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ProPILOT intelligent driving assistance listed2022-style Nissan Altima pre-sale starts

●Introduced Level 2 "ProPILOT Intelligent Driving Assistance System"

●For the first time, "RR-AEB rear anti-collision emergency braking system" is configured

Equipped with 2.0L VC-Turbo variable compression ratio turbo engine

●7-inch digital instrument panel + 8-inch smart audio-visual multimedia screen

●Domestic pre-sale price of 1.349 million yuan

At the corporate briefing meeting of Yulon Motors in May this year, it was announced that the new year-style Nissan Altima model will be introduced. Then at the end of the month (5/31), Yulon Nissan announced the pre-sale activities of the 2022-style Altima. Officially started, it was compiled from a single model, and the pre-sale price was 1.349 million yuan. However, the 2022 New Year model introduced this time is not a small facelift model that is expected to go on sale in North America this fall, but a New Year model that has been adjusted and equipped, and the pre-sale price of 1.349 million is higher than the original 1.289 million. The excellent flagship model has been increased, but it will be sold in a way of returning more and less but not making up. At present, the number of the first wave of the original factory is only 200, and the new car is expected to arrive in Hong Kong in October this year.

The main focus of the 2022 New Year's Altima is the introduction of the "ProPILOT Intelligent Driving Assistance System" with Level 2 for the first time and the new RR-AEB rear anti-collision emergency braking system. The ProPILOT system includes two major NIM technologies, "ICC Intelligent Constant Speed ​​System" and "LKA Lane Keeping Assist System", which can follow and stop at any time within the speed range of 0~144km/h, and keep the lane when going straight and turning. Centering function (LKA actuates above 70km/h). In addition, the first "RR-AEB rear anti-collision emergency braking system" will remind you with a warning sound when reversing. If the driver still does not take any braking action, the system will force the brake to effectively reduce the collision when reversing. Collision with pedestrians (applicable to speeds below 15km/h).

The new 2022-style Altima is the first to introduce the Level 2 "ProPILOT Intelligent Driving Assistance System", which has two major NIM intelligent driving assistance technologies, including ICC intelligent speed control and LKA lane maintenance assistance.
The RR-AEB rear anti-collision emergency braking system equipped for the first time has the function of compulsory intervention braking, which can effectively reduce the collision and pedestrian collision accidents when reversing.

As for the interior equipment, it continues the configuration of the original excellent flagship version, 7-inch color digital instrument panel, suspended 8-inch touch screen, flat-bottom multi-function sports steering wheel, shift paddles, electric 8-way adjustment of the driver's seat, BOSE advanced Audio + 9 speakers, satellite navigation, Bluetooth connection and dual front seat electric heating are all standard; in addition, an upgraded shark fin antenna and the same "Aurora Blue" as the GT-R 50th anniversary limited model are also available. car color.

The interior maintains the original layout, including a 7-inch digital instrument panel, an 8-inch touch screen, a flat-bottom multi-function sports steering wheel, and BOSE premium audio.

As for the power system, the original 2.0-liter VC-Turbo variable compression ratio turbo engine is maintained, and it is matched with an X-CVT gearbox that can simulate an 8-speed. However, the maximum horsepower and torque output are revised down to 239hp according to the US emission standards. , 36.9kgm (original 248hp, 38.8kgm), but the average fuel consumption is slightly increased by 13.3km/L (original 13.1km/L).

The 22-year-old Altima is equipped with the original 2.0L VC-Turbo variable compression ratio turbo engine and is matched with an 8-speed X-CVT gearbox, with a maximum power output of 239hp and 36.9kgm.


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