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Price comparison Volvo EX30: these 2 electric SUVs are thousands of euros cheaper -

The most popular version of the Volvo EX30 costs 45,690 euros. What exactly do you get for that money and can't it be cheaper?

Volvo EX30

We configure the Volvo EX30 in the most popular way. Namely the version with the large battery (Extended Range), the 'free' paint color (grey) and two extras from the options list: seat and steering wheel heating and extra tinted glass. This means that the tax value remains below the subsidy limit of 45,000 euros. And that EV subsidy is important, because Volvo sells an above-average number of cars to private individuals.

The EX30 with large battery has a heat pump and with winter in full swing we demand the same from its competitors. That requirement makes the new Kona Electric a pricey car. There are also cheaper alternatives, namely the beautiful Renault Megane E-Tech Electric and the European Car of the Year 2023, the Jeep Avenger.

Volvo EX30 Single Motor Extended Range

(64 kWh, 471 km, 272 hp)

  • Plus version: 44,935 euros
  • Free paint color (grey): standard
  • Heat pump: standard
  • Seat and steering wheel heating: 360 euros
  • Extra tinted glass: 395 euros
  • Total price: 45,690 euros

Duerder: Hyundai Kona Electric

Hyundai understands the Volvo EX30 customer and bundles the extra tinted glass and the seat and steering wheel heating in the Comfort Smart version. And there is another similarity: an electrically operated tailgate. Hyundai charges 1495 euros for the heat pump. There goes your EV subsidy. The Premium version of the Hyundai Kona Electric has that pump as standard, but costs 49,995 euros.

Hyundai Kona Electric

(65.4 kWh, 514 km, 218 pk)

  • Comfort Smart version: 45,895 euros
  • Free paint color (red): standard
  • Heat pump: 1495 euros
  • Seat and steering wheel heating: standard
  • Extra tinted glass: standard
  • Total price: 47,390 euros

Tip: Hyundai advertises two temporary promotional models. The Smart Limited version of the Kona Electric Comfort costs 45,195 euros and meets our wishes. It has both a heat pump with battery heating and seat heating for the cold winter months. He is also eligible for an EV subsidy.


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Cheaper: Renault Megane E-Tech Electric

At Renault and Volvo you get a heat pump from the second version. Then you have it at the Renault Megane E-Tech Electric about a Techno version and which also has extra tinted glass and steering wheel heating. You only have to pay an extra 400 euros for heated front seats. And Renault likes to install large wheels: the Techno is standard on 20-inch.

Renault Megane E-Tech Electric

(60 kWh, 450 km, 220 hp)

  • Techno version: 41,870 euros
  • Free paint color (white): standard
  • Heat pump: standard
  • Seat heating: 400 euros
  • Steering wheel heating: standard
  • Extra tinted glass: standard
  • Total price: 42,270 euros

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Cheaper: Jeep Avenger

Each Jeep Avenger has a heat pump, but you won't find steering wheel heating anywhere. You can currently select an option package free of charge. The Tech & Style Pack with privacy glass, adaptive cruise control and a reversing camera is the logical choice. That makes the Jeep the most affordable choice, but it also has the smallest range and the least horsepower.

Jeep Avenger

(51 kWh, 392 km, 156 hp)

  • Longitude version: 40,500 euros
  • Free paint color (red): standard
  • Heat pump: standard
  • Seat heating: 400 euros
  • Steering wheel heating: not available
  • Extra tinted glass: standard
  • Total price: 40,900 euros

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