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Pure rear-wheel drive driving emotion, the extraordinary amphibious warrior Lamborghini Huracán Tecnica officially debut

Since its founding, Lamborghini has constantly surpassed itself, reinvented the norm, and set countless milestones in the craftsmanship of supercars; turning its visionary vision into an astonishing fantasy masterpiece. The new generation of Huracán Tecnica inherits the extraordinary performance soul of the bullock car series. With the appearance of a pure rear-drive V10 naturally aspirated engine, it can fully meet the needs of extreme track blood and comfortable daily driving. The name Tecnica faithfully reflects the excellent achievements of the technical strength of the Huracán car series. The new appearance combines cutting-edge technology and optimized aerodynamic design to provide fast and agile driving response and control experience. Track versatility for endless fun.

"Huracán Tecnica inherits Lamborghini's automotive design craftsmanship and cutting-edge technological achievements. Whether it is extreme track driving or daily leisure travel, it can bring unparalleled driving pleasure to drivers," said Mr. Stephan Winkelmann, President and CEO of Automobili Lamborghini. , "Tecnica has established a close connection with driving, and the handy handling feeling and responsive driving feedback ensure a fun driving experience; while the world is gradually entering a new virtual era, we use this to improve the pure car-making craftsmanship and performance. A tribute to intuition. Huracán Tecnica completes the family car lineup, embodies the brand’s car-making skills, strong dynamic performance, and adds a recognizable new look to open a new chapter for the V10 naturally aspirated engine model.”

Technical Hurricane Inspiration from technology and aesthetics

The all-new Huracán Tecnica is powered by a 5.2-liter V-type 10-cylinder naturally aspirated engine that produces the same 640 hp as the Huracán STO at 6,500 rpm and a peak torque of 565 Nm; rear-wheel drive and rear-wheel steering are set so that its net weight is only It has a weight of 1,379 kg, a weight power of 2.15 kg/hp, a front-to-rear weight distribution of 41/59%, and a top speed of 325 km/h.

The Tecnica comes standard with the LDVI (Lamborghini Dinamica Veicolo Integrata) body dynamic integration system derived from the Huracán EVO, which can instantly control and predict the dynamic performance of the vehicle; it adopts rear-wheel drive and rear-wheel steering settings and is equipped with the new P-TCS (Performance Traction Control System) The performance tracking control system and the suspension system configuration retuned for this vehicle give ANIMA dynamic mode selection: road (STRADA), sport (SPORT) and track (CORSA) highly differentiated and new Style, with the latest technology to faithfully present the fun of classic rear-wheel-drive supercars.

In the STRADA mode, the rear wheel steering of the vehicle is supplemented by the P-TCS system under torque guidance, which ensures that the Huracán Tecnica maintains a high degree of stability and agility at all times, enabling comfortable and leisurely daily driving. Start the SPORT mode, step on the accelerator lightly, and the wild power is ready to burst; the LDF seven-speed dual-clutch transmission system stimulates the passion of shifting gears, and the Tecnica's dynamic and fun-led driving character is undoubtedly on display. The more dynamic rear-wheel steering performance greatly improves the driving pleasure; through the P-TCS system, the torque distribution limit can be judged in real time, and the agile and stable body dynamics allow the driver to enjoy the ease of drifting without compromising safety. pleasure. Switch to the track (CORSA) mode, more responsive driving response and exciting roar, all reminding Tecnica's unique talent on the field. The specially adjusted power output provides more intuitive and linear accelerator and shift feedback, supplemented by the precise prediction and setting adjustment of the LDVI system, giving full play to the lateral and vertical grip control of the vehicle torque guidance and P-TCS system, sharp and sharp And tough, it is easy to face the challenges of various extreme driving conditions such as track driving.

Tecnica's extraordinary driving performance is evident in the new brake cooling system. Inspired by Lamborghini's rich achievements in motorsport, the carbon fiber ceramic brake system applies aerodynamic design, and adopts cooling deflectors and caliper ventilation ducts specially designed for this vehicle to further enhance the aerodynamic efficiency of the bottom of the car and maximize the heat dissipation effect. It minimizes the brake oil temperature and brake decay rate, and helps to reduce the wear rate of parts, ensuring that the vehicle maintains consistent and strong braking performance whether on the road or on the track.

A new chapter in model random performance, aerodynamics and technological craftsmanship

The new exterior design of Huracán Tecnica perfectly reflects the dual appearance of a new generation of rear-wheel drive bulls combining Italian lifestyle and arena-oriented competition. Aerodynamic technology and lightweight engineering give the vehicle a sense of dynamism, while maintaining an unmistakably elegant stance, a stunning new stance that is instantly recognisable in the Huracán family of cars.

Different from other models in the family car series, the outline of the Huracán Tecnica is inspired by the Essenza SCV 12. Its body size is 6.1 cm longer than that of the Huracán EVO. Under the conditions of the same height and width, the Huracán Tecnica is more low, wide and domineering; when viewed from the front, the front of the car is sharp. The lines and the full carbon fiber hood that complement each other highly demonstrate the aggressive character of Tecnica. The new front bumper, in the black Ypsilon style from Terzo Millennio, has a spoiler design first seen on the Huracán series, extending all the way to the side air intakes, echoing the black painted roof option, outlines The dynamism of the vehicle. The Tecnica also features a redesigned front splitter and a lower, wider grille that directs airflow over the wheels, greatly optimizing downforce and cooling efficiency. The black color added to the bottom of the front windshield brings a light visual feel to the vehicle.

Lamborghini's recognizable clean lines are also clearly visible at the rear of the new-look Huracán Tecnica. The upright rear glass window provides a wide rear view, and the rebuilt lightweight carbon fiber hood highlights Tecnica's rare V10 naturally aspirated power heart. The new rear design, the rear bumper further optimizes the air intake, the lower spoiler comes standard with the same color as the body, and black is optional, and the exhaust system adopts the hexagonal design of the brand's classic elements. Powerful. The fixed rear wing not only completes the unique lines of the vehicle in terms of craftsmanship and aesthetics, but also helps to reduce air resistance and increase downforce, effectively improving the aerodynamic balance and body stability of the vehicle during braking and cornering speed. A new type of air deflector is used at the bottom of the vehicle to optimize benefits, effectively improving aerodynamic efficiency.

Complementing the new look of the Huracán Tecnica, owners can opt for Damiso 20-inch diamond-polished rims specially created for this vehicle, inspired by the Lamborghini Vision GT, presented in a classic hexagonal design, and equipped exclusively with Bridgestone Potenza Sport. fetal.

Perfect Italian lifestyle and pure driving performance

The versatility of the Huracán Tecnica continues in its interior and extensive customization options: height-adjustable sports seats allow the driver to enter the cockpit like a pilot; Roll cage or rim screws made of titanium alloy, and four-point seat belts for owners of extreme track driving and control.

A sleeker, more combative style can be seen in the Tecnica's cabin space, with smoother lines and streamlined tones, making it easier for drivers to read dashboard information while on the move. The redesigned HMI touch screen for this vehicle can easily control various connected devices in the vehicle and the Apple CarPlay connection function; inspired by the Huracán STO, the telemetry system, which can also be controlled by the touch screen, records the telemetry data in real time. It can also be linked with the owner's exclusive Lamborghini UNICA mobile app.

The rich and splendid exterior color and interior matching have always been a famous feature of Lamborghini models. In addition to the basic exterior paint colors, Huracán Tecnica has more than 200 Ad Personam top custom exterior colors to choose from, as well as a new interior in Alcantara suede specially designed for this model, including: stitching design, color And Tecnica themed embroidery. Carving a unique Huracán Tecnica, car owners can use the full range of Ad Personam's top-level customized services to infinitely interpret the ultimate fusion of vehicle performance and design beauty, so as to combine driving pleasure and lifestyle.

The new Huracán Tecnica is expected to arrive in Taiwan at the end of 2022. Adhering to the spirit of local operation and the most efficient service, the general agent of Lamborghini Taiwan Jiayu Xingye is honored to announce that it will be open to accepting orders from now on, and invites enthusiastic people to experience the purest The Italian-style amphibious warrior. For details, please contact Lamborghini Taiwan Taiwan Service Network:

Lamborghini Taipei Exhibition Center: 02-2796-3737

Lamborghini Taichung Exhibition Center: 04-2472-6666

Southern Taiwan Service Center: 07-812-1000

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