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Qinxia limited!Suntory "God Bubble Bar" pop-up store debuts in Taiwan 6 Suntory The PREMIUM MALT'S One Satisfaction

Suntory's top beer The PREMIUM MALT'S 2022 "God Bubble Bar" pop-up store debuted. From July 30th to August 14th, 6 top draft beers and 3 meals with different flavors will be launched in Taipei and Taichung. taste buds!

Summer is the best time to enjoy a beer! Japan's top beer leading brand "Suntory's top beer The PREMIUM MALT'S" is characterized by "gollow and rich taste", "gorgeous aromatic finish", and is also known for its fine and dense "god-level foam" that enhances the taste of beer. Adhering to the spirit of professionalism, we are very particular about raw materials, brewing methods, and quality management, and our persistence in details is loved by many beer controllers.

Suntory's new limited-time pop-up store "Shen Pao Bar" will be pop-up tours at Shin Kong Mitsukoshi A11 in Taipei, Eslite Life Nanxi and Taichung PARK2 Caowu Plaza from July 30 to August 14.

In order to welcome the summer, Suntory has created a new limited-time pop-up store "Shen Pao Bar", which will be pop-up tour at Shin Kong Mitsukoshi A11 in Taipei, Eslite Life Nanxi in Taipei and PARK2 in Taichung from July 30 to August 14. , so that consumers can experience the unique trendy bar atmosphere of the flagship store in Tokyo, Japan without flying abroad. The Suntory "God Bar" pop-up store sells 6 top-quality draft beers in different flavors in a daily limit, paired with 3 kinds of carefully crafted delicious meals. Drinking a sip of cool draft beer with dense beer foam, you can feel the smooth mouthfeel and delicate finish. It is definitely the most chill summer beer feast!

Strictly select high-quality raw materials, brew Suntory with the spirit of craftsmanship, and strive to create delicious top-quality beer
Suntory adheres to the spirit of Japanese craftsmen, carefully selects high-quality raw materials, uses 100% Japanese deep natural water to brew, uses two barley and European strong-flavored hops to create a top beer with rich aroma, and adds rare diamond malt to bring out the ultimate glycol. strong. Suntory's top beer The PREMIUM MALT'S is most famous for its fine and dense "God-level foam" ("God-level foam" for short), which is not only a perfume particle that concentrates the beer flavor, but also a cover that prevents the beer from deteriorating.

The freshly drawn Suntory's top draft beer, The PREMIUM MALT'S, has a perfect and precise 7:3 ratio of liquor and foam to elongate the beer flavor that is smooth and rich in gorgeous aroma. Starting from the development of the measurement method for foam durability, Suntory has continued to work hard to study and improve the "God Bubble". The original intention of tasting the perfect frothy draft beer, Suntory Japan and Taiwan launched the "God Bubble Shop" certification system. Through strict control of draft beer production principles and the certification and audit of cooperative stores, Suntory fully reflects Suntory's beer quality and "God Bubble". Constant investment and persistence.

Suntory's top beer The PREMIUM MALT'S pursues the ultimate quality, carefully selects high-quality raw materials and top-level construction methods, presents the highest-quality beer and "sacred bubbles", and shows the spirit of Japanese beer brewers.

6 kinds of top flavor draft beer to create the ultimate enjoyment of taste buds Hidden draft beer is available for a limited time only!
Suntory's pop-up store "Shenbao Bar" features 6 draft beers. In addition to the most classic top draft beer, top Irish draft beer, and top black draft beer, it also specially launched 2 mixed draft beers, including "black and white" in perfect proportions. With draft beer" and "Suntory Top Brewer's Dream Draft Beer" limited to the pop-up store "Shentory Bar", the former combines the elegant aroma of top draft beer and the rich taste of dark draft beer, and you can drink different flavors at the same time. Rich in layers; the latter, with its rich taste, bitter taste, and comfortable aroma, perfectly shows the dreamy masterpieces in the hearts of beer professionals.

At the same time, this time, the most unique "Suntory Top Mlíko" is launched in Taiwan, which highlights Suntory's confidence in "Suntory" by simply enjoying the beer foam. From heroic thirst quenching to leisurely enjoyment, from gorgeous aroma to mellow aftertaste, through the complementation of beer and foam, 6 draft beers are produced in rich changes.

  • Suntory's top draft beer: Adhering to the spirit of Japanese craftsmen, carefully selected "two barley" and "European strong-flavored hops", brewed with 100% Japanese deep natural water, and added with rare "diamond malt". Point out the ultimate glycol rich.
  • "Shentory No" Suntory's top ale draft beer: the proud ale type beer of the Japanese, using "superior yeast" to brew multi-layered flavors with "rich aroma", "rich aftertaste" and "refreshing taste" .
  • "Shentory no" Suntory's top-grade dark draft beer: carefully selected black malt with no burnt odor and full of top-grade aroma, blended with roasted malt, and finished with an exclusive production method of glycol top-grade dark beer.
  • "Shentory No" Suntory's top brewer's dream draft beer: It has a rich taste, soft bitterness, light sweetness, and a comfortable aroma. It is a dream product of Japanese beer craftsmen, and it is also a delicious beer that will make one's heart tremble.
  • "Shentory no" Suntory's top black and white with draft beer: "Half & Half" is a blend of half "top draft beer" and half "top dark draft beer", you can taste the different flavors of the two beers at once.
  • Suntory's top god Mlíko: The essence is often preserved in pureness! The unique drinking method originating from the Czech Republic, the hometown of beer, allows you to enjoy a whole cup of "God Bubble" at one time, and it is also a luxurious experience that can only be provided by Suntory's top draft beer with dense beer foam.

In addition to 6 flavored beers, Suntory's pop-up store "Shenpao Bar" also offers 3 carefully prepared delicacies and 1 special dipping sauce: tender and juicy Japanese Tangyang chicken, crispy and refreshing vegetable tempura, color and luster Tempting golden crisp potato and special truffle mayonnaise dip. Drinking beer alone is a style, and pairing it with food is the ultimate enjoyment. The pop-up store "Shenbao Bar" will provide the most chic and trendy bar experience this summer!

Suntory's "God Bar" pop-up store has launched 6 top-quality draft beers with unique flavors, paired with carefully selected delicious meals and flavored dipping sauces, and enjoy the coolest trendy bar atmosphere this summer!

Plus 3 big surprises and good health activities, the birthday star of the month will enjoy a double birthday gift!
In addition to enjoying the top-quality draft beer and delicious meals on the spot, Suntory's "God Bubble Bar" pop-up store has also launched "3 Great Summer Surprises", as long as you complete the designated activity methods, you will have the opportunity to get limited promotions Flowers and Mysterious Health are the best places to meet friends on weekends or relax with a drink after get off work.

  1. Surprise and good luck 1: Press like to get the top hop latte
    Anyone who buys any beer at Suntory's "Shentory Bar" pop-up store and likes the official Facebook of Suntory's top beer The PREMIUM MALT'S can get a limited amount of top-quality bubble latte (random surprise pattern, no choice).
  2. Surprise good deal 2: 7/30-7/31 Happy Hour with extra code and generous gift! BUY 1 GET 1 FREE before 17:00, BUY 1 on-site scratch gift after 17:00
    Celebrate the opening of Suntory's "God Bubble Bar" pop-up store. Anyone who buys any beer during 7/30-7/31 will share the photos of the live experience of the God Bubble Bar on the social platform, and tag #SuntoryTopBeer#God Bubble BAR, you can get 1 free draft beer or 1 God Bubble scratch card, on-site scratch gift! (Limited to redeem 1 cup/piece per account, no repeated redemption. There is no latte pattern for the gift items, and the beer taste is mainly provided on-site and will not be selected)
  3. Surprise good health three: support your Happy Day! Birthday Star BUY 1 GET 1 FREE
    When the birthday star of the month presents their identification documents, buy a glass and get a free glass of top draft beer with Happy Birthday limited latte art. (The taste of beer is mainly provided on-site, no selection will be made)
    *The above event details are based on the on-site and official Facebook announcements.
Suntory's "God Bubble Bar" pop-up store has added 3 big surprise and well-being activities. The birthday star of the month or completing the designated activity method can get a limited amount of top-level god bubble latte (the pattern is mainly provided on the actual site).

【Suntory God BubbleBarPop-up Store - Event Information]

Screenings time Place
Taipei Field (1) 07/30(Sat) 11:00-22:00 07/31(Sun) 11:00-21:30 Xinyi Xintiandi A11 (Small Square Plaza A11, No. 11 Songshou Road, Xinyi District, Taipei City)
Taipei Field (2) 08/01(Mon)-08/04(Thu) 11:00-21:30 08/05(Fri)-08/07(Sun) 11:00-22:00 Eslite Life South West (next to the gate on the 1st floor, No. 14 Nanjing West Road, Zhongshan District, Taipei City)
Taichung Field 08/13(Sat) 13:00-22:00 08/14(Sun) 13:00-20:00 Park 2 Caowu Plaza (Intersection of Gongyi Road and Lane 155, Gongyi Road, West District, Taichung City - 1st Floor Secondary Entrance)


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