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Preview the electric flagship SUV Skoda Vision 7S Concept

・The original factory announced on August 30, which is the prototype of the brand's future seven-seat pure electric SUV.

・The new version of the SKODA wordmark is adopted, and the T-shaped head and tail lamps are the most distinctive features of the appearance.

・Unique 6+1 seat design, and provides two atmosphere settings for driving and resting.

・Equipped with an 89kWh battery module, the endurance under the WLTP test is over 600 kilometers.

At the Skoda original factory press conference on August 30, the car factory not only announced the facelift plan of the existing new car, but also exhibited the long-awaited Vision 7S concept car. We can clearly see the design concept of Skoda's new car in the future on this electric SUV with a length of more than 5 meters.

When I first saw the Skoda Vision 7S concept car, some people may guess: Will the next-generation Kodiaq look like this? We don't think the similarity between the two cars is too high. First of all, the Vision 7S Concept is built on the MEB electric vehicle modular platform, and the length of the car is 5016mm, which is far from the length of the current Kodiaq, which is less than 4.7 meters. Therefore, the two are at most similar in charm. After all, they are the same The flagship of Skoda's leisure travel. In addition, the original factory also said at this press conference: The new Kodiaq and Superb will appear in the second half of 2023, so whether they are similar or not, I believe the answer will be revealed soon.

The Vision 7S concept car adopts a new design vocabulary, and the overall shape is more neat and avant-garde.

When you first see the Vision 7S concept car, you can still feel the crystal cutting concept that Skoda has always emphasized, and outline the essence and charm of this car with extremely sharp lines as much as possible. The original grille design in the water tank shield has been replaced by a whole piece of dark glass with a built-in lens and radar sensor. The original factory called it Tech-Deck Face. It doesn't matter if you remember! The focus is on its T-shaped headlights, which are composed of a slender LED daytime running light above and two vertically arranged square LED headlights. The position of the headlights is very close to the left and right sides to create a wide vision. Effect. The shape of the taillights echoes the headlights. The overall line not only extends forward along the waistline from the side of the car, but also integrates downwards into the rear bumper. Careful readers should find that the bumper material of the concept car is a bit special. It is made of waste tire rubber, which is not only environmentally friendly and sustainable, but also scratch-resistant and wear-resistant. In addition, the seven vertical openings on the front and rear bumpers not only help the braking and cooling system to dissipate heat, the bright orange device in the center can also be used as a trailer hook or disconnect the high-voltage electrical device when necessary. With shape and practical function.

The new car from 2024 will use a new wordmark. Will it happen to be the production car of the Vision 7S?

The doors of the Vision 7S concept car are of a split design. Although it may not come true in the future, the seat design in the car is quite interesting. Under the common three-row six-seater configuration, there is also a center in the second row. Reverse child seat. The original factory believes that this position is the safest in the car, which can protect children who have not yet fully developed, and has installed a surveillance camera above the head of the third-row passengers, so that the driver or front-seat passengers can view through the central 14.6-inch touch screen at any time. baby situation. It is worth mentioning that the Vision 7S concept car also designed two atmosphere modes, Driving and Relaxing, based on the actual usage scenarios of consumers. In driving mode, the central control screen is displayed vertically. The upper part provides navigation and other information that needs to be checked frequently while driving, while the lower part is reserved for the touch interface. There are also 6 physical buttons and 3 groups of physical knobs. It makes the overall operation more intuitive and simple; in the rest mode, the instrument panel, steering wheel and pedals are all stowed forward, and the central control screen is also turned into a horizontal display, and the front seats are slightly reclined to provide more comfort. Spacious event space.

The concept car's wheelbase is as long as 3037mm, and the electric car requires less mechanical space, so the spaciousness of the cabin is self-evident.

Even though the Vision 7S is still in the conceptual stage, the original factory announced early that it will be equipped with a battery module with a maximum capacity of 89kWh in the future mass production, and can support 200kW fast charging; under the WLTP test specification, it has a battery life of more than 600 kilometers. According to Skoda's current product plan, three pure electric new cars will be released before 2026. We estimate that the new Vision 7S mass-produced new car will debut in 2024 at the earliest, which is really exciting!


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