection engine (180hp, 27.0kgm), and is equipped with an electric motor with a power output of 60hp/26.9kgm and a 1.49 kWh lithium-ion battery pack. It brings its maximum combined horsepower output to 230hp and a first-level fuel consumption performance of 19.2km/L.


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